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Kelvin Sparks Reviews The Packer Gear Silicone Packing Penis

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Review: Packer Gear Silicone Packer

The CalExotics Packer Gear Silicone Packer is under $26. I feel like I should start with that, because that is the most affordable I have ever seen a silicone soft packer, and it’s what made me so excited about this packer’s existence in the first place. The closest I can think of is the Mr. Right Packing Dildo, which as $49.99 is almost twice as expensive. I needed to get my hands on one of the Packer Gear Silicone Packers for review as soon as possible the moment I saw them, and thanks to SheVibe I was able to!

Packer Gear™ Silicone Packing Penis™

The Packer Gear Silicone Packer comes in two sizes (4” and 5”) and four skin tone colour options. The colour options are, unfortunately, named after foods, but I’m impressed by the variation in tones. The darkest colour- ‘coffee’– is actually dark rather than being a mid-brown, like some other low cost gender expression items seem to limit their dark options to (CalExotics was an offender with this previously with their STP Packer). I received the larger size in the colour ‘vanilla’, which is the lightest skin tone. The 4” options are $24.99, while the 5” options are $25.99.

CalExotics’ Packer Gear line does contain some other cheap packers, but I want to clarify that I’m specifically reviewing the packers they produce that are made of silicone, rather than the TPR packers from the same line. While the two series of products use the same design (which has some… interesting choices. More on this later), the fact that this packer is silicone is something I’m specifically excited about.

Non-silicone packers are usually made from elastomers, materials which are porous. While it’s less problematic used in packers than in toys that are used for penetration, elastomers still aren’t a great material. Elastomer packers tend to tear more easily, and so have a shorter lifespan. They require powdering to prevent stickyness. They may melt in high temperatures. Their porosity means they harbour fungi and bacteria, which can cause yeast infections if worn directly against the vulva. And, because of the softeners used in some elastomer production, wearing them against the skin may trigger a breakout of rashes, pimples, or whiteheads. (Mr. Limpy packers are notorious for this last point, because of the mineral oil used to soften the material).

Silicone is a superior material for packers because it’s non porous and can be sanitised. It’s only price reasons that have made me suggest in the past that baby transmascs should try an elastomer packer rather than a silicone one to start with, to see if they like it. And now silicone packers are available from $25? I don’t think price is enough of a reason for me to suggest that any more.

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