ᵂᵒᵐᵃⁿⁱᶻᵉʳ ˢᵗᵃʳˡᵉᵗ ᴾˡᵉᵃˢᵘʳᵉ ᴬⁱʳ ᶜˡⁱᵗᵒʳᵃˡ ˢᵗⁱᵐᵘˡᵃᵗᵒʳ - ˢⁿᵒʷ


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Silicone, ABS Plastic, PU Coating
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with soap and water using a lint-free cloth. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Use only water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
Two Year Warranty - Defective units will be replaced with the same model and color subject to availability within two years of the purchase date. Damage due to misuse is not covered.
Power Source:
USB Rechargeable
Volume - Buzz:
Volume Meter 3 out of 4
Strength - Intensity:
Power Meter 4 out of 4
Width: 1.625" (overall), 1" (attachment), .81" (attachment depth), 2.1" (overall depth)

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    Works great!

    Posted by Illrigger on Apr 13th 2018

    If you or your partner likes direct clitoral stimulation, this little wonder will drive them insane with pleasure. I'd read about these pressure wave simulators and how intense the orgasms from them are, but to see it in person still left me in awe. My wife doesn't like any sort of vibration that hits her pubic bone, and she has a very small external clitoris. Up to now, we have used a RocksOff RO-80 and I have to line it up just right to get the direct contact she loves, which can be difficult working in the dark. By the time we're done, her clit is physically sore from the pressure and she's out of action from that kind of activity for a couple days, leaving us with just manual stimulation, which doesn't give her the kind of intense orgasms she loves. The Womanizer Starlet solves all of our problems. First, the head is really easy to position over her clit. It takes a couple of tries to get it lined up working blind, but it's much easier than a traditional or bullet vibe to find the "sweet spot" and keep it there. Once it's there, crank it up a notch and the orgasms just start flowing. Crank it up to max and every muscle in her body locks up in a wave of pleasure like we have never seen. Second, the pressure wave doesn't put any actual physical contact on her clit, so there's no post-session soreness. We used it the night we got it, the next morning, and then again the next night, which she really loved. Third, there's next to no vibration from it, so no chance that it will contact her pubic bone and spoil the moment. As a side bonus, the Starlet is small enough to use while having sex and not get in the way. It will even stay in place by itself with some practice if you are careful about positions and moving. All that being said - is this for everyone? No, definitely not. Some women don't like direct stimulation, and prefer it spread out like a Magic Wand does, and for them this would be torture, just like the Magic Wand is for my wife. Second, this thing is NOT subtle: you position it, turn it on, and wham, it's doing its thing, even on the lowest setting. If you like a slow buildup or teasing, this is not the toy for you. It's also very small, so if you have a thing about physically touching your private parts, you will want to opt for one of the larger ones with a longer handle like the Pro40. The only small issue I have with the Starlett is the battery life, which is about what they say - around one hour, probably less. Don't forget to charge it, because there's nothing worse than getting keyed up turn it on for a minute, only to have it peter out. However, if a machine whose one purpose is to stimulate your clit to produce nearly instant, very intense orgasms, you won't go wrong here.

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