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Interview: Life on the Swingset

Cooper Beckett started “Life on the Swingset” as a primer to the lifestyle for those just starting their exploration, those who are simply considering the idea, and those already on board this crazy ride on the swingset. He's assembled a wonderful collection of open minded and friendly people to contribute blogs, sex toy reviews, and podcasts, and to discuss a very unique Lifestyle with gusto and enthusiasm.

Swingers, polyamorists, triads, BDSM folk, other open people, there’s something at Life On The Swingset for everybody who subscribes to the notion that sexual exploration and openness is healthy, friendly, and most importantly fun.

When many people decide to explore alternative lifestyles and open relationships, they blindly search online for information and inspiration, most of it coming from people against the topic, those who’ve been in it a long time and are very set in their ways, or those whose advice no one should ever take EVER.

Life On The Swingset lets you decide if they fall into any of those categories, or if they’re the elusive fourth option, providing helpful advice for newbies and pros alike.

Cooper Beckett's isn't like other people's. When he's not writing or podcasting at Life on the Swingset, he's living it up as a bisexual evangelical swinger, exploring poly, and spreading the good word that "sharing is caring." He truly believes that a good many people would be open to exploring the fringe of human sexuality, knocking down the borders between orientations, and experiencing great sex, that most basic of human rights, if only they were told it's okay to do so. He has resolved to make the world safer for sexuality, even if it's only one couple at a time. He released his first book My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory in January.

Ginger Bentham

...As an oversexed, omnisexual castaway from the sexually-repressed culture, Ginger believes the next sexual revolution of total sex-positivity is just around the corner and it’s time for the revolutionaries to unite! As one of the members of Life on the Swingset, she strives to help people expand their way of thinking and discover their true sexy potential.

Dylan Thomas a sex-positive non-monogamous proselytizer from the suburban wastelands of Chicago. He believes that there's a larger, non-normative, sexuality community that all wants the same things; the freedom to be who they are, love who they want, and the choice to keep their sexual preferences as private or as public as they choose. Dylan sees the need for a more open discussion about why we, no matter where we exist on the identity, sexuality, or lifestyle spectrum, all have much more in common than we realize and that we're all natural allies of each other. As a co-host on Life on the Swingset, Dylan has relayed his own journey: wading through the barren lands of homophobia and male chauvinism and machismo and progressing into yearning for bi-sexuality, creating communities around swinging, learning about growing new relationships through polyamory, and being willing to expose his own failings, fears, and triumphs along the way.

Miko Technogeisha a Chicago based writer, researcher, educator and podcaster with an insatiable curiosity. She is managing editor for Life on the Swingset‘s website, as well as a co-host on Life on the Swingset the podcast and The Kinky Geeks podcast. She also writes for several online publications about all aspects of non-monogamy, sexuality, and kink. She is an emissary for Sex Geekdom Chicago, a founding member of Sex Geekdom Los Angeles, volunteer support staff for Bawdy Storytelling and a volunteer panelist educator for the Center for Positive Sexuality. Having a passion for research (that apparently borders on fetish) has led her to mine the Internet and devour books for information about all aspects of open relationships and sexuality. It’s wonderful to be invited to share that passion with all of you.