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Fascinator Regular Size Throw Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket - Microvelvet Black 72" x 54"

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Fascinator Regular Size Throw Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket - Microvelvet Black 72" x 54"

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Fascinator Regular Size Throw Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket - Microvelvet Black 72" x 54"

Throw (It) Down Anywhere!

Messy sex? Yes! Toss the Fascinator over beds, sofas, or chairs for spontaneous love-making. Take it on the road for racy outdoor fun or any place your wettest and wildest adventures take you!

Squirters will delight in the stress-free mess because cleanup is a breeze! After the fun is done, simply toss it in the washing machine. Available in 4 convenient sizes.

Here's what the world is saying about the Fascinator Sex Throw:

"If You Squirt During Sex—Or Want to Try!—The Liberator Blanket Is a Godsend" - Self

"The Best Sex Blanket Is a Blanket Literally Made for Sex" - GQ

"I feel like I can enjoy squirting or period sex much more knowing that I can just chuck this blanket in the wash and my bed will be clean and dry after!" - Bedbible

  • Supremely plush waterproof throw
  • Specially lined to soak up lubes and other liquids
  • Inner moisture barrier ensures bedding and furniture stay moisture-free
  • Perfect for squirters
  • Machine washable

Fascinator Mini Throw Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket - Features

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Guest Blogger - Sexational

"While I haven't ejaculated on it, the Throe has come in handy. Here are some reasons why:

  • The abovementioned period leaks. I sleep with the throe under me when it’s shark week, and it helps a lot.
  • It makes me feel more comfortable when I think I might squirt – I usually have it under me during most sexual activity, unless I’m feeling lazy.
  • Period Sex! No mess!
  • It’s a great stand in ‘sex towel’ when there isn’t a towel on hand.
  • It’s a great insulator! My room is super cold if it’s 60°F or below because it’s an old house with single pane windows that are poorly insulated and poorly insulated wall/ceiling. The heavy plastic in the middle helps keep heat in, and it has become part of my daily blanket pile because of this.
  • The dog thinks it’s his. He will steal it and sleep on it. It’s covered in dog hair."


72" x 54"
Fabric Details:
Microvelvet - 100% polyester
Water barrier
Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box.

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Cozy and functional

    Posted by Anonymous

    This fancy sex blanket is one of the best investments I've ever made. The plush side is super cozy and soaks up an almost alarming amount of liquid. The satin side is a bit cold for my liking, and you can feel whatever waterproofing that is inside the blanket more on that end, but it still works wonderfully. It's also wonderfully stain resistant! I have bled all over this thing during period sex, dropped most of a burrito on it, squirted all over it, and spilled a bunch of lube on this thing. And it looks new! I wish I could get this in a full bedspread version.

