Returns & Missing Packages

Returns & Missing Packages

Here at SheVibe, we understand that ordering online without seeing your items in person can be challenging. We want you to be pleased with your selection and have done our best to bring you the most detailed product pictures and descriptions. Your use of the SheVibe site implies your understanding and compliance with our procedures and policies.

Please research your desired products thoroughly prior to purchasing. We are unable to offer satisfaction guarantees and most items may not be returned. Due to the variations in computer monitors, colors may differ from what you perceive on your particular monitor. Measurements are provided as per the manufacturer and may vary slightly from the actual object. This is the most accurate information we have at the time a product is added to the site.

Please select your products carefully. Because of their intimate nature, most items are not returnable. Items must meet very specific parameters to be eligible for return. SheVibe reserves the right to reject any return request at our discretion. SheVibe reserves the right to revise or revoke this return policy at any time. This is for the safety and peace of mind of all our customers.

Certain items will not be returnable under any circumstances even if they have not been opened. Includes but not limited to:

  • Items with no discernible tamper deterrent
  • Items that have partial seals
  • Items marked as non-returnable on their product page
  • Clearance items
  • Liquids
  • Cosmetics
  • Books
  • DVDs

Items which become defective within 30 days of delivery may be eligible for replacement, either through SheVibe or through the manufacturer. After 30 days, defective items with valid warranty coverage, will be replaced directly through the manufacturer. You can find warranty information under the More Info tab on the product page.

International Orders: All motorized items will be opened and tested for functionality prior to shipping. Any future defects will be referred to the manufacturer for replacement. Please make sure your item is covered for warranty replacement outside of the U.S. prior to ordering.

A Word About Tamper Proof Seals

Please note that not all items will come with a manufacturer seal, we have limited control over this as every manufacturer has different practices. Please know that EVERY item we sell is brand new. We have a strict return policy in place for the safety and peace of mind of all our customers.

We apply our own seals/staples to many, (but not all) non-mechanical, insertable items. Some items will not be returnable under any circumstance regardless of them being sealed. Please select your items carefully and ensure you are cognizant of sizing, especially with regard to dildos and harnesses.

Seals can lift and jostle in transit. This does not mean that your item has been tampered with. Dildos which come in a plastic clam shell will be securely stapled. Clam shells are notorious for cracking or splitting in transit. This does not mean that your item has been tampered with.

Please see the below tamper seal images for reference. We will not approve returns for items that have a tampered with or fully removed seal (image 4). Only the end customer removes the seal and once they do, the item is not eligible for return.

Clearance & Closeout Items

Clearance and Closeout items are often deeply discounted and all sales are final. They will not be eligible for return even if unopened/sealed. If you have purchased a clearance item, it will be noted on your packing slip. If you are having trouble with an item you bought on clearance, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.

Unauthorized Returns

Unauthorized returns will not be credited or replaced. Unauthorized returns include:

  • Returns made without RMA approval. These packages are considered a bio-hazard and will be disposed of.
  • Returns made with the pretense that there is a defect, when in fact, one does not exist.
  • Returns made after the return parameters have expired. This information will be provided within your return instructions.

Unwanted Packages or Incorrect Address

  • Unwanted Packages: Please do not refuse your shipment. If your order has shipped and you no longer want it, DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE. Fill out the Non-Defective Novelty RMA request. The returns department will follow up with return instructions.
  • Incorrect Address: A re-stocking or re-ship fee may apply should a package be undeliverable due to incorrect delivery information provided by the customer. Please note: Packages returned to us without prior approval and with no RMA are considered a bio-hazard and will be disposed of.

Returns, Replacements & Missing Package Inquiries

If you need to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (or you would just like to familiarize yourself with our return policies) please choose the appropriate option from the RMA Inquiry Form drop down menu below that best resembles the problem you are having.

Which Form Do I Fill Out?

  • Defective Novelty Return: Product malfunction 30 days or less after delivery.
  • Non-Defective Novelty Return: Request to return sealed product, 14 days or less after delivery.
  • Warranty Replacement 30+ Days: Product malfunction 30+ days after delivery.
  • Wrong Item / Missing Item: A paid for item is missing from your order OR an incorrect item has been shipped to you by our warehouse.
  • Missing Package Inquiry: Your tracking number shows as delivered but has not been physically received.

Once you have filled out and submitted the appropriate form, we'll have one of our representatives respond within 24 to 48 hours. If it happens to be the weekend or a holiday, someone will address your needs the following business day.

If you have questions, you can reach us toll free at (888) SHE-VIBE [(888) 743-8423] Monday thru Thursday, 10 AM - 4:30 PM EST, Friday 10 AM - 1 PM EST, or email us.

Fill out the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.
If you believe your product is defective, please review the following:
  • A cosmetic defect which is detected upon receipt of the product before it has been used. A cosmetic defect must be reported within 24 hours of confirmed delivery.
  • A mechanical defect which occurs within the first 30 days of ownership.
  • If you have had your product for 30+ days, you may be eligible for a warranty replacement, please go to your product's page and click the More Info tab for warranty information. Follow through with the manufacturer directly.
  • Some manufacturers require that they deal with all defects directly. We will refer you to the proper channels when applicable.
  • Products must be used in the manner for which they were intended. Defects which occur from altering, overuse, misuse, abuse, or excessive force will not be considered.
  • Please be certain that there is an actual mechanical defect.
    • Fully read the user manual.
    • Make sure that your unit does not have an engaged travel lock. Hold the power button down for at least a 3 Mississippi count.
    • Try a quick press of the power button as opposed to a long press. Units vary.
    • Always try fresh batteries, especially if your unit came with “batteries included”. These often arrive drained. Make sure batteries are properly inserted.
    • There may be notches in the battery cap and base that need to line up before tightening the cap so that the contacts align properly.
    • Charge the unit as per the manufacturer's instructions completely before attempted use.
    • If your product is rechargeable and you are using a USB wall outlet adapter, try an alternate adapter.

