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WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter - Pink Pleasure

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WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter - Pink Pleasure

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WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter - Pink Pleasure

The patented WaterSlyde™, is a sleek plastic water diverter that simply attaches to most forward facing bathtub spouts. The water flow is easily directed to the mid-line of the bathtub, allowing you to comfortably position yourself in the tub so that the water falls directly to where it counts. The bathtub technique, can be great fun but not always easy to achieve. Until Now!

The bathtub technique is when you lie on your back and scoot under the faucet in the bathtub, allowing the water to wash over you.

  • Stimulating
  • A great way to get “freshened up”
  • Batteries not required
  • Dimensions 16" x 3.5" x 2"

Note: please take a close look at the product photos and view the video under the MORE INFO tab to be sure the WaterSlyde will fit your faucet as this product is not returnable. Ribbon color may vary.

WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter - Model In Tub

1. ATTACH THE WATERSLYDE™ - Simply tie the ribbon around the bath tub spout.

2. TURN ON - Adjust water to desired temperature and flow.

3. POSITION YOURSELF - Lay comfortably in the bath and let the water do the rest!

Guest Blogger - Dildo or DilDont

"The length of the toy seems to be perfect honestly. I was concerned that the position of my faucet would make using the Waterslyde impossible. That wasn’t true, I did have to lean against my tub to hold myself up to get myself into a position to use it, so I couldn’t lay down and use it exactly the way it was intended to be used. I didn’t mind that and found it to force me to be more of an active participant in my solo play session, rather then just letting the water do all the work. This is also great for folks who discovered masturbation with water and weight or age made that inaccessible. I haven’t been able to enjoy the water like that since I first started masturbating. This is also great for folks who like just pressure for stimulation, or people that want to try something different then vibration. It’s also great because it’s quiet! There’s no added noise besides the sound of running water, so if you live in a place where you share the bathroom and are concerned your room mate(s) will hear you, this is a great way to disguise a bath as some discreet solo fun.

This is a great product for folks who love masturbating in the tub, or even for folks who have tried vibration and didn’t like it. This is a really different sensation that I think a lot of people who have vulvas will really enjoy. The price point is also great, where if you didn’t love it like I did you didn’t spend a ton of money on it. It is also incredibly easy to clean and put on and off the faucet itself. Just a simple ribbon. I think this product is a must try for anyone curious about this type of sensation!"


Guest Blogger - Kitten Boheme

"In use, the WaterSlyde was absolutely scrummy. Okay, sure, it took me much longer to orgasm than what I’ve gotten used to with my high powered vibrators… but the whole ride was worth it. The warm bath water spilling over me, the rose scented bath bomb fizzing away, enjoying the tunes I had paying from my nearby phone (it was my Disney playlist on Spotify… Hakuna Matata)… it was nice just to lay back and relax and just let the orgasm slowly roll over me.

Another great thing about the WaterSlyde is that it makes water faucet orgasms far more accessible for those of us who can’t perform circus level contortionist acts to get our bodies under the faucet in just the right way (okay… okay… I admit it, I’m jealous of you ultra flexible people…actually, I’ve got a problem with being hyper-flexible… which makes things really painful for me) due to mobility issues, bigger bodies, or just not being all that flexible. Made from 16 inches of ABS plastic, the WaterSlyde works by extending the water stream out further, making it easier to position your body under it. Yep… its that simple… like I said, this whole toy is crazy simple!

I can 100% recommend the WaterSlyde to anyone looking for a yummy bathtub orgasm experience. "


Guest Blogger - Backwoods Bedroom

"From the moment I tried the WaterSlyde for myself, forward, I became a believer.

...And, while we're on the subject, let me tell you something about the orgasms I have while using the WaterSlyde. They are the outcome of a progressive build-up. So when release strikes, it comes in the form of surging waves of pleasure.

...For those who're uncertain, I need to offer a word of caution. This is an unmistakably subtle form of stimulation and is a huge change of pace from the powerful, rumbly vibrators I regularly recommend here. The WaterSlyde produces a slow, gradual build-up to orgasm, followed by a tsunami of pleasure.

The key, here, is patience. Be ready to take your time and focus on what feels right."


Guest Blogger - Little Switch Bitch

"The rhythmic pressure of the water as it cascaded down was incredible – I knew I was gonna like it but hell, did I think love <3 - It's like the WaterSlyde Bath Tub Water Diverter gets you clean and equally dirty at the same time. I can control the flow and even the temperature. Yes, temperature play is a big one here because even though I despise the cold, the colder drips feel more powerful and intense. The warmer the water the more relaxing and sensual the feeling. It’s like a mix up between hard and soft sex."


ABS Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with soap and water.
16" x 3.5" x 2". Fits most faucets.

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