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Interview: Ducky DooLittle

In October of 2014 the SheVibe Team visited with the unbelievable Ducky DooLittle, the dynamo behind Ducky is a writer, speaker and Sex Educator who has spent the last two decades working in the field of sexuality and continues to preside over sold out presentations across North America.

Ducky is the author of Sex With The Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered and the founder of the Academy of Sex Education. Most recently, Ducky has accepted a position at Komar Company as the head of Marketing and Development for the long standing sex toy distributor.

Ducky is warm, funny, honest and straightforward - and one hell of a baker. She's equally affable sitting down to beer and bratwurst or coffee and pie (blueberry is her specialty).

"One of the most thought-provoking and interesting sex teachers out there." - Carol Queen

"One of the funniest, most surprising, and most caring public sexual experiences you can have. She gives to-the-point sex advice and guidance with humor and compassion." - Cory Silverberg

"She’s one of the most insightful and original sex educators and artists I’ve ever met." - Susie Bright

"That is quite possibly the best pie I've ever had!" - SheVibe Staffer


You’ve been an educator in this industry longer than most, what do you find is the most important factor in maintaining your huge popularity?

Ducky DooLittle:

I am not sure what the key to my success has been. But I do know the most important factor for me as a sex educator is to have integrity. I need to be able to live the life I sing about in my song, if you know what I mean?

There are lots of accountants in bankruptcy, chefs who order in every night to feed themselves, gay preachers condemning homosexuality, and there are sex educators who are not having the kinds of sex they advocate for. So for me having a great sex life, being adventurous and playing hard is one of the most important things to me.


Have you ever thought about doing anything outside of sexual wellness?

Ducky DooLittle:

My career in sexual wellness is very accidental. I was a very young peepshow girl back in the 1980s. I saw a lot of sexual expression before I was even sexually experienced myself. It was all so interesting and set my mind to work. It sparked my need to understand what drives us sexual creatures. I fell in love with the field because I never stop learning.

I have over the years asked myself how my life might be different if I had not been a poverty based sex worker? If I had not been forced into this world initially. Perhaps I would have become a doctor or scientist or be doing international humanitarian work.


We have long admired your volunteer work and dedication to crisis intervention. Tell us how you became involved and how others can too.

Ducky DooLittle:

Thank you. I worked for 8 years as a Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Counselor. Again, this was a very organic process.

I started by training the volunteers on the topic of sexual wellness and how to care for themselves. I loved them all so much that I ended up joining the program.

The work I did was pretty heavy, it was very emotional work but there are lots of opportunities out there that are not so heavy. Call your local hospital and ask them what kind of volunteer positions they may have, go play cards with folks at a nursing home, go cook for homeless youth at a youth drop-in center, throw a holiday party and have everyone bring packages of new socks, new underwear in various sizes, tampons, toiletries etc... and then donate it all to your local women's shelter.

People need you.


Tell us more about your new position at Komar.

Ducky DooLittle:

Komar has been around for more than half a century. They started with comic books back when comic books were considered to be obscene. They fought obscenity laws and won. They later moved into adult paperback, magazines and sex toys.

That's where I come in! I work with sex shops to help them build stronger, more successful businesses. I do all sorts of things like consult on store presentation, troubleshooting, product selection, staff training and I do public events like sex classes, Ladies Nights and Grand Openings. It's fun!


You have quite a few TV appearances under your belt…who was the most interesting or surprising person you met?

Ducky DooLittle:

I have met lots of famous people. But what I love most is when someone is well grounded and just simply good in their heart. The people who impress me the most are usually people who come to my sex classes. I get a very small window into who they are but so often they show such beautiful curiosity and genuine desire to please their lovers. I adore them. They are the ones I get excited to meet!


We know from experience that you bake a mean pie. What’s your secret? Do the skills required to create blueberry pie nirvana parallel the secrets to success or happiness?

Ducky DooLittle:

Yes! So the real secret is to fuck with all your heart and cook with all your heart. Be generous in bed and be generous with pie. And use fancy cinnamon.


You’ve got years of experience trying, testing and reviewing pleasure toys. What would you like to see the toy industry create that it hasn’t yet?

Ducky DooLittle:

I own a lot of toys. I own beautiful toys. But I still feel like there are so many great sex toys makers in the world today that I have lists and lists of sex toys I want and need to try.

At this moment I can't even begin to wrap my brain around what this industry may be lacking. (I am not kidding. I want to have sex with your whole catalog of products!)

I do know that one day I would like to come out with my own line of toys. I'd like to partner with a draft person and bring to market some items that really thrill.


You can choose any super power or combination of super powers that you can imagine… What would your powers be? What superhero name would you take?

Ducky DooLittle:

I already have so many superpowers! I am super orgasmic... I inspire lots of orgasms.... I think I want to be Orgasma!   


SheVibe: Documentary, drama, horror or romantic comedy?

Ducky DooLittle: Documentaries.

SheVibe: Guilty Pleasure?

Ducky DooLittle: No guilt. All pleasure.

SheVibe: Chocolate or peanut butter?

Ducky DooLittle: Chocolate.

SheVibe: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Ducky DooLittle: Both.

SheVibe: Pizza or sushi?

Ducky DooLittle: Sushi.

SheVibe: Facebook or Twitter?

Ducky DooLittle: @duckyduckydoo

SheVibe: Marvel or DC?

Ducky DooLittle: Hello Kitty