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Red Hot Suz Reviews The Bloom By We-Vibe Vibrating Kegel Balls

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Review: We-Vibe Bloom Remote-Control Kegel Balls

I’d like to start this review off by saying that I’ve never tried any type of Kegel exerciser in my life, although I have been a practitioner of the pelvic strengthening technique for quite sometime.

When I first started masturbating, I would naturally clench down with my pelvic muscles while reaching climax by rubbing my clit; a practice I had no idea was a popular health trend until much later in life. Even after I found out Kegel exercises were a thing, I didn’t realize that my “clench-to-orgasm” method was actually just me working out. My unintentional masturbatory fitness routine has given me pretty strong pelvic floor (at least from my deduction.) I’m the queen of Kegel-ing on people’s cocks while having sex, and I’ve made myself come by only using my pelvic muscles (look ma, no hands!)BLOOM BY WE-VIBE SILICONE RECHARGEABLE VIBRATING KEGEL BALLS

That being said, I still wanted to review the We-Vibe Bloom; both for my own personal exploration of Kegel exercisers and, because I honestly just wanted a new We-Vibe toy. I absolutely couldn’t pass on the coral colour of the Bloom; I’ve been wanting a toy in one of my favourite colours since last year.

The Bloom works similarly to many of We-Vibe’s other products, as it’s mainly controlled by the We-Vibe app, covered in silky soft silicone and has a rumbly motor to boot. It’s shaped like a little bumpy alien, with an anemia to connect to Bluetooth while it’s inside. The toy unscrews in the middle for access to the charging port, and for ability to change head weights (it comes with three options.)

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