Still unsure? Your SheVibe representative can help you to determine if your item has an actual defect.

    • We may request a video of the problem you are experiencing. This helps us to troubleshoot your issue and allows us to either get your product working or immediately facilitate a replacement. Providing video also helps us bypass the need to have the defective item returned to us. Please follow the directives below.
    • If your product has a cosmetic defect, please attach clear, color images of the defect by using the file link below. Please load one image at a time, images will not load in bulk.
    • Defectives will be replaced with the same item. No refunds. No alternate products. SheVibe will replace a defective unit one time. Any future issues with the same item will be referred to the manufacturer. Some defective items will be handled via the manufacturer only.
    • If it is determined a defect exists and the manufacturer requires this item to be returned, a return label will be provided to you. 1 label will be issued. Please make sure that you have provided a valid email address and that your spam filters do not intercept emails from or UPS.
By submitting this form you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these conditions.
In order for a non-defective novelty to be considered for return, the following criteria must be met:
  • Items which do not have an intact manufacturer seal, an intact tamper proof seal applied by SheVibe or some other tampering deterrent are not eligible for return.
  • Not all items will come with a manufacturer seal, we have limited control over this as every manufacturer has different practices. Please know that every item we sell is brand new. We have a strict return policy in place for the safety and peace of mind of all our customers. We apply our own seals for most dildo items to provide the customer the opportunity to evaluate the size prior to opening.
  • Items which have been in the customer's possession for 14+ days are not eligible for return.
  • Items which do not have pristine, intact packaging are not eligible for return.
  • If you would like to return a sealed item:
    • Please provide images of the intact seal or plastic overwrap of the item(s) you want to return. The file link is at the bottom of this page. You may attach more than 1 image.
    • If a clear, color image(s) is not attached or does not come through, we will not be able to process your request.
    • Items without seals or another opening deterrent are considered used once they leave our warehouse and may not be returned.
    • A refund to the original form of payment will incur a 10% restock fee.
    • Accept a refund in the form of a Store Credit and receive a BONUS $5 credit to shop with and find something else you'll love!
  • Clearance items are not eligible for return.
  • Items marked as non-returnable on the product page may not be returned, even if unopened.
  • We are sorry, in order for us to keep our prices down we do not offer satisfaction guarantees. We do not endorse the claims of manufacturers.
  • Please be advised that we do not pay for shipping on returns. For your protection, please use a traceable method of return such as UPS, FedEx or USPS Priority Mail. If the item is not received in our warehouse, we cannot issue credit for it.
  • Original shipping fees will not be refunded.
  • The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must be written on the outside of the return package.
    • Please note that items that have not been authorized for return or items that have been opened or tampered with, will be disposed of as a bio hazard and will not be refunded under any circumstances.
By submitting this form you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these conditions.
If you believe your item is defective and it has been in your possession for 30 days or more, you may be eligible for a replacement by the manufacturer. Before getting started, be sure to determine that your item is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Be advised that refunds and alternate products are not provided. To determine if your product has a warranty:
  • Please go to the product page.
  • Click on the More Info tab.
  • A live link to the manufacturer's warranty page is provided if applicable.
  • International customers must determine that their item is covered internationally by an extended warranty BEFORE they complete their purchase.
  • We are happy to answer any questions about warranties prior to you purchasing.
Fill out the form if:
  • The manufacturer's warranty link is broken.
  • You are unable to determine if your item has a warranty.
  • You have already reached out to the manufacturer and they have not replied. We will reach out to them on your behalf to make sure your claim is acknowledged.
If the manufacturer requires SheVibe to handle the claim directly: The customer will be responsible for returning the item to SheVibe as well as the $10 processing fee and applicable taxes. By submitting this form you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these conditions.
If you believe you have received an incorrect item or an item is missing from your order, please follow these directives:
  • DO NOT use this form to change an item or cancel an order. Please contact us here.
  • DO NOT use this form if you have ordered incorrectly. Please contact us here.
  • If you've received an incorrect item due to a mistake by our warehouse:
    • Please attach an image of the item you received AND a picture of the part number on the package if applicable.
    • Once determined to be an incorrect item, we will work as quickly as possible to get the correct item to you.
  • If an item you paid for is missing from your order:
    • Please first make sure that it did not ship separately.
    • You must include a picture of the handwritten initials and numbers written on the inside flap at the top end of the box.
    • You must include a picture of the full packing slip.
    • Please retain the shipping box - we may require additional images.
    • If these images are not attached below and submitted with this form, we will not be able to address your issue.
  • Upload 1 image at a time, they will not load in bulk.
  • You must notify us within 24 hours of confirmed delivery of missing or incorrect items.
By submitting this form you acknowledge that you understand these conditions.
We are sorry that your package was not delivered as expected. Very often, packages will track as delivered, but physically show up a few days later.

Please verify that the package was not left with a neighbor, roommate or building mail room or leasing office. Quite often packages are found by contacting or visiting your local shipping facility. For USPS packages, please visit your local post office.

If a package that tracks as delivered cannot be located within 1 week, we will re-ship your full order at no charge to you. We are not able to provide refunds. This is to mitigate fraudulent claims and is not negotiable.

You do not need to file a claim with the carrier unless your package tracks as delivered over 2 weeks ago. In this case you will need to pursue resolution directly with the carrier.

SheVibe will provide one courtesy re-ship per address (within 2 weeks of tracked delivery). The customer takes all responsibility for future packages shipping to the same address.
By completing this form, you agree that your order will be re-shipped (as opposed to refunded) and you acknowledge your understanding and compliance with our policies and procedures.