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Using Toys for Penises During Partnered Play

Written by Tawney Seren on Nov 17th 2020

Using Toys for Penises During Partnered Play

A common misconception about sex toys is that they are only reserved for private, solo play. Furthermore, many believe a toy meant for someone with a particular set of genitals can only be used by that person and cannot be enjoyed by both. But much like how pleasing our partner (s) brings us pleasure even if it’s not something actively stimulating us personally, a sex toy brings arousal to all parties involved, even if it’s not meant ‘for you’.

There is a hesitance with many when it comes to incorporating toys meant for penises in partnered play. However, there is a plethora of sex toys for penises that are easily able to be brought into the bedroom for all to enjoy! My partner and I took this plunge together, bringing an array of different toys with his pleasure in mind into the bedroom to investigate. What we found was surprising to us both, and certainly unlocked a different level to our sexplorations.

Different Ways to Play


It’s easy to think of the end result of most partnered play, the big ‘O’. But sex does not have to revolve around orgasm. The pleasure of teasing and building anticipation is just as powerful as the act of sex itself, and in this regard, toys for penises can come in handy! There can be a pleasure in assisting in helping your partner squirm. Bringing in toys to tease each other without an end goal in mind is not only powerful, but fuels the connection between you both. Teasing can involve mutual masturbation while watching each other, or even using the toy on your partner while your lips explore elsewhere. Two toys for penises we found assisted with teasing greatly were the Private Tube Personal Trainer by Cal Exotics, and the PDX Elite Hydrobater from Pipedream.

Private Tube Personal Trainer: Using this toy on your partner’s penis to tease them and bring them pleasure is a great way to incorporate toys for penises in partnered play. We found that having one person use the toy while the other continues to tease or is pleasured was another great way to play further! This masturbator is easy to clean, soft, ribbed, and simulates penetration.

PDX Elite Hydrobater: This vibrating, stroking sex toy can be used in the shower or bath, providing more opportunities to tease! We enjoyed using this toy in the shower in the morning. It gave us time to tease and build anticipation and introduce penis sex toys during a relaxing time in our day.


Perhaps you’re doing with the edging and teasing, that’s fine! Sex toys for penises can also be used during penetration and provide pleasure to all parties involved! Vibrating cock rings are an excellent example of this. Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis and assist with making erections harder and last longer. Vibrating cock rings deliver vibration to both the one wearing it, and the one they are penetrating. There are a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials cock rings are made of, giving you plenty of time to find the perfect one (or several) that match your needs. Two of our favorite cock rings to incorporate into partnered play are the ATOM Powerful Vibrating Cock Ring by Hot Octopuss, and the ROMP Juke Silicone Rechargeable Cock Ring.

ATOM Powerful Vibrating Cock Ring: With 5 different vibe functions, each with 5 adjustable intensities, this cock ring delivers rumbly, powerful vibrations that easily stimulated both partners during play. This allowed us to enjoy penetration at the same time as vibration without one of us feeling distracted.

ROMP Juke Silicone Rechargeable Cock Ring: This cock ring has 6 different vibration modes, 4 patterns, and is made with comfortable silicone. Fully waterproof, this was another toy we enjoyed bringing into the shower before continuing the adventure in the bedroom.

Things to Try!

Sensation Play

Have whoever is using the toy close their eyes, or with their permission blindfold them. The sensations of the toy on them as you explore and tease their body can provide heightened sensation play. The anticipation of where you will touch, lick, or caress next while they use the toy can be a delightful adventure for both of you.


Edging is the act of bringing someone or yourself close to the act of orgasm, but not orgasming. In the end, this can enhance your pleasure when you finally do reach your release. Use toys to edge your partner in the bedroom to build anticipation.

In the Bath or Shower

A lot of toys for penises are waterproof! Whether it’s a candle-lit bath, or some quick fun in the shower before a busy day - waterproof toys can assist and add a little extra seasoning to your routine.

Your Favorites

Toys like cock rings allow you to engage in all the same positions you know and enjoy, but with a twist! Whether you are using them for the vibration, or the assistance in lasting longer, cock rings are a beautiful addition in the bedroom.

Take the Leap!

Sex toys for penises are a fantastic addition to partner play. In the end, toys allow for extra sensations and experiences with your partner, assisting in heightening the pleasure and fun you have together. Put aside the belief that they are only for solo play and unlock the vibrating, thrusting powers of these fantastic toys!