  • 4
    Peace of Mind

    Posted by Siobhan

    Texture and material construction: The Liberator Decor Fascinator Throw is an attractive, medium sized, reversible, waterproof blanket designed to protect your bedding during sexual activity. This blanket has two different textured sides and a waterproof barrier in the center. One side is made of a velvish polyester material, which is very soft and comfortable feeling. It’s the same non-slip material that composes many of the Liberator position aids, so they work very well together. Also, because it is non-slip, when you lay this side down on the bed it keeps the blanket in place. The downside to this material is that instead of soaking into the fabric, water based liquids tend to bead on top (silicone lube however absorb immediately). This is a problem because it increases the potential of spilling the liquid on your bed or floor when you remove it. The next part of the blanket is the center barrier. The material is designed to hold any liquids that soak into the blanket and prevent them from leaking through to your bedding. It is quite efficient in this capacity and can hold a great deal. This material does however cause the throw to be a bit stiff and to makes a crinkling noise when you use/manipulate it. I wouldn’t consider the noise to be a significant annoyance but I would be happier if were less audible. The last section of the throw is made with a material described as “silky satin” side. It may be called that but it is 100% polyester and feels like it. This material is also slightly stiff, and feels a little plasticky. If the ribbon they use to wrap gifts came in a softer/smoother form, it would feel exactly like this side of the blanket. When you move the material with the flat of your hand it actually makes a sound like you’re rubbing sand paper, which is not particularly sexy. There are a few positives about this side, however. The first is that it is better at actually absorbing liquid than the velvish side. The liquid still pools a bit at first but it starts absorbing pretty soon after. Furthermore, it is cool to the touch and has a very slick quality that lets you slide around, which can be fun. However, the slickness also has downsides. The first is that it’s harder to use the Liberator position aids on this side. The second is that if you decide to put this side face down, it causes the blanket to side all over your bed. Now, regarding construction, I’m not a seamstress but visually the stitching looks very nice. They utilized a zig zag stitch all around the border of the blanket to connect the two sides. However, after tugging at the stitching just a little, I found them to be looser than I would have expected based on my experience with the quality of other Liberator products. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if after a few washes the stitching started to give. It’s only my personal opinion but I would definitely recommend washing on the gentle cycle and allowing it to air dry to reduce the risk. Review Details: So let me start by saying that I like my Liberator Throw. I think it’s been a really helpful addition to my sex toy/accessory collection. However, my feelings about this blanket differ from many of the reviews I've read. Because I don’t squirt often, I’m not over the moon about this blanket. For many people, the Liberator Throw is the best thing since sliced bread. For me though it’s more of just a comfort. What this blanket does for me is provide peace of mind. Ever since I first squirted, anytime I masturbate with G-spot stimulation I worry about squirting again and messing up my bedding. I’ve tried to not think about it and just relax; especially since it’s relatively rare for me. But as we all know, trying not to think about things just makes you think about them more. The Liberator Throw relieved that worry and that alone is worth what I paid. Plus, even if I’m not actually squirting on it all the time, its super effective at catching and absorbing lube. That is also a huge plus for me, especially during anal play. I could use towels, but I find myself constantly adjusting them, and they just don’t have enough surface area to stop me from worrying about wet spots on my bed. This throw is simply more convenient. I will say though that there are a few things that bother me about it. For instance, for the amount you’re paying, the stitching should be much better than it is. They are loose in a way that I have never seen on any other Liberator products. As I said above, I would not be surprised if the stitches started to give after several washes. I haven’t had my blanket long enough to test the theory (also I’ll be avoiding that at all costs) but the fact that it’s even a consideration gives me pause. Furthermore, the silky side irks me. If it wasn’t for that side, I’d love this blanket so much more. I really dislike the feel of the material they used so I don’t really want to lay on it. However, it’s so slick that if I put it face down and lay on the comfy velvish side, the blanket ends up sliding all over the place. So either way I use it, that side ends up causing a problem. Lastly, I really wish that the velvish side didn’t make the liquid bead up so much. It’s the side I like the best but having liquid rolling around on top of the blanket isn’t a particularly fun prospect. I'm really hoping that after a few washes it'll start absorbing more readily. Overall though, I am glad I bought this throw. I think it’s a bit over priced considering the quality of the silky side and the stitching. And I really wish liquids absorbed more quickly into the fabric. However, it does the job it claims to do and also gives me peace of mind. I don’t have a problem recommending it but I'd wait for a sale.

  • 4
    Sex Blanket Extraordinaire

    Posted by Purple Elysium (Winnipeg)

    Texture and material construction: They’re double-sided and each side will absorb substantial amounts (and varieties) of fluids. One side is a free-flowing satin that feels smooth and somewhat chilly on the butt, while the other is “velvish”, which basically translates to suede or short velvet. Think of a nice jacket or couch that you can doodle on with your finger. Aside from being practical, it’s also pretty damn stylish. The satin has that water-like cool smoothness to it and the entire product has some serious make to it; I don’t imagine it would fray anytime soon. The velvish suede side is more suited to use as covering furniture or having lay around, as it looks more like a quality purchase from Pier 1. Review Details: I always have it covering my couch (which I masturbate on, as the basement is my domain in my shared house), and it’s comfortable to sit on during the day or standard activities. However, the waterproof layer in between the velvish and the satin sides crinkles like a winter jacket or pair of ski pants. This makes them the perfect habitat for cats, who will try to claim them as their own. I still enjoy sitting on it, as it does the standard job of any throe and protecting the furniture from spills. Oh, yeah. About them. Spills. I live a messy life and this poor thing has been through the wringer with me in the last few months. Human blood (both menstrual and from a housecat attack), several cups of squirt and miscellaneous vaginal sludge, copious amounts of drool, spaghetti sauce, soda pop, ketchup, grass stains, vomit, baby oil, coconut oil, Vaseline (not used as lube, don’t you ever use it as lube), silicone- and water-based lubes, cat feces (don’t ask), and cat blood (also don’t ask). Everything washed out cleanly. The oil, however, I had let sit for a while and now there’s a faint shadow, but oils are known to linger if you don’t wash it quickly. I prefer the satin side of it, even if it does bunch up and slide around more, because it absorbs fluids more readily and generally the material just feels better on bare skin than the faux-suede side. It’s sexy and makes me want to make like a dog and smear my crotch all over it. The satin tends to move around, though, which might be more hectic for couples or those who do a lot of acrobatic masturbation. The suede side stays in place, but the liquid will bead and slide in droplets. However, this doesn’t mean the satin side doesn’t leave a cold-ish wet spot. It does. But, I typically dump the Throe on the floor, then, and proceed to nap, chill, or sleep, enjoying the dryness under it, and I can deal with washing the Throe in the morning or later that week. Either way, it offers an incredible piece of mind and should remain a staple in all houses that have sexual activity. Even if I wasn’t nearly as messy as I am, I adore having a clean, anti-lint place to put my dirty toys on, bunch up to towel my lubey fingers off with, or having a settled place to drip lube without worrying about cleaning up. It’s an extra bit of convenience in my life.