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As anyone who’s ever seen a squirting scene in porn can tell you, it can be quite theatrical, shocking, and hot. It’s easy to understand why you might wonder, upon seeing such a spectacle, how you can learn to do this delightfully messy trick yourself.

Like most sexual responses, squirting is probably something that some people can do and some people can’t, due to differences in anatomy – but either way, it can be fun to at least try! Here’s some advice to help you unleash your inner squirter.

Preparation & Mindset

When trying a new thing sexually, especially something you’re nervous about, it’s always a good idea to set yourself up for success by relaxing as much as possible before you start. Whether that involves taking a hot bath, asking your partner for a massage, dimming the lights in your room, or anything else, it’s worth doing before you embark on your squirting journey.

Next, you’ll want to lay down a towel, or a waterproof sheet like the Liberator Throw, on your bed (or wherever you’ll be playing). Many people have anxieties about the “need-to-pee” sensation that can arise when stimulating the G-spot, which is usually the best way to induce squirting. Science is mixed on whether squirt itself is pee or not – although I can say from firsthand experience that it isn’t, or at least isn’t always – but it does contain traces of pee (as does semen) because of the area it comes out of. For that reason, and for your own peace of mind (not to mention your laundry expenses), squirt-proofing your bed is a wise step to take.

Naturally, it’s also important to stay well-hydrated before (and after) squirting!

Tips & Techniques

Relaxation and arousal are some of the most important factors in squirting. You shouldn’t expect to be able to squirt after just a minute or two of stimulation, no matter how intense it might be, because it takes time – and arousal – for fluid to build up in the urethral sponge (a.k.a. the G-spot), which is where many experts believe squirt is expelled from.

Use whatever arousal-building techniques work best for you: watch porn, read erotica, stimulate your clitoris with your hand or a vibrator, have a partner perform oral sex on you, or anything else that reliably turns you on. You can start incorporating some mild-to-moderate pressure on your G-spot at this point, with fingers or a toy, to help that area swell up. If you feel any discomfort, try reducing the amount of pressure there until you’re more turned on and/or applying more lube.

Once you’re highly aroused, you can amp up the amount of pressure on your G-spot, continuing clitoral stimulation at the same time if that feels good. Many people find that hard, fast, sustained G-spot stimulation at high levels of arousal is what makes them squirt. This can be challenging to achieve, especially if you or your partner have mobility/strength issues, but sex toys can help (see the toys section below!).

In the moments preceding squirting, you might feel an intensifying of that “need-to-pee” sensation, or perhaps an urge to “push out” with your muscles down there (like the opposite of a Kegel exercise). Follow that feeling, keeping the G-spot stimulation going, and you just might squirt!

It’s worth noting that squirting and orgasms aren’t necessarily simultaneous. Squirting can occur before an orgasm, during one, after one, or without an orgasm happening at all.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

When shopping for a toy that might help you squirt, usually the most important criteria are an intense curve, so that the toy can hit your G-spot, and a firm material, so that it can provide the unyielding pressure G-spots often crave.

Some of the best toys that fit this description are made of stainless steel, glass, wood, or ceramic/porcelain – such as the Njoy Pure Wand, Gläs Ribbed G-Spot Dildo, Dee Lee Doo Habu, and Désirables Dalia Cloud.

However, silicone toys can work too, especially those that have a firmer formulation, a deep curve, and/or a pronounced coronal ridge, such as the Uberrime Astra Hippolyta, Lelo Ella, and Funkit Toys NoFrillDo B. Pay attention to the base/handle of any toy you’re considering buying for this purpose, as you’ll likely need to be able to hold onto it securely and comfortably enough to thrust it hard and fast.

Some people enjoy G-spot vibration and find that it makes squirting easier to achieve. Some great G-spot vibrators include the We-Vibe Rave, Lelo Mona 2, and Dame Arc.

You may also want to consider pulsators and thrusters, especially if you think it would be difficult or impossible for you to thrust a toy quickly and firmly enough to squirt, as these toys do that part for you (albeit usually not as skillfully as a human can). Some good ones to check out are the Fun Factory Sundaze and Velvet Thruster Teddy GS.

In Conclusion…

Squirting certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all of pleasure, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if you can’t do it (or don’t want to!). But if it is a sexual goal of yours, there’s plenty you can do to make it likelier to happen – and the journey is often just as fun as the destination.