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Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount - Liberty, Black

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Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount - Liberty, Black

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Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount - Liberty, Black

Is life a bowl of cherries or box of chocolates? It's taster's choice when you let BonBon's unique "squeeze me" design transform a plain vanilla dildo or vibrator into the ultimate sweet spot confection. Bonbon has a unique design that accommodates both vibrators and dildos with or without a base. Be self indulgent and self loving; spend an evening alone with BonBon and a movie where no one can interrupt.

This perfectly proportioned shape comes dipped in your choice of 4 yummy velvish colors. Washable cover and liner are easy to remove and replace whenever temptation arises. Recommended with toys that have a base diameter between 1.25" and 3".

  • Petite sex toy mount for vibrators and dildos
  • Low profile and ergonomic design
  • Allows for comfort while in straddling positions
  • High-density foam supports the body
  • Prevents sinking into soft mattresses
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover
  • Measurement in inches: 15L x 8.5W x 12H
  • Sex toys sold separately

The Liberator BonBon is a sexual positioning pillow you can use alone as a sex toy mount, or with your partner during lovemaking. The foam Shape is the perfect size to straddle for rear-entry and also stands high enough to bend over.

  • Material: Liberty
  • Unique "squeeze me" design transforms any toy into the ultimate sweet spot confection
  • Accommodates both vibrators and dildos
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior
  • Packaging: Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

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  • Liberator products are made to order & require additional processing time.
  • Liberator products cannot ship via expedited methods.
  • Liberator products ship within the contiguous U.S. only.
15" x 8.5" x 12"
Machine-washable microfiber
Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior
Fully supportive polyurethane
Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box.

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2 Reviews

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    My First Liberator Product

    Posted by Siobhan (Pittsburgh, PA)

    Texture and material construction: The outer layer of the BonBon Toy Mount as a very soft and comfortable velvety material. When getting on top, your thighs can slip a little however, the foam, though dense and sturdy, is pliable enough that simply squeezing your thighs together allows you to control how quickly you lower yourself down. The stitching of the BonBon Toy Mount seem to be very strong. When I inserted one of my dildos with a base I made sure to tug on it aggressively and repeatedly and it didn't budge. The vertical slit created for inserting your toys is extremely tight and it works quite well for toys without a base. However, I found that although it is constructed with two horizontal slits as well (one at the top and one at the bottom of the vertical toy insert- when you stick your hand in you can feel them) so that you can push your longer dildos with a base deeper into the BonBon if need be, it is actually way too tight for me to get those kind of dildos past the horizontal slit near the top. Aside from that I thought the BonBon Toy Mount was extremely well made. I foresee it lasting me quite a long time. Review Details: Let me begin by saying that I'm very much enjoying the BonBon Toy Mount. It's not perfect but it’s worth the money. First, I'll talk about what I loved. As I said above, it is well constructed and very comfortable. I've yet to have a problem with my toys becoming dislodged while riding it (even when I was riding it rather vigorously). I love that not only can it hold both my silicon and glass dildos, it’s also strong enough to hold my Magic Wand. If I insert it on an angle I can either point it towards me and rub my clit directly or I can point it away from me and still get the riding motion while at the same time controlling how much pressure and vibration my clit receives. Also, while I am riding a dildo there is enough room to rest my Magic Wand on the mount so I can rub my clit against it. It’s a multi-purpose product and I've enjoyed what I've been able to do with it thus far. However, as I said it’s not perfect. I am 5'4" 150lbs. Although it held my weight very well (it didn't compress too much at all when I sat on it) I've found that the height is a bit tall for me unless I'm using a shorter dildo. I could insert the dildo comfortably (if it wasn’t too lengthy) but I didn’t have the leverage to actually ride up and down. That is especially true if the dildo has a base because, again, the cushion is so tight I can't push toys with a base deeper into the cushion in order to decrease the insertable length. To solve this problem I went to a craft store and bought two pieces of dense foam (like you would put in a cushion) to put on either side of the BonBon. That gave me the height I needed to ride it with some of my longer dildos and it was comfortable to kneel on. It’s not a perfect solution but it worked for me. Ultimately I think it would be beneficial if this product came in multiple heights/sizes but honestly if you're creative you can make it work. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to ride their toys and needs something sturdy and comfortable.

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    Super BonBon!!!

    Posted by Replacing Romeo (Asheville, NC)

    Texture and material construction: The dark purple (Velvish Aubergine) is gorgeous. The outer cover is so velvety smooth and not in the slightest irritating to skin and lady bits. Under the outer layer is a water resistant layer to protect the core. The BonBon itself is very firm but comfortable. Just the right amount of give for my weight (125lbs). Compresses approximately 2 inches if my husband sits on it with his full weight of 205 lbs. Review Details: My physical stats are 5'3", 125 lbs., with a 31" inseam. We were concerned about the height, unsure if it would be a comfortable fit for someone as short as me. When I first straddled it on the floor, I was relieved at how absolutely perfect it was. It felt comfortable and natural to ride it. The toy holder part itself is very nice. Any toy that is strap-on compatible will fit in either of the two levels. This is nice for some of my larger toys that I don't want deep penetration from, as they can be lowered to the second part of the holder which takes off about 2" or so from the length. Both sections hold the toy firmly in place with no slippage at all, just a nice long ride. As we don't own any toys that do not have a flared base, I cannot comment on how well it would work with those. There's also a secret compartment if you partially unzip both covers right at the edge where you can put a Hitachi (Magic Wand) or similar product inside the BonBon itself which is really nice. I don't know if this is intentional in the design, but I enjoy doing it myself. Overall I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. It is excellent for solo time, threesome fantasies, DP (although not my thing), you name it. I highly recommend the BonBon to anyone!