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Princess Previews Reviews The Tantus Magma Dildo

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One big difference between the Magma and all my other dildos is how little its head is tapered. A tapered head refers to the gradual increase in size that most dildos, as well as penises in real life, have, which makes insertion easier. But this toy has barely any taper, and starts almost immediately at its widest point, making insertion a little trickier than it would have otherwise been for a toy of this size and density. As such, to make sure I am properly warmed-up to insert the toy, I like to start with either the Funkit Toys NoFrillDo R or Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.2 (or both!) and then move onto the Tantus Vamp Super Soft. The Vamp is actually bigger than the Magma, with a diameter of 4.4cm / 1.75″, but due to its taper and lack of texture it’s actually easier to insert than the Magma, and the perfect way to ensure I am ready for it.

Magma Silicone Dildo

Once inside the initial sensation I get from the Tantus Magma is one of perfect fullness. Since the drips flow satisfyingly along the length of the toy without disrupting its shape too much, I can’t feel them as easily as I had imagined I would (so if texture is a concern for you this should be fine), but what I do feel is extremely pleasurable. Due to this I really enjoy doing long thrusts with the Magma, and I find that its size combined with its slight curve lets me lightly stimulate my G-Spot, which was a surprise as I don’t often find this with silicone dildos. My favorite way to use it, however, is to put it in as deep as it will go so all of the drips are inside, and then just thrust it from there to help stimulate my A-Spot. This is some next level pleasure, and easily puts the toy as one of my best A-Spotting dildos ever. I think the non-tapered head is probably the cause of this amazing feeling, and the overall unique shape of the toy makes the sensations I get from it really stands out in my otherwise mostly phallic collection.

Since the Tantus Magma is entirely silicone it is also waterproof, which makes cleaning it a breeze. For general cleaning it is best to wipe it down with warm soapy water and rinse before and after every use. Be careful to also clean around all the drips thoroughly, and for this I’d recommend a scrubbing with a soapy toothbrush. Then, after every few uses, or if you are switching between partners or vaginal and anal play, then I’d recommend sterilising it by throwing it in the dishwasher, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution or boiling it for 5 minutes. After, let air dry and then return it to storage. Make sure to only use water-based lubricant with it, and if you want to try anything else then perform a spot test before doing so.

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