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Arcwave POW Silicone Dual Entry Penis Stroker - Mint

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Arcwave POW Silicone Dual Entry Penis Stroker - Mint


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Arcwave POW Silicone Dual Entry Penis Stroker - Mint

Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker with suction control, textured CleanTech Silicone sleeve and dual entry. Pow's intuitive silicone pleasurably tightens during use, while the air pressure release valve creates intense suction for a new and incredible climax.

Arcwave Pow turns pressure to pleasure by harnessing natural air suction with smart design. A manual stroker with a structured Quick Clean Helix silicone inner sleeve and intuitive air pressure release valve, Pow shakes up masturbation for an intense release - and easy clean-up.

Arcwave Pow is for the confident, mature, toy user who values taking control of their own pleasure, regardless of their sexual orientation or relationship status.


  • Outer: Length: 7.09" Width: 2.76"
  • Insertable length: 6.7"
  • Insertable circumference: Minimum, 3.7", Maximum 5.6"
  • Insertable diameter: Minimum, 1.2", Maximum 1.8"

How To Use The Arcwave POW Silicone Dual Entry Penis Stroker

Suction Control
Air pressure release valve tightens the silicone sleeve, creating a controllable, natural suction sensation without batteries. By placing a finger over the air pressure release valve during use, you can control the suction intensity exactly to your liking for a customizable, totally natural feeling.

CleanTech Silicone
Keeping Pow fresh is simple. Arcwave's cutting-edge CleanTech Silicone is ultra-hygienic and durable but is also super smooth on the skin. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish, as well as making it durable for continued use.

Quick Clean Helix
Smart structure within Pow's inner sleeve optimizes cleaning and drying speed without compromising on those smooth sensations.

Quick-dry Ventilation Lids
Pow has specially shaped lids designed to protect the toy when not in use as well as enable better ventilation for fast and hygienic drying.

Silicone & ABS Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with soap and water. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
Outer: Length: 7.09", Width: 2.76", Insertable length: 6.7", Insertable circumference: Minimum, 3.7", Maximum 5.6", Insertable diameter: Minimum, 1.2", Maximum 1.8"

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3 Reviews

  • 2
    Not as good as Tenga flips

    Posted by Sam

    I bought this having used a Tenga Flip Zero before. This is not nearly as nice. 1. To get any sort of suction, you need to really grip down on three places, and I only have two hands. If your goal is a nice gentle tease, this is fabulous, but a tenga this isn't. 2. It isn't really all that adjustable in girth. The moment I wasn't 100% rock hard, I only had contact on one side or the other 3. TPU, not silicone for the inner sleeve 4. No lip means you can't dawdle after ejaculating. Coming from the Tenga, I typically came then waited a few minutes to recover before going to clean things off. With this one, any delay means your ejaculate is dribbling out one end or the other unless you act fast. 5. The lack of lip also means there isn't much pressure at the base of your shaft where a lip usually would be. This is a head-focused stroker I definitely recommend skipping this in favor of a tenga flip zero unless: 1. you want a light tease (or your domme wants to give you one) and 2. You have a friend/domme with extra hands and cleanup supplies at the ready

  • 5
    A POWerful addition

    Posted by Michael C

    Arcwave's POW is a wonderful addition to my collection, and being a non descript almost speaker looking device lets me leave it out and not take up the precious space I have for more obvious toys. A bit on the noisy side for a manual stroker, but that is the case with most toys that are suction based. The texture feels very nice and cleans up like a dream. Being an open ended sleeve it can be reversed in the canister and one end has a smaller diameter to fit most penises, if you are extremely girthy you might have a hard time fitting in, it is also a bit shorter than many masturbators. POW has definitely earned a place in my rotation and will be great for a travel toy as well.

  • 4
    A Stroker Like No Other

    Posted by Todd

    I have to say it really changed the game for me. Honestly, I felt a little embarrassed buying it at first, but I'm so glad I did. The suction control and air pressure release valve make for an insanely pleasurable experience, and the controllable suction makes it feel so natural. And the CleanTech Silicone material is a lifesaver, just a quick rinse and it's good as new! The only downside is that it is a manual stroker, so if you're looking for hands-free stimulation, this may not be the toy for you. But overall, I'm thrilled with my purchase and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to spice up their alone time. :)