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Kitten Boheme Reviews The Magnetic Bunny Tail Butt Plug By Crystal Delights

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Crystal Delights Magnetic Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug – Sex Toy Review

Question: would it make me a terrible sex toy reviewer if I just skipped the actual review and went straight to the part where I recommend that you just go ahead and buy the Crystal Delights Magnetic Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug? It is just so perfect I feel like my words just won’t do it any justice… No, no, you’re right… I need to try… in the name of science and good journalism… or something like that.

Magnetic Pink Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug By Crystal Delights

I honestly had zero doubts when it came to this bunny tail, somewhere near the beginning of my career as a sex toy blogger I had the opportunity to review the Crystal Delights Pony Tail Glass Plug and I was 100% completely and unequivocally smitten with it. Then shortly after that I had the utter good fortune to win a Colors Against Cancer Glass Plug in a giveaway hosted by Crystal Delights and I found myself once again in love with a butt plug. At this point in time, as far as I am concerned Crystal Delights can do no wrong, they make such lovely, quality toys and their glass plugs are just phenomenal and they have definitely been one of my favorite companies for quite awhile now.

When I pulled the Bunny Tail Plug from the box of goodies SheVibe sent, I almost felt like I didn’t actually even need to test this plug… because I already knew I would like it and I knew everything I was going to love about it… but as I held that fluffy bunny butt plug in my hands, I knew I was going to have to use it… how could I pass up the chance to be a fluffy-wuffy wittle bun-bun? Tail plugs are my kryptonite… I see one and I just melt into a puddle of oooey-goo and can no longer function like a human being because all I want is to put on that tail and become a fuzzy-wuzzy, fluffy-wuffy, cutie-patootie, snuggums. And bunny plugs seem hit me at extra strength… remember the last bunny plug SheVibe sent me? I about died. And now you know my weakness, you have complete control over me.

Okay, something pretty cool about this Bunny Plug is the fact that it is magnetic! I find this awesome for a number of reasons… first of all, sometimes you are in the mood for a really fantastic butt plug, but maybe aren’t feeling up to being a rabbit… BOOM pull the tail off and you can insert the Crystal Delights plug in without worrying about craving carrots or needing to fight the urge to scurry off into a burrow. Also, being magnetic, you can dress up the plug in a number of ways, Crystal Delights offers some very gorgeous magnetic charms as well as other tail options, which allows you to buy one plug and customize it on a whim! Being magnetic also means it is easier to clean, rather than trying to keep the tail out of the water while I wash the plug, I can just pop the tail off and give the plug portion a good wash (easy is what a chronically lazy person such as my self really needs)! Another great thing about this plug being magnetic is that Stunt Cock has been pretty courteous and before coming on my ass he has pulled the tail portion off to avoid matting it up with jizz, this is fantastic. ALSO, something fun I discovered… I can put the butt plug portion in… then put on sexy panties… and then put the tail portion on over my panties… and it sticks through the panties… and then I’m a sexy bunny in sexy panties and all is right with the world. YAY for magnetic tails! My Crystal Delights Pony Tail is also detachable, but it is attached via a screw like device, so it isn’t nearly as easy to pop off quickly… so I am 100% sold on this magnetic configuration.

Something else the bunny plug is good for… sensation play! Forget feathers, the bunny tail is so soft and so tickley… it is great fun running it up and down a partners body! Its also great for just hanging out on your desk while you type reviews so you have something to reach out and pet when you start getting overwhelmed thinking about just how much work you have to get done and the super short time span you have to do it in and suddenly you feel like your whole life is spiraling out of control and… pets the bunny tail…. I’m fine, its fine.

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