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Jack 2-In-1 Stroker - Silicone Trans Masc Stroker & Packer by New York Toy Collective - Chocolate

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Jack 2-In-1 Stroker - Silicone Trans Masc Stroker & Packer by New York Toy Collective - Chocolate

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Jack 2-In-1 Stroker - Silicone Trans Masc Stroker & Packer by New York Toy Collective - Chocolate

Jack is a 2-in-1 representation Trans Masc stroker & packer.  Jack is 100% soft silicone like NYTC'S packers Archer and Pierre.  The stroker cavity is ribbed and will create fabulous suction for anatomy at least 1/2″ in diameter.  Jack can stretch to accommodate larger anatomy.  Jack may work with smaller anatomy but will not create any suction during use.

Outer Dimensions:

  • 3 x 3 x 1 1/2"
  • 3" long shaft
  • 1 1/2" shaft diameter

Cavity Dimensions:

  • 5/8" max diameter (this silicone is very stretchy and can accommodate larger anatomy)
  • 3/8" min diameter (anatomy narrower than this will not activate product suction)
  • 2 1/2" depth

The New York Toy Collective is an adult toy company driven by technology and innovation. NYTC believes that your body shouldn't limit your sexual possibilities. Their goal is to create the highest quality and best performing sex toys possible, that allow you to be yourself with the people you love.

The New York Toy Collective makes their toys with non-porous silicone love. They love the community and want everyone to be safe and healthy. All NYTC toys are made in the United States. They support local markets and reduce transportation emissions. Packaging is minimal to reduce waste, and made of post consumer fibers and biodegradable materials whenever possible. NYTC consistently supports sex positive causes as a substantial aspect of their company culture.

Guest Blogger - Kelvin Sparks

"While the Jack will work for people with anatomies larger than 1/2 an inch in diameter, it won't create suction for people who are smaller. I don't see a reason the Jack can't be used with post-metodioplasty genitals, and that's something I'll try once I'm post-op, although I am a little concerned that balls might get in the way for those who've had scrotoplasty as part of their bottom surgery.

The internal cavity of the Jack does have ridges, but in use I didn't feel them much. The primary sensation was suction, and while it's not the tightest or most intense suction I've got from a sleeve toy, but I didn't consciously feel like I wanted the Jack's suction to be more intense when using it.It did take me a bit of time to figure exactly how hard to make my jerking motions to hit that sweet spot of ‘feeling like jacking off, but also not pulling the Jack off my actual genitals' but once I found that, using the Jack felt so good and natural, and gender euphoric in a way I didn't expect it to be?

I definitely have bottom dysphoria, and I'm going to have bottom surgery as a way to manage that, but I didn't think the combination of motion and visual would have such a significant impact on me. I expected the visual to be fun for sure, but not to have an entire Gender Moment™. It was super cool and unexpected! I actually haven't really enjoyed using sleeves during partnered sex for the most part before, but because the Jack feels like an extension of my body and because the motion of using it feels so natural in combination with that, I didn't feel that way."


Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and a mild soap. Toy cleaner is also acceptable. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Outer dimensions: 3" long shaft, 1 1/2" shaft diameter, cavity dimensions: 5/8" max diameter, 3/8" min diameter, 2 1/2" depth

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