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Getting Familiar With Electrostim Play


How Firm Is The Dildo I Want?To our knowledge, people have been harnessing and using electricity for entertainment of many varieties since the 1840s, and just as other emerging technologies before it, it wasn’t long before people were using it for sexual purposes. From the Victorian Age of Electricity to today, electroplay has fascinated and captured the imagination. If you’ve never tried it, you might wonder what it’s all about, and even if you have roleplayed as sexy Nikola Tesla once or twice in your forays, it’s always fun to have a primer.

Like other sex gadgetry that came before it, various electric machines that eventually became known for sexual purposes had their start as medical devices, most of them dubious in their claims and effectiveness if not outright dangerous. The first insertable electrodes were developed in the 1830s, and by the end of the 19th century multiple companies were duking it out in the so-called “belt wars” over the very popular electrified belts that were advertised to cure everything from “weakness” to hernias to male impotence, some including an electrified loop or “suspensory sack” for this last concern. Dr. Sanden cut straight to the point in his ad, claiming to address all the problems of “Weak Men” (early advertisement-based humiliation play?). These belts disappeared off the market when lawsuits began to be filed for their irritating metal contacts and dangerous construction that not only didn’t cure any ailments, but sometimes made them worse. But not all electrical gadgetry of the time disappeared when the American Medical Association apparently called such devices “more or less mechanical masturbation” in the 1920s; the Neon Wand is a popular modern take on the Violet Wand, a toy with glowing neon electrodes that originated in Victorian times. Some people collect and have antiques refurbished for use, but the modern models work more readily with modern electronics and come with a huge variety of attachments and features I’m sure even the Victorians couldn’t have come up with-though if you’re wondering what the comb-looking attachment is for, I can tell you that it was originally to help fight balding and encourage hair growth and thickening. What you do with it is up to your imagination.

While zappy gadgets were denounced for medical purposes by the ADA in the 20s, they did stick around and eventually saw a new round of electrical “health” wonders, like the Relax-a-Cizor of the 1950s. You may remember the concept from Mad Men, where Peggy Olson has to come up with ad copy for a similar product that also promised “passive exercise”- the wearer would affix the pads and relax while the electrical signals contracted the muscles, thereby “exercising” them. As Peggy finds out with her version that are in a more obvious panty design, the machine isn’t much good for exercising but will absolutely put another kind of pep in the wearer’s step. Like many other early electrical machines, the Relax-a-Cizor was dangerous to use and eventually called off the market.

In the 1970s, enthusiasts started getting their hands on medical TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), much safer for use, and experimenters realized that stripped stereo wires made really effective and fun electro-toys when coupled with copper piping and other DIY setups that produced a buzz when live or recorded music was played through them. These designs have been refined and added to over the decades, and while I wouldn’t recommend getting into DIY zappy toys without proper training and research, I do also think that humans’ determination to get off in new and interesting ways is both fascinating and unfailing. It was these medical TENS units that many designs today are based off of, and sex toys that vibrate to music are another evolution of early electro experiments, which is pretty cool!

It was the 80’s that brought us the first commercially available electrostimulation toys for sex, including the Tittilator and the Pleasure Box, later known as the PES Power Box-thankfully, we’ve come a very long way in the capabilities and safety of our electrosex gadgets.

So, what is it about electro that provides such an enduring fascination? Part of it is absolutely the very human way we’re mesmerized by electricity whether that be the bright neon glow of a violet wand-style toy or the inexplicable way it makes our muscles tense, contract, and release-unbidden. It could be the range from sharp zaps to tickle-y fluttery buzzing-or maybe just the way all these things can tickle our senses and feel just plain good. It can help encourage relaxation, stimulate natural lubrication, and other small health benefits - although it won’t cure a weakness, impotence, or general “weakness of morale,” there are some mild benefits to using electro. That said, getting your own TENS unit isn’t an alternative to a physical therapist, and we’re using our toys for fun, not an alternative to a doctor. And remember, if you have any metal or electronic implants or other medical concerns associated with electro play, you should talk to your doctor and seriously, as with anything else, do your research! Electroplay is a perfectly safe and fun addition to your sex life. Using common sense and attention paid to your specific needs, you can easily discover new ways to titillate.

Electro today comes in a variety of forms and functions that will appeal to different people of various interests and experience levels.

The most basic and least intimidating options are any of the many vibrators that look and function like other rechargeable silicone vibrators on the market and can often be used simply as a vibrator while also including electrical plates strategically placed on the toy. These don’t pack a huge punch and I wouldn’t say that they’re for the serious electric play enthusiast, but they are good for people who aren’t interested in all the attachments and gadgetry, are only passingly interested in electro, or just want a less intimidating option.

For someone who’s interested in exploring the range of what’s available, Mystim makes a really great set of products with a huge variety of attachments depending on your preferences and interests in a format that most find easy to use and mix-and-match to their content. Some do find the attachments and gauges to be intimidating to use and incorporate into sex, but like most other sexual gadgets and techniques I’d recommend that those interested in trying, practice with themselves and even with partners outside of an active sex scene to explore and familiarize.

If you want the real deal, find looking like a mad scientist to be important, or just think the neon glow is cool, the Neon Wand is the updated version of the Violet Wand, with a plethora of glowing and non-glowing attachments available for use. These are simply cool to interact with, and there’s a reason the design has been around in one form or another for as long as it has. This is the true classic of electro toys and a shocking addition to any toy box.

What I’d most recommend is finding opportunities to test out electro toys in person if you’re able to; some adult stores are set up to demo electo toys for you or do workshops on them (ask!), and some public fetish events have a newbie corner or other demo opportunities where you can see and experience one for yourself.

Electroplay is an interesting sensory experience that can be incorporated into sex in a huge variety of ways, not just kink or roleplay. It can be used in sensual massage or for stimulating and arousing different nerves and muscles. Humans have been fascinated and entertained by electricity since we first harnessed it two centuries ago and will likely continue to be, even as it becomes more and more unnoticed in our day-to-day lives, but more infused in everything we do.

Why not try returning to that sense of wonder by bringing electricity into your sexual play

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