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The ShotPocket Pleasure Sleeve Trans Masc Stroker By FTM Pitstop

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The ShotPocket Pleasure Sleeve Trans Masc Stroker By FTM Pitstop

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The ShotPocket Pleasure Sleeve Trans Masc Stroker By FTM Pitstop

Finally, a pleasure sleeve made for trans guys and AFAB folk, and it's made of high quality silicone! The ShotPocket is designed for trans and non-binary folk who have been on testosterone and have experienced some growth downstairs. To use, make sure to place a bit of water based lubricant into the sleeve. The Shotpocket will create a suction, and with a ribbed core, it feels pretty freaking awesome!

Make sure to wash the ShotPocket after each use, by flipping it inside out and washing it with soap and water or toy cleaner. Great for solo or couple play. This sleeve is made of high quality platinum silicone, making it very durable, non-porous, non-toxic and body safe.

Measurements: Total Length 1.7", 1.5" Width at the Widest Point, Width of Opening: Approximately 0.5"

Use only water based lubricant.

Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with soap and water. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Total Length 1.7", 1.5" Width at the Widest Point, Width of Opening: Approximately 0.5"

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3 Reviews

  • 3
    Potentially nice, but can’t know until you buy

    Posted by Winter

    This is a great toy if you can get it to work right, but it’s a bit finicky for me. Unfortunately things like this depend a lot on individual anatomy and growth, so you can never really know if it’ll work for you until you buy it. I’ve been on T for years and have had I’d say an average amount of growth, and I can get this thing to suction, but it doesn’t really hold that suction very well - I have to keep redoing the seal pretty often. I expected this to be a quiet toy, but since I have to keep doing that, it makes a fairly loud squelching noise lol - not one I’d want to use when other people are home. When it does stay suctioned, it feels very nice, but it comes undone too easily so it’s a bit frustrating. As I’ve said, I’ve been on T and have had growth and still have this issue, so I honestly can’t see how this would work pre T, but I guess it depends on the person. As another plus, the silicone is very nice, soft, and easy to clean. I also love that it comes with a travel pouch, since it does have a bit of a tacky finish when dry (not noticeable when lubed up).

  • 4
    Would Recommend!!

    Posted by Dan

    This toy has become a quick favorite of mine! It delivers amazing stimulation, it's great for stroking or grinding against and it fits my T-Dick without a much air at all. The grip is pretty good, too. It stays on unless I stroke too far (Thus accidentally pulling it off) or when I'm initially penetrated- It'll slide right back on afterwards though and stays on during sex. And it comes with a bonus tiny travel bag, which is great for anonymous storing too! The only issue I've had with it has been that the silicone got a small scrape from my nail : Be careful when cleaning it!

  • 5
    spend the extra money on this rather then packer gear

    Posted by anon

    This actually works unlike packer gear. my measurements are 1''x.75'' and it fits me fine with actually feeling good suction while packer gear attached but was next to useless. This also is just a soft silicone and doesn't have any weird texture issues. Reviewers on other websites also have mentioned it works pre-t. Its just a bit more difficult. Make sure to check the measurements if you have a lot of growth. I wish it had more texture but its still pretty cheap so i wont dock any stars. It also comes with a nice little carrying bag.

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