SheVibe Affiliate Program

SheVibe Affiliate Program

SheVibe Affiliate Program
Make Money Referring Sales To SheVibe!



Earn a 10% Commission For Each Sale you Refer Make easy money by just placing our link or banner on your site and start earning money without a lot of work.


We Provide all marketing materials We simplify the process for you by providing you with all the marketing materials you need. We'll give you links & banners - just post and sell!


THERE IS NO CAP ON YOUR EARNINGS There's no such thing as too much business. You will be commissioned on all sales resulting from a referral directly linking from your website or web asset.


Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions The best part of our program is that you can always keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. We provide detailed reports to help you know where your marketing strategy succeeds and where you need to make changes.


We Pay you Monthly on All Sales Referred Provided you've attained the minimum commissionable payout, you'll receive commission payments on a monthly basis.


What type of websites are approved for affiliate status?

Your blog or website content must be your own. Content must be original and pertinent to our mutual interests (sex toy industry). Sites that lift content from other blogs or reviews or otherwise rely on the hard work of others in order to populate site content will not be approved.

How do I get started?

Use the "APPLY HERE!" button below to join the SheVibe Affiliate Program. Once you've joined the program, we'll provide links, banners and an easy to use commissions tracking system.

How are affiliate payouts processed?

Generally, payments are sent out on the 20th of every month, for the previous month’s commissions, though there are exceptions. A merchant can select a longer lock period which breaks the above rule; we also do not pay out on weekends or US holidays. When the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, we will process payments the following business day.

Payments are sent via Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer. You can select which method works best for you based on the available options! You can view the available payment options by going to Payments > Payment Settings in your ShareASale account.

Do you provide reports of my sales activity?

Check out the Activity Details Report and use the Pay Date filter to select your specific payment month.

Where can I advertise your products and services?

You can advertise on social networks, your blog and your website. You can also email your subscriber's and include SheVibe's custom links and banners.