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Emmeline Peaches Reviews The Rose Bud Yoni Egg Crystal Kegel Exerciser

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Review: The Rose Bud Yoni Egg Rose Quartz Crystal Kegel Exerciser By Chakrubs

I like the term ‘sex toys.’ I like it al lot.

There’s something to be said about the playfulness of the term. Sex should be about enjoyment, happiness, and a free-spirited embrace of life and the term ‘toys’ complements these notions very well.

Sometimes, however, a toy is so elegant, so wonderfully artful, that it feels strange to call it a ‘toy.’

The Rose Bud Yoni Egg Rose Quartz Crystal Kegel Exerciser By Chakrubs is one such product.

Rose Bud Yoni Egg Rose Quartz Crystal Kegel Exerciser By Chakrubs

The Rose Bud Yoni Egg Rose Quartz Crystal Kegel Exerciser By Chakrubs is a kegel exerciser made out of actual rose quartz and best used to help supplement a healthy pelvic floor routine.

Pelvic floor exercises not only help prevent incontinence, provide manageable pregnancies, and increase sexual pleasure but they also act as some of the most important core muscles in our body, which keep us stable and healthy in life (and exercise).

But, let’s be clear here – this is just an addition to healthy kegel exercises rather than a cure-all or an exerciser in its own right.

Chakrubs claim that yoni eggs “originated in China over 2,000 years ago and was practiced by the emperor’s concubines to maintain a strong and healthy vagina” but I’m a researcher at heart and something didn’t sit quite right with me about this.

I mean the obvious thing that didn’t sit right was the idea that concubines (subordinate sex providers to a single male) were being used as a positive in sexual marketing but, beyond that, I also wondered about the legitimacy of the origins of yoni eggs.

Sure enough a research study of more than 5,000 jade objects from 4 major art and archaeology collections in the US has found that no Yoni Eggs were present in any of the rather extensive collections, which pretty much means that the appeal to the ‘Orient’ suggested by this product (and others, such as Goop’s infamous Yoni Eggs) is pretty much BS.

But, hey, I’m not here to discredit a company’s claims…at least not entirely – I’m also about reviewing a product on its own merit, so what can I say about the Rose Bud Yoni Egg?

Firstly, this product is stunning.

Rose quartz is one of my favorite semi-precious gems, owing to the gently pink and almost clouded nature of its gorgeous depths.

I could look at the Rose Bud Yoni Egg for hours and still notice new things about it; seeing it in the new light with every little exploration of its subtleties.

There really is something to be said about semi-precious stones when it comes to adult objects, and the Rose Bud Yoni Egg has been polished and presented to perfection, with it truly feeling like a little work of erotic art.

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