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SpareParts Large O-Stabilizer Ring

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SpareParts Large O-Stabilizer Ring

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SpareParts Large O-Stabilizer Ring

The SpareParts® O Stabilizer™ Ring keeps toys close, prevents slips, and is great for anchoring heavier dildos or dildos with small or flimsy bases. These solid foam rings can be used to expand the base of your favorite dildo or toy to make it compatible with large-ring harnesses. Simply wet the ring, slide it on the dildo, let it dry and harness your dildo like normal. The widened base rests securely behind the o-ring for added stability. Foam rings can also be stacked on dildo shaft to limit depth during penetration play.

  • Supports heavier dildos and dildos with small or flimsy bases.
  • Expands the size of the dildo base, for better stability when using strap-on harnesses.
  • Simple to use: just wet the inside hole and slide it down dildo shaft.
  • Large: 3.5" w x 4.125" h with 1.25" center.

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    Three different uses!

    Posted by FieryRed (NorCal, CA)

    Texture and material construction: The O-Stabilizer Ring is made of a dense, firm, rubbery foam. Unfortunately the description doesn't state what material the foam is made of, but it has no odor at all, so it probably isn't natural latex and is probably non-toxic. Since it's a foam, it is definitely porous, so you'll want to wash it very thoroughly after each use and keep in mind that it could transfer micro-organisms between partners. (I would really, REALLY love to see some manufacturer offer this type of product in silicone!). Review Details: This product is advertised primarily as a base expander for using a dildo in a harness. It does work well for that use, making toys with small bases much more stable and giving the wearer better control. The second advertised use is for shortening a too-long dildo so that the wearer doesn't over-penetrate her/his/their partner and cause pain. This was one of my reasons for purchasing it, and it definitely helps with this issue. You will likely need more than one for this purpose, though, since each O-Stabilizer is just under 1/2" thick. The third use, though, and my most important reason for trying this accessory, was as a barrier between harness o-rings and my vulva. I've never met a harness with an o-ring that didn't feel uncomfortable at best when thrust against my labia, and that includes the RodeoH underwear harnesses. I once even had one of my inner labia become stuck between an o-ring and the dildo's shaft, and that was not a fun experience. I searched for a long time for a solution to this problem, and was very happy when I finally found this SpareParts item. It does the job perfectly and feels very comfortable against my labia. The center opening for the Large size is a good fit for my VixSkin Raquel dildo by Vixen (which definitely needs to be shortened, for me). It has to stretch a bit to get over the thicker tip, then fits well around the base of the shaft. It would also fit toys that are a little bigger than the Raquel. The only thing I find fault with is the porous nature of the foam this product is made from. I would have zero qualms about paying more for a silicone version of the O-Stabilizer Ring.