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Tenga Flip Hole Penis Masturbator - Black

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Tenga Flip Hole Penis Masturbator - Black

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Tenga Flip Hole Penis Masturbator - Black

Tenga Flip Hole Black - An invigorating stimulation with dynamic elasticity. TENGA's revolutionary Flip-style is back and is stronger than before in the form of the Flip Hole Black! The "Double-layered" interior accentuates for maximum stimulation! Features with TENGA's now-standard One-Hand Control Pad function and easy to clean, easy to dry hygiene, the Flip  Hole Black is in a class by itself!

  • Its perfect tightness provides a dynamic stimulation.
  • The accentuated three-dimensional details rhythmically arouse.
  • Pioneering molding technology give life to "Double-Layered" details.

Tenga Flip Hole Black Features

The Tenga Flip Hole is the ONLY masturbator to achieve such a high level of design and functionality and is easy to clean. Just flip it open, rinse and dry. