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How to Train Your Ass

Intro to Impact Play

Anal training might sound like you’re doing obedience training for your butthole, but actually it’s a critical part of anal pleasure. Anal training involves using butt plugs to slowly get the butthole and rectum accustomed to penetration. Dilating the butthole before engaging in penetrative anal play with dildos or penises can mean a reduced chance of injury and an increased opportunity for pleasure. Most depictions of anal penetration found in mainstream porn don’t show all the preparation happening beforehand.

While you might not teach your butthole to play fetch, training your ass can lead to more anal pleasure for you and your partners. You can involve your partners in your anal training or you can enjoy it as part of your anal masturbation.


Anal training uses lube and dilation tools, like butt plugs, to gradually stretch the anus to take larger penetration over time. Because the anatomy of the anus includes both tissue and muscle, anal training engages both. Anal sphincters are used to contracting and releasing when moving the bowels. Anal training slowly stretches those sphincter muscles over time, using graduating sizes of butt plugs. The delicate rectal tissue toughens up over time through well-lubricated dilation.


Whether you’re a butt play newbie or you’ve been out of butt sex practice for a while, the butthole can benefit from anal training. Here are some of the benefits of anal training:

  • More pleasure. Anal training warms up the anus by bringing more blood flow to the area, arousing nearby erogenous zones, and gets your mind focused on what feels good and what doesn’t. Having more anal arousal means you can relax more and feel comfortable during solo or partnered sex.
  • Reduced likelihood of injury. Anal fissures are internal injuries to the tissue. If the anus is un- or under-lubricated, unprepared or penetration is too hard or fast, anal injuries are common. Training the anus prepares both your body and mind so you can set the pace according to your anal arousal speed.
  • Getting to know what hygiene and prep is comfortable for you.

There isn’t an absolute rule about how to clean your butt for sex. Some people swear by enemas or douching and others clean externally only. Anal training during masturbation can be a way to get comfortable with what your body’s hygiene needs are. If you are anal training before a partner comes over, using a butt plug after using an enema bulb can also help you determine how clean you are when you pull it out.

  • Advanced anal play prep. Strengthening the tissue and stretching the muscles means that the butthole can take larger things like fists or big dildos with less pain and reduced chance of injury.
  • Better butt sex communication. If you’ve had previous painful experiences with anal penetration, anal training can be a way to get your butthole to trust pleasure sensations again at your own pace. You might have a different sexual response during anal penetration, like no erections, but still feel a lot of pleasure. Getting comfortable with what your pleasure looks like can help you communicate with your partners.


  1. Get in the mood. Make sure you have a private space, take a warm shower, get something to stimulate your erotic imagination (e.g. porn or erotica). Put down a towel and lay out your toys and booty tools. Start getting your body aroused by touching your genitals or other erogenous zones like nipples or thighs. Give your body pleasure it is familiar with before introducing something newer.
  2. Prep your butt. If you’re cleaning out before, try using an enema bulb. Because of it’s small size, it’s less likely you’ll over-flush your rectum by using too much water. It’s also ok to not clean yourself internally. Maintaining a high fibre diet can help reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do.
  3. Pick a comfortable position. Choose a position where you aren’t holding too much tension in your body or engaging a lot of muscles. Consider using a pillow or a sex cushion to prop up your pelvis. Lying on your side in a ‘little spoon’ position allows you to reach behind and between your butt cheeks. Some people enjoy a reclined seated position with a pillow propping their back up against the bed or a wall.
  4. Grab lube. Use a quality, thick, long-lasting lubricant. Silicone lubricants last long, but are not compatible with silicone sex toys. You can always put a condom over your sex toys and use whatever lube you want (also for a quicker clean up!). Try a thick water-based lube.
  5. Massage the butthole in circles with your lubed up fingers. Play with pressure, speed and direction - see what sensations you enjoy. Explore and be curious, it doesn’t have to feel orgasmic, your goal is relaxation. Remember to re-apply lube generously. Consider using lube launchers if you’re training with longer sex toys like anal beads or dildos.
  6. Choose a butt plug. Get a couple of different sizes so you can adjust as you get comfortable with one size. Look for butt plugs that have a flared base, flexible neck, rounded tip and are firm on the inside but have a cushy outside. Avoid materials like glass or stainless steel if you are new. If you are advanced and getting back into things, small stainless steel plugs are great because you get the added sensation of weight to stimulate the nerve endings. Exploring prostate pleasure? Choose a small prostate massager - hands free ones allow you to use your hands for other stimulation simultaneously. Here are some great silicone butt plug options for anal training:
  7. Or you can opt for a kit that has everything you need for anal training: the b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set has three sizes of vibrating butt plugs, lube launcher and enema bulb set.
  8. Go slow, seduce the butthole. Create external sensations to tease the many nerve endings on the outside of the anus. Use rumbly vibrators against the butthole and perineum. Explore with a well-lubed finger one knuckle deep inside the anus; make half circles and when you go a little deeper, explore front and back walls and find the prostate if available. Squeeze your anus on your fingers and relax. Breathe deeply but comfortably and notice when you’re holding your breath.
  9. Let the butthole lead penetration. When you feel ready, hold the butt plug at your butthole and ease it inwards. Try holding the butt plug still and pushing down on it with your anus. If you feel resistance, you might need more lube or you might have reached your maximum for the day. Slow down and keep the plug where it is. Use vibration or rotation of the butt plug to stretch without going deeper.
  10. Pay attention to pain. Discomfort might come in the form of feeling your sphincters tighten, but pain usually feels sharper or is a burning sensation. Honour that pain by pausing, adding more lube or not pushing past that point this time.
  11. Increase the size of your butt plug gradually over a few sessions. Start with the smallest one and when you’re comfortable with it, repeat the same butt seduction with a slightly bigger plug. Aim for a few times a week when you’re getting started. Explore new sensations with larger plugs - try vibrating or weighted plugs or different shapes like anal beads. Smooth, firm, rounded-tip dildos can also be part of your training if they are a modest girth. Work your way up to the size you want. How long does it take? It depends on your body and your butt sex goals.


  • Keep butt stuff in the butt. Don’t mix butt bacteria with other parts of the body like urethras and vaginas. Use latex or nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean and use condoms on toys if you plan on using them somewhere other than your butt while training.
  • Train with your partner. Anal training doesn’t have to mean solo pleasure. You can use smaller butt plugs while doing sexy things with your partner like kissing, oral sex or kink.
  • Wear your plug like a booty accessory. Butt plugs with flexible necks and curved flared bases are great for wearing while moving around. The curved flared base tucks neatly against the butt crack and butt plugs in tapered shapes sit snugly inside the body even while standing up. Wear your plug as you’re grooming and getting ready for your date!

Anal training is a worthy investment in your pleasure. Set your expectations on play and curiosity. It’s unreasonable to expect a gaping butthole and an analgasm to happen the first few times! Focus on exploration, relaxing your body and learning what your butt needs.