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PalmPower Extreme Rechargeable Extra Powerful Wand Massager - Black

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PalmPower Extreme Rechargeable Extra Powerful Wand Massager - Black

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PalmPower Extreme Rechargeable Extra Powerful Wand Massager - Black

Power is everything! Take your pleasure to the next level with the PalmPower Extreme Rechargeable Extra Powerful Wand Massager!

This powerful, silicone, rechargeable wand offers an ergonomic curve to its shape for comfort and ease of use. Powered by Powerbullet, this is the strongest model in the PalmPower collection.

  • Angled handle for easier grip
  • 7 Functions - 4 steady speed levels & 3 patterned functions
  • Incremental speed control for precise power
  • Intense PowerBullet vibrations
  • Super silky high-grade silicone head
  • Rechargeable for cordless play
  • Smooth silicone coating (head) + ABS plastic (handle)
  • Water resistant - do not submerge
  • 10.5" total length; 1.8" width (head)
  • Add the Extreme Curl Silicone Attachment made specifically for the Extreme model

The PalmPower Extreme is the newest, strongest PowerBullet vibrator in the PalmPower lineup! This wand is amazingly powerful, with 7 intensely stimulating preset functions. Or switch to incremental speed control where you'll press and hold the control buttons until you find your desired intensity level!

For external use only.

A word on USB charging: Many pleasure items manufactured today (including this one) are charged utilizing USB technology. In short, if you don't have an AC adapter, you'll need to plug this pleasure toy into a USB port on your computer (Mac or PC) to charge it. To make life a bit easier is offering a USB to AC Power Charging Adapter as an alternative charging method. With this adapter you'll be able to plug this pleasure toy into any standard home outlet. Select the option above to add a USB to AC Charging Adapter to your order.

Guest Blogger - Off The Cuffs

"In terms of power, the PalmPower Extreme is much stronger than the Recharge. I think it comes very close to the Magic Wand Rechargeable, though I believe the Magic Wand is just slightly more rumbly on its highest setting. That's still a big deal, especially because of the size difference and because of how much easier it is to use. I like using this wand a lot, and it has definitely taken the place of the PalmPower Recharge next to my bed. The shape lends itself so well to using alone and also with a partner. It's also the perfect shape for a back massage, something that is much needed since I started working from a desk recently.

I was very happy that this wand lived up to my expectations, which is something you don't often get with sex toys. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good wand, especially if they want something more accessible or otherwise easy to hold. The controls just make so much sense and the shape fits with the body much better than a standard wand. If you've never tried a wand before, this might just be your new favorite."


ABS Plastic, Silicone
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with a wet cloth and mild soap. Do not submerge. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
Power Source:
USB Rechargeable
Volume - Buzz:
Volume Meter 2 out of 4
Strength - Intensity:
Power Meter 4 out of 4
Length: 10.5 inches, Width: 1.8 inches

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3 Reviews

  • 1
    Does not last!

    Posted by Star

    Well, when it worked it was amazing. Unfortunately it stopped working a month after the warranty. The motor still works but the head no longer vibrates so I am assuming some linkage (probably cheap plastic) broke on the inside. It was never dropped or abused. For 100$ this is inexcusable. Should definitely last longer than 3 months of light use!!! I cannot recommend based in its lack of longevity

  • 4
    Best vibrator I have, but WHY is this a feature

    Posted by Liam

    I absolutely love this wand, it's the best vibrator I've ever used. The charge lasts a long time, I've used it for hours without it dying. The speed's may be intense for some, but my clit isn't super sensitive, and I love using it on the highest speed. It's easy to clean. HOWEVER there are some things that are not as amazing. For one thing, I don't know if it's just me, but I find it very uncomfortable to hold. Despite the long handle it feels best when I grip it right at the base, just before the silicone bit. This gives me the best control. This is NOT great for my hand though, especially during longer sessions. And because I have to grip it at the base, my palm easily presses the buttons, sometimes changing the patterns, sometimes lowering the speed and sometimes turning it off entirely, which is VERY frustrating. I've learned to hold my hand around those but again, not very comfortable. The WORST bit though, that I HATE, and CANNOT understand why they thought this was a good feature, is that it automatically turns itself off after 15 minutes. WHY. You can easily turn it back on but it starts back up on the lowest setting. It did this in the middle of an orgasm once and I had to frantically scramble to push the right buttons to get it back to where it was and it SUCKED. And this IS purposely designed into it, in the manual it lists it as a feature. I could MAYBE understand the reasoning behind it as oh, what if it turns on during travel accidentally! Except it HAS A TRAVEL LOCK, TOO. I have no idea what drugs the team designing this were on when they decided to program this into it, or how it possibly could have made it through any test trials, but it's SO irritating. And this website doesn't list this "feature" anywhere on it, that I can see. TLDR; Pros: -powerful -holds a charge -comfortable on your clit -easy to charge Cons: -very loud on more intense settings -hand position that gives most control also very uncomfortable -auto shuts off after 15 minutes

  • 4
    Best Wand, Hands Down

    Posted by Mads

    When I bought this toy I winced at the price tag on it BUT it proved to be an amazingly worthwhile investment. This wand packs a LOT of power and I adore the incremental speed function. The angled head also makes it VERY comfortable to hold and control in any position, even with partners. I do with it had maybe one or two more patterns programmed into it or more attachments available, but those are pretty small complaints for me personally. The only real problem I had was relatively minor: the charging cable quit working after about a month but micro USB cables are a dime a dozen and this wand holds a charge for CENTURIES it feels like so I'm not terribly upset over that, either.