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pStyle 2 Stand To Pee Urination Device - Tone C - Pee Standing Up!

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pStyle 2 Stand To Pee Urination Device - Tone C - Pee Standing Up!


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pStyle 2 Stand To Pee Urination Device - Tone C - Pee Standing Up!

The pStyle 2 is a plastic device that allows people with vulvas to pee standing up without undressing. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well. Because it is made of rigid plastic, the pStyle is easily maneuvered through clothing and properly positioned. The rounded back edge is used to wipe with so there are no drips! The pStyle 2 can be cleaned with soap and water, wet wipes, or shaken vigorously and washed at the next convenient time. It is also dishwasher safe.

  • Stand up and pee without removing clothing
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable and simple to clean
  • Eliminates the need for toilet paper
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Body Safe ABS Plastic

Ready to beat cold weather, bulky clothing and unpleasant bathrooms? The pStyle is your new adventure accessory:

  • Outdoor activities - camping, back packing, gardening, skiing, rock climbing, biking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing
  • Work - military, police, ranching, landscaping, construction
  • Travel and public events - music festivals, road trips, porta-potties, any place with limited or unsavory public toilets
  • Physical reasons - sprained or broken bones, hip surgery, pregnancy, knee problems

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    This will change your life! Pretty & easy to use!

    Posted by Alis

    THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The product is as expected. The color in the picture is reflecting the studio white light, so it's less pearly looking in real life, but still very pretty lavender. It looks narrower than I thought, but there's no problem with it. Really easy to learn to use. I didn't practice in the bathtub first like it suggested lol. I felt so weird trying it the first time over the toilet. Liquid slips off the surface. Dries quickly. Easy to clean. I cannot wait to try it out while camping, hiking, and festival going! Never sitting on the public toilet again! I also purchased the carrying bag, fits great. One sad thing, I put it in its carrying bag then inside my fjallraven bag and my boyfriend accidentally stepped on my backpack one day. And the whole thing broke :,( So, I will be getting another one. Green color and blue look nice too.

  • 5
    You should try this at least once

    Posted by T

    As a trans masc person, I haven't felt a huge need to get an STP device before, but it was something I wanted to try at least once before deciding whether I wanted to invest in an STP packer. I chose the pstyle because of its price and ease of use; I assumed starting with a rigid plastic device rather than a more flexible/floppy silicone would be easier to use. After having tried this multiple times, I can say with certainty that getting this was the right decision. The pstyle is pretty intuitive to use and the collection portion is big enough to be easy to place without worrying about missing the urethra. You can start by using it in the shower if you are worried about leaking, but I was able to aim into the toilet first try without any issue. (I would recommend first using water from a faucet to get an idea of how it flows and what angles work best, at the very least). A quick shake into the toilet allows most of the liquid to come off. I haven't used the pstyle outside of home yet, so I've also been washing it with hand soap and water every time I use it. However, I don't think that's completely necessary since you can get most of the urine off with a few shakes, which will save you from having to wash it in the sink and getting weird stares from other people. You should absolutely wash it at least once a day, though. There are some things to consider if you plan to use this in a place like the men's restroom. It doesn't look like a penis nor does it come in skintones. Also, the pstyle is rigid and cannot be folded, which means that packing with it would be uncomfortable. You definitely want/need to hold this in a pouch if you are carrying it around. Would I use this at a urinal at a public men's restroom? No. But using this in a stall in a restroom would be perfectly fine with me and still relieve some dysphoria. For people who are unsure about getting a more expensive stp device, the pstyle is cheap and perfect for practicing. Even for people who are not looking to use this for gender-related reasons, having the pstyle would be great for situations like camping outdoors or gross bathrooms where you would want to, well, stand to pee. So for $12? Totally worth it.