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Red Hot Suz Reviews Kix’ies Lois Back Seam Thigh Highs

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Plus size lingerie is incredibly important to my life force. But as a plus size woman, even the bread and butter of the lingerie world, stockings and leg wear, are difficult to find. I can’t just pop by a Shoppers Drug Mart on my way to a party, and even when I order in advance there’s no guarantee a thigh-high will fit my thick legs. And when I do manage to find a piece that fits? Well, you best bet I’m strapping it up to a garter belt to stay put. I know I’m not a sausage, so I deserve to not feel like one when I’m trying on leg wear. This genre of lingerie actually makes me avoid it for the most part; I’m fine with some select fishnet stockings, but thigh highs don’t rise to the height of my expectations if you get me. Until now.

Kix’ies Lois Back Seam Thigh High Tights

Wonderful company Kix’ies has filled the large hole in the plus size lingerie market: plus size thigh high tights that actually stay up. Yes, they did that. Here are my thoughts on the Kix’ies Lois Back Seam Thigh High Tights after testing them out for a bit…

They fit.

First thing’s first, the Kix’ies FIT. I choose the ‘C’ size, which fits up to a 30’ circumference, and they FIT. The thigh highs gently wrap around my thick thighs with love and support, being comfortable and still having room for a little extra if I needed. Kix’ies offers sizes A-D though, so if I did need to size up, I could. I love that there are multiple size options – most plus size legwear are ‘one-size-fits-all plus size’, which gets very frustrating when you grab some on the go for an event, only to find out last minute that you’re going with a hole in your butt (you know I made it work though).

The brand has some great body positive messaging alongside their products too! Kix’ies genuinely want to create options for plus size consumers, not just capitalize off us. I loved the ‘Weight can be arbitrary’ messaging alongside the size chart, which lists height, weight, and thigh circumference as ways to find your perfect size.

They stay up.

Even if I do manage to find some plus size thigh highs that fit in the wild, it’s a probability that they’re going to be sliding right back down my legs the moment they rest on my thighs. I have a garter belt, which has helped in the past, but that’s not always the lewk I’m going for. Sometimes a gal just wants to use a product easily and without the need of another product, ammiright? With Kix’ies though, it’s different. Their main selling point is their no-slip grip, which are silicone bands on the inner top of the legs. I’m not lying when I say this invention is genius. The silicone bands stick comfortably to my thighs and STAY THERE. They don’t dig into my thighs, but float atop them, allowing the legwear to compliment my looks without hurting me. The Kix’ies work so seamlessly that I wonder why they haven’t been around since thigh highs were invented themselves.

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