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Double Sided Suction Cup by New York Toy Collective

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Double Sided Suction Cup by New York Toy Collective

Made of 100% silicone this matte black Double Sided Suction Cup by New York Toy Collective is a must. Attach just about any dildo to another dildo or to a flat surface. Turn your dildos into suction cup dildos and double ended dildos in a snap. This product is compatible with all New York Toy Collective Dildos and most high end dildos with a smooth flat base. The suction cup diameter is 2.5 inches and can support dildos up to 3 pounds.

The New York Toy Collective is an adult toy company driven by technology and innovation. NYTC believes that your body shouldn't limit your sexual possibilities. Their goal is to create the highest quality and best performing sex toys possible, that allow you to be yourself with the people you love.

The New York Toy Collective makes their toys with non-porous silicone love. They love the community and want everyone to be safe and healthy. All NYTC toys are made in the United States. They support local markets and reduce transportation emissions. Packaging is minimal to reduce waste, and made of post consumer fibers and biodegradable materials whenever possible. NYTC consistently supports sex positive causes as a substantial aspect of their company culture.

Double Sided Suction Cup In Action

Guest Blogger - Phallophile Reviews

"I’m happy to now recommend the New York Toy Collective Double Sided Suction Cup. With any of the flat-based dildos in my collection, it stays stuck to flat, horizontal surfaces like polished wood, tile, and bathtub sides. And it can create a U-shaped, double-ended dildo if one toy is made of very soft silicone (or has NYTC’s signature metal core)...

...Overall, I think this suction cup is a nice tool that opens up lots of possibilities for hands-free exploration. Best of all, it’s not a big investment, at only $10. It costs just a buck or two more than the PVC double-sided suction cups I’d previously purchased off Amazon, and it can be sterilized—so you can use it over and over and over again, and never worry about what bacteria might be growing on it / what chemicals might be touching your body-safe toys. Really, if you like hands-free dildoing, getting one of these is a no-brainer."


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4 Reviews

  • 1
    Waste of $12

    Posted by Anonymous

    The idea for the double sided suction cup was great, but in use it has never worked for me. I have tried this suction cup on multiple surfaces including wood and tile, but it doesn’t form a strong enough seal to withstand tugging. I also can’t get the suction cup seal to the base of any of my dildos. Maybe its because the bases of many of my dildos aren’t completely flat (they have that after thought of a suction cup that never works) or that they’re too big, but the description says that this works with toys up to 3 lbs. Maybe this work on a completely flat based dildo that is below average in diameter and length, but I don’t own one to try. Other reviews reported more success than I did with this double sided suction cup, but I can only give it 1 star because in my experience it was a waste of $12.

  • 5
    Great tool!

    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm not sure why the other reviewers had an issue with this - we love it. Works exactly as intended.

  • 3
    Worked... okay

    Posted by Anonymous

    This product is what it is. It worked acceptably well on smooth surfaces. Used with a Vixskin Bandit for reference. Definitely not the best, but for turning something without a suction cup to something with one it was fine. Much better than Amazon alternatives

  • 1
    Sounds good, doesn't work.

    Posted by Anonymous

    Literally great concept, but it can't even hold up my smallest toys up for half a minute. I live outside of the US and this was a huge waste of money. Don't make the same mistake, please.

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