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Liberator Zappa Toy Bag - Cherry

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Liberator Zappa Toy Bag - Cherry

Practical with pop. The Zappa is the bag to hold all of your toys, lubes and other accessories without having to worry about prying eyes or spills. The outer layer of micro-suede comes in bright, eye-catching colors with a contrasting white top stitch, and the interior is lined with water-resistant nylon. The 13.5" x 11" size holds a wide variety of toys and accessories, including a Smart Wand. The double zipper allows for a lock (sold separately) to keep your toys safe from prying eyes. For those wanting to show off their collection, accessorize the Zappa with a coordinating mini slapper or mini paddle as a handle or key chain for an eye-catching statement piece.

  • Smooth micro-suede exterior with moisture-resistant nylon liner on interior.
  • White top stitch for contrast.
  • Accessorize with a mini slapper, mini paddle and lock. (Sold separately)
  • Measurement in inches: 13.5 x 11
13.5" x 11"

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Size for Wands

    Review by J. Stan

    Excellent! Beautiful color, good construction, and a lot of room. I bought it for some wands and while one of them is just long enough that it has to go in diagonally, it DOES fit. Double-check the measurements in case the bigger Liberator bag is what you need, but this one is great for the vast majority of toys and it'll hold a number of them. It's still a soft bag with minimal padding so remember that while storing or carrying it. Now I want more bags in the other colors. :)

  • 5
    Love this bag

    Review by Anonymous

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this bag. I have a Joyboxx, but it doesn’t fit wands so I needed something bigger. I was recommended the larger Liberator styles, but for the price I decided to try the Zappa first to get a feel for the brand. I cannot say enough good things about it. I love that it holds my Lelo Large wand and gee whiz attachment, as well as several other smaller vibes. The outside fabric is soft and sexy, and the zippers are strong enough that once I added a lock I feel secure leaving the bag in plain sight without worrying about anyone opening it up. As my collection grows I will definitely be looking at larger models by this brand.

  • 5
    I don’t regret this impulse buy.

    Review by Anonymous

    The first thing you should know about me is that I’m a toy collector. My order history can back me up on that. The other thing you should know about me is that I have a serious wanderlust. I’m out and about a lot, and I like to take my toys with me. Being the proud owner of several fantasy toys as well as the aforementioned order history, drawstring bags just don’t have the right proportions to keep my guys safe in the bottom of a rolling bag, and definitely don’t do enough to keep my toys pet hair free. Introducing the Zappa toy bag. The construction is high quality and the microsuede is gorgeous. And, gaining a point for discretion, if you take the label off the pull tab there is no visible branding on this bag whatsoever. The zipper fits a standard luggage lock, and can’t be teased open or pulled off without leaving visible damage. I did not try to damage my toy bag. I like my toy bag. The zip closure, when it’s not locked, means that it’s so easy just to grab one of the six full size toys While the fabric isn’t clingy and doesn’t give off many visual clues to its contents, it is a soft bag so you will be able to tell what’s in there by handling it closely. You know what else is great about this bag? It’s washable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making any promises about machine washing, but when I left a bottle of lube in my bag it slowly leaked out leaving a small, very obvious greasy stain. The bag is not airtight. I wiped down the inside, hung it out to dry, and didn’t worry too much about it. For a week. Last week, I finally grabbed some soap and hand washed the thing, and hung it on the line to dry. You guys. It was fine. It dried very quickly and it looks so much better now, and nothing rusted or came loose. If you’re looking for a bit of extra privacy and discretion, or something to shove your toys into on the go, the Zappa is absolutely your guy.

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