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Explore & Enhance G-Spot Stimulation

How To: Explore & Enhance G-Spot StimulationMagical or mysterious—the G-spot may be described either way, depending on who you ask. It can take some practice to learn how to best stimulate this fascinating erogenous zone, but the G-spot is a real source of pleasure for many people with vaginas. G-spot play can be thrilling by itself. Plus, so many people with G-spots think it pairs beautifully with clitoral stimulation.

This how-to guide is meant to help you (1) discover, and figure out how to stimulate, your G-spot if you’re just starting out; and (2) choose a quality, body-safe G-spot dildo or vibe if you’re looking to enhance your G-spot experience.

Location & Technique

The G-spot—for many individuals, the most sensitive area of the vagina—is always located on the front wall of the vagina. (The side that faces the clitoris and belly button.) Individual anatomy varies, so the G-spot may be located anywhere from 1 to 4 inches inside the vagina. Some vagina owners will enjoy broader stimulation of this whole region, while others will benefit most from very firm, focused pressure directly down onto the G-spot.

Here are some general tips for how to explore this pleasure zone:

  1. Experiment with fingers: yours or a partner’s. The key is to curl one or two fingers forward, in what’s called the “come hither” motion. The finger(s) should curve toward the belly button, for more pressure. Play with what feels best to you; there’s no right or wrong answer. Some individuals will be able to access their own G-spot via their fingers, while others will need a little more length.
  2. Make downward, tugging motions. Typically the G-spot is located right above the pelvic bone inside the vagina, so when you pull downward on this area, you’re working with the body’s own bone structure to create more force—and hopefully more sensation.
  3. Try various levels of pressure. Some G-spots are much more sensitive than others. If stroking motions aren’t really calling out to you, try putting more pressure on the area that most arouses you. Firm and/or vibrating sex toys can be a big help here: see the next section for our favorites.
  4. Work your pelvic floor! Clenching your pelvic floor (pubococcygeus, a.k.a. PC) muscles during vaginal play can go a long way. Vaginal clenching is effectively the same as doing Kegel exercises. Those clenches can strengthen the whole pelvic floor, from right under the pubic mound all the way back to the rectum. Being able to actively control the muscles inside your vagina can increase your awareness of what’s going on with all those nerve endings, leading to more pleasure. And clenching around a squishy silicone dildo or a weighted Kegel ball set is so much more fun than doing toy-less Kegel exercises!
  5. If you feel like you need to pee, then you’re getting there! The sensation of having to urinate is totally normal when you’re putting pressure on the G-spot. This is because you’re pushing the vaginal wall into the urethra in front of it, and you’re getting feedback from both anatomical areas at once. Since the urethra of any person (no matter what gender they are) is lined with erectile tissue, it gets engorged when you’re aroused. Stimulating it, through the vagina, can feel awesome—and can make you feel like you need to let go too. If emptying your bladder at any point during playtime makes you feel more at ease, then definitely stop and take a break for that. Either way, if you keep stimulating the G-spot, you may find that you pass through the “have to pee” stage before you orgasm. For extra comfort, you may choose to have towels or an absorbent Liberator Throw sex blanket ready, especially if you’re looking to experiment with squirting/female ejaculation. Most folks with vaginas will find it difficult to release fluids when they’re aroused and have something inside the vagina. But if you’re interested in squirting, try pulling out your toy (or whatever body part is inside you) right as you feel an orgasm coming on, and push.
  6. It’s OK to not orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone. It’s very common, in fact! The vast majority of people with vaginas don’t consistently orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex, and orgasming from pure G-spot pressure is similar. For most, clitoral stimulation is essential! Maybe you like G-spot stimulation by itself sometimes but not others; or maybe you always want your clitoris stimulated too. Maybe some days G-spot play will feel great, while other days you can take it or leave it. Whatever the case may be, trust your instincts about what feels right for your body.

Awesome G-Spot Toys

Sex toys are a simple way to deliver more pressure and/or more power to your G-spot, for maximum effect. Again, not everyone will have the same preferences. For example, some people will want gentler, more phallic pressure (like the  VixSkin Mustang) while others will crave the impact of forceful toys (like the Njoy Pure Wand). Experimentation is so important!

These are some of our favorite G-spot vibes and dildos, for all experience levels:

  • A classic shape for beginner’s vibes is a slim stem with an egg-like shape at the end, like the Cloud 9 Curved G-Spot Massager or the Arc By Dame. The bulb lets the user explore putting pressure on different areas inside the vagina, and it’s perfect for clitoral play too. If you’re looking for even more power, the Blush Noje G Slim is a similar shape with 5 steady vibe speeds, from “pretty strong” to “really intense,” and is rechargeable.
  • The Njoy Pure Wand is the quintessential G-spot dildo. The pressure from the Pure Wand’s stainless steel bulbs is for real: super-weighty and focused right where you want it. The toy’s strong curve adds to its impact and makes it easier to maneuver. If you’re looking to squirt from vaginal stimulation, the Pure Wand is most likely to get you there!
  • The VixSkin Mustang Dual-Density Silicone Dildo is a deliciously realistic toy that excels at G-spot stimulation. Made of two layers of platinum silicone, Mustang features a soft, protruding head that’s angled perfectly to hit the G-spot with every thrust. It’s also ideal for clenching around because of its softness!
  • The Wellness G Curve is a beautifully curved G-spot vibe that offers an excellent level of power. Coated in satin smooth silicone, the G Curve's firm body lets you channel the toy’s strong vibes into either G-spot or clitoral sensation.
  • The Uberrime Astra is a handmade silicone dildo with a curved shaft and bulbous head for targeted G-spot (or prostate) pressure. It's available in 3 sizes and 4 absolutely gorgeous colors.
  • The Pillow Talk Sassy has a soft, flexible body, with a large tip that is curved for pinpointing the G-spot.
  • The Jopen Pave Vivian is a sleek, elegant vibe with a jewel-themed on/off button. Vivian’s flat tip is ideal for pressing the toy’s rumbly vibes directly into the G-spot.
  • The We-Vibe Rave offers deep, powerful vibrations and an ergonomic shape. With 10 adjustable vibration functions, each with 8 intensity levels, Rave gives you lots of choices when you use its control buttons—but you can access even more vibration options with the We-Connect™ app. This slim vibe may be controlled from anywhere in the world through the free app and a wireless connection.
  • The LELO Mona 2 is a classic, best-selling G-spot vibe that’s like being fingered—with strong vibrations added. The smooth silicone coating and easy 4-button controls make Mona 2 a delight to use.

Final Thoughts

“Pressure,” “impact,” “power,” and “sensation”—these are words that come up again and again when discussing G-spot play. That’s because this erogenous zone may require a little more coaxing, a little more force, than more obvious pleasure areas like the clitoris and penis. But with the right technique, and the right tools, the G-spot can provide very intense feeling.

Like any kind of sex play, G-spot stimulation should be an enjoyable adventure. Whatever you end up liking is perfect for you! From the rumbliest of vibes to the softest of dildos, there are toy choices that will satisfy your unique desires.

To see all the possibilities, check out the full G-spot vibrator collection here and the full G-spot dildo collection here