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Ball Stretchers 101 - How To Start

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There are a lot of instances in which you may be looking to try ball stretchers but don’t know where to start! Whether you’re exploring because you’ve heard it can increase testosterone production or you derive pleasure from ball play… ball stretchers are a fantastic new adventure to bring into the bedroom for either yourself, or your partner.

What are Ball Stretchers?

Ball stretchers are toys that will wrap around the scrotum, pushing the balls downward and making them appear elongated. Using them can add a feeling of fullness or a stretch that many find pleasurable. If you are someone who has explored with tugging or teasing of your scrotum during sex or masturbation, it may be something you would enjoy. Ball stretchers, much like cock rings, also can help you last longer before you orgasm. The ball stretcher will help keep your balls from retracting upwards and delay that orgasm as you play. Many people enjoy using them as an edging tool as well!

Types of Ball Stretchers


Ball stretchers can be found in a great many different styles for different purposes. If you are a beginner to ball stretching, I recommend that you go for a simplistic silicone ball stretcher. This will allow you to explore a flexible stretch without any added weight or extra stretching that you may find uncomfortable. There are a great many styles within the silicone ball stretchers, so it’s easy to find a color, style, or thickness that you may want to experiment with! One that I would recommend is the Oxballs Neo-Stretch.


If you are someone who has played with ball stretchers before and you want to explore further, or perhaps you simply want to try a different material and feel - there are also leather/ faux leather wrapped stretchers that can be secured around the scrotum. These provide less flexibility and a little bit more of a stretch to the balls. Keep in mind there are often choices for different widths within the same styles so you can really navigate what is perfect for you. Look for D-links! There are styles that also come with D-ring links, which means weights for optimal stretching can be added by latching onto the link. If you want a really advanced stretch, this is a fantastic option for your ball stretcher. Beyond that - it gives some options for BDSM or power play if used with a partner. If you want a stretcher with a built-in weight, check out the Calexotics Tri-Snap Weighted Ball Spreader.

CBT/Pain Play

In some cases, you may seek a toy that can be used in CBT (cock and ball torture). There are ball stretchers that are made with weights in mind, and even some that can assist with pain play if worn for a long time. Please never push your body beyond what is safe and navigate this carefully and with proper safety precautions in mind.

If that restrictive play is not something you’re interested in, there are still plenty with pleasure as the main focus available. Aesthetic ToysThere are some ball stretchers that are made to push the scrotum forward. This can assist in making the cock and balls appear even larger and makes for one hell of a photo or perfect addition to your date night in! So, even if your only reason to use a ball stretcher is for the look, there are toys that can accommodate that with ease.

Combo Toys!

If you are looking for an extremely pleasurable, dual sensation experience - I recommend a combination ball stretcher. These often come in the form of a C-ring and ball stretcher silicone toy. The C-ring part of the toy will restrict the blood flow to your penis and help you maintain an erection for longer. The ball stretcher attachment will give you all of the same benefits as described above. Together, you can have the ultimate experience in edge play or orgasm training! One of my favorites in the combo toy lineup is the Oxballs 8-Ball Silicone Cock & Ball Ring. Beyond this, there are also ball stretchers with nubs, ticklers, or even vibrators that are attached with the intention to deliver extra stimulation for solo play or partnered play.

How to Use a Ball Stretcher

First you will want to lubricate the ball stretcher before use! I always recommend using a water-based lubrication if you are using a silicone toy, but use what feels comfortable to you as long as you never skip the lube! Once the toy is lubricated, pull your testicles through the stretcher one at a time until they are both hanging through the ball stretcher.

If you are using a ball stretcher that clasps closed, don’t forget to tuck any public hair away to prevent pinching.

Make sure you have found a comfortable place to explore and feel relaxed as you play. I recommend setting up a scene for yourself with some music you enjoy and a relaxing bath or shower before. If you are with a partner, perhaps a massage or some foreplay to warm things up before using your ball stretcher will make it all the more fun! Do not wear your ball stretcher for too long. 20 minutes maximum is the suggested amount of time to wear them before giving yourself a break.

There are so many nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated, don’t be afraid to explore them! If you are using a stretcher for the first time, I recommend using it during solo play first so you can calmly and thoroughly explore the fit and sensation in the most comfortable setting before bringing it into the bedroom with a partner.

Finding The Right Size

When searching for the perfect ball stretcher, always remember that uncomfortable is not the goal! If you are trying a few sizes and find that one is too tight, move up a size. The purpose of this toy is to bring you pleasure first and foremost. Pay attention to measurements! Most toys will provide measurements that will assist you in finding the perfect size for you. I hope you take it upon yourself to indulge in a ball stretcher! These fantastic toys can assist with enhanced pleasure and are a wonderful way to explore some powerful nerve endings on your body or your partner’s body. I wish you the best on this new adventure!