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Little Switch Bitch Reviews The Neon Wand From Kinklab

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The KinkLab Neon Wand has been on my lust list since I first learned such a thing existed many years ago so first things first, I have to thank the amazing folks over at SheVibe for making my zappy dreams come through. When a toy arrives that I have wanted for long, it already should be amazing in my head so it already has high standards to live up to. Recently I experienced sadness when I reviewed a glass dildo handled flogger I’d wanted since forever and it was awful. Ya, I’m looking at you, Icicles No.38. I literally had everything crossed I love the Kinklab Neon Wand – that was of course before I heard it turned on and then I became scared of it lol, I’ll explain a little more about that though further down.

I remember when I got the confirmation of shipping. I popped my OH a message while he was at work to let him know we had a Neon Wand on the way for review and he was ecstatic – I knew it was a huge want of his too. When I asked which colour he wanted? – I had picked red knowing my OH would love it – (It also comes in purple.) I got a reply saying he’d be happy with either colour when I told him it had already been dispatched. I must admit I felt extremely smug when I told him I had picked red later on that evening and I saw how pleased he looked. Of course, the colour is only really for aesthetics and doesn’t affect how the wand performs.

Quite a lot actually – you are spoilt for choice when it comes to all the attachments included. The wand itself is coated in a rubber-like substance, which I’m presuming is to stop the electricity travelling through. There are 4 quite study glass electrodes/attachments included – each electrode is tipped with metal and this is the side that slips into the wand. The wand has a huge length of cable and then I encountered my first issue. I never bloody thought about the plug. We use 3 prong plugs here in Ireland so of course, because Shevibe sent me this, my Neon Wand had come with a US plug. I contacted the manufacturer directly via live chat and was assured in minutes that I’d have no issues using it. Obviously, I needed an adaptor which thankfully we already owned and then the fun started.

Please note: you need to remove jewellery before using the wand and it needs to be completely powered off before inserting or removing electrodes. Use lower settings on sensitive skin and the addition of a light fabric over the skin may help if you find the intensity too much, to begin with.

My OH popped in the first attachment as turned it on. The Kinklab Neon Wand is controlled via a twisty dial located at the bottom of the handle. It is super easy to control and the wheel moves with a little stiffness so please don’t worry that it will go to Oooh to Owwh because unless some evil shit is controlling it, it is very beginner friendly The noise produced is a mind fuck in itself and is quite terrifying I must admit. Not enough to put me off I must add but none the less, I was scared. My OH tried it on himself first and with ease I witnessed him go from mild to full whack in seconds so I was reassured the even though it sounds scary it isn’t all that bad. We played around testing areas out etc and I soon learned that this was him testing the waters. The wand’s official outing was to come a few days later.

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