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Ryder Silicone Butt Plug By Tantus - Onyx

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Ryder Silicone Butt Plug By Tantus - Onyx

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Ryder Silicone Butt Plug By Tantus - Onyx

The perfect stay-put plug. The Tantus Ryder is designed to be gentle going in, and stay where you put it. The tip makes for an easy entrance, but it's the underside curve that really is the pleaser. Only 1.5" at its largest diameter, this plug is a good beginner toy. The Ryder has a gradual curve from the body to the neck of the plug, which means it won't shock the sphincter muscles going in or coming out.

In buying a plug, you should look at the neck size if you want it to stay put; it needs to be long enough to be held by your band of muscles with a defined gradual slope so you can ease yourself onto it without shocking your muscles. A flanged base is necessary so it won't get lost; you have involuntary muscles that can suck a toy in. And, you want a narrow tip so the entry is easy.

Length: 4.5", Insertable Length: 4", Girth: 4.75" at largest point, Width: 1.5" at largest point

All Tantus Toys are made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all Tantus Toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, odorless, bleachable, boilable and even dishwasher safe. These factors combined make Tantus Toys the safest and most pleasurable toys on the market. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care, can last a lifetime.

GOOD - Tantus values the sexual health of customers over profit. Tantus celebrates sexuality and encourages consenting adults to explore their erotic side

CLEAN - The superior quality of the silicone makes Tantus toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalates free, odorless, bleachable, boilable and dishwasher safe.

FUN - Tantus toys are designed to be anatomically appropriate for human bodies to encourage the best sex ever!

Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Hypoallergenic, hygienic, and durable, silicone can be cleaned with soap and water. Toys without electrical components can be cleaned by boiling for 3 minutes or on the top rack of your dishwasher - no detergent. Do not use with silicone lubricants.
Warranty Information:
Length: 4.5", Insertable Length: 4", Girth: 4.75" at largest point, Width: 1.5" at largest point
Approximate Length - Insertable:
4 inches
Approximate Width - Widest Point:
1.5 inches
Size Reference:


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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Best Plug Ever

    Posted by Gatz

    The Ryder is the best quality plug out there. Although it is not for beginners, it was the first one I’ve owned and I love it. However if you are a true beginner I would start with something smaller. It’s girth and length are perfect and completely fills you when it’s inside. The T shaped base also makes for easy insertion and exit. Product is very easy to clean and made of silicone so it stays fresh whenever you need to use it again (aka, the next day).

  • 5
    Excellent toy; not for beginners

    Posted by Meadow

    Texture and material construction: High-quality smooth silicone. Review Details: For my first experience with the Tantus Ryder, my partner decided to use it vaginally. I questioned him, but ended up being glad he made that choice. It’s girthy, and it just stayed put without having to be held in like many vaginal toys. This freed up his hands for other activities.. The Ryder is considered one of the best anal toys out there, and it’s not hard to see why. It should definitely NOT be anyone’s first anal toy. The size alone makes that a bad idea, and also the shape of the tip is not quite as beginner-friendly as a lot of other toys out there. The smooth silicone texture is comfortable and doesn’t create much drag, which could be uncomfortable for anal. If you want the absolute easiest toy to insert, remove, and clean with pretty much no sensation of drag at all, get one of the nJoy Pure Plugs and enjoy their weighty, stainless steel construction.

  • 4
    Simple but effective

    Posted by Lilith (Atlanta, GA)

    Texture and material construction: Glossy silicone. Review Details: I firmly believe the Tantus Ryder plug should be in everyone's collection of butt plugs. The 1.5" diameter might seem a little daunting, but with some warm-up with a smaller toy, even those somewhat inexperienced will be able to enjoy this plug. The Ryder isn't about gimmicks or fanciness. All the Ryder wants to do is sit in your butt and give you a pleasantly filled sensation while removing all your worries that it could slip inside you. It accomplishes this wonderfully. The wide base keeps it safely outside of you, and is also comfortable to sit on during long-term wear. I like wearing it during vaginal penetration, the length compresses much of the vagina and presses your nerve endings more completely into your toy or partner. The first time I tried it, it was so intense and tight that the vaginal penetration almost felt like anal! It's also an excellent warm-up toy for anal, stretching you enough that your toy or partner can press into your ass a lot more easily. It's also great for masturbation, although you can't thrust a dildo with it in or it will slip in. Get this if: you want a simple, great-quality butt plug, and you have a little anal experience.