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FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip Penis Masturbator by Fleshlight

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FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip Penis Masturbator by Fleshlight

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FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip Penis Masturbator by Fleshlight

Great Fleshlight Quality, Lower Price. When the standard Fleshlight toys aren’t an option, FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip Masturbator is the perfect alternative. Our first sleeve-only toy will be sure to blow you away – literally! You control the tightness and intensity of your masturbation experience with the stroke of your (or your partner’s) hand, but with the skin-soft, intensely-textured Fleshlight material that the world already knows and loves.

FleshSkins toys can go wherever you go, and they’re small enough to hide away in practically any storage space. No plastic case means girth isn’t an issue – one-size truly fits all. Best of all, the price is unbeatable – this Fleshlight experience is still massively enjoyable, but at minimal cost.

How to Use:
Ensure a secure fit by inserting your fingers into each of the supplied finger holes. Place a generous amount of water-based lube on your penis and insert into the sleeve. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after use.

Custom Drying Case:
In order to maximize the lifespan of your Fleshlight product, it is important to clean and dry it after every use. Our custom case allows for faster drying times and makes for the perfect storage unit. Simply place the FleshSkins product on the drying rod after cleaning, allow the toy to fully dry, and then place the lid on the case to store.

What's Included:

  • Fleshlight Blue Ice Grip
  • Drying Case
  • Instructions for use and care

FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip Masturbator by Fleshlight - Features

Guest Blogger - Kinky World

"As someone who loves to use male masturbation sleeves on my partners, I'm honestly 100% into the Fleshskins Blue Ice. I love Fleshlight products, in general, because of how pleasurable they seem to be for my partners, but at the same time, the regular Fleshlights aren't particularly rewarding from a "partner's" perspective. As-in, they're particularly large and heavy for me (requiring me to possibly not have a free hand for my own pleasure), and most of them are opaque and don't allow me to see much of the action either. Using a regular Fleshlight on my partner isn't the end of the world, but it clearly wasn't designed for a couple's interaction.

The Fleshskins Blue Ice feels like it was made for couples – or, at least, works really well for it. The see-through design means that I can nicely see every part of the dick that I'm touching while I use the sleeve on it. The open-ended design with the shorter length means that, when I want to, I can slide the sleeve all the way down the shaft and see the penis slip out through the top. The handy-grip design means that I don't have to worry about the lube making the sleeve impossible to grip. I can pretty much slip on some lube and use my free hand to do anything else I want without any readjustments to the grip. The material's longevity with water-based lube means lube reapplications are pretty rare, and with the small open-ended hole means that a lot of the ejaculate ends up in the sleeve if you use it with extra space at the top during ejaculation, so that contains any mess for after-sex cuddles too. Honestly, it's a fantastically amazing design. I'd pull this out for couple's use over pretty much any other sleeve we own – and we own a lot of them.

Overall, the Fleshlight Fleshskins Grips Blue Ice is an amazingly perfect sleeve for what it is: something that feels pleasurable and amazing. I really love it for couple's play, and it's really one of the best sleeves I've ever found for using "on" someone. It's easy to take care of, has surprising attention to detail that I love, and is really good for one-handed use without needing adjustments. Honestly, I'm pretty much in love with it – and so is the guy that I use it on."


SuperSkin™ & ABS Plastic Case
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Porous
Care & Cleaning:
Place the FleshSkins product on the drying rod after cleaning, allow the toy to fully dry, and then place the lid on the case to store.
Case: 8.75", FleshSkins Grip: 5.35"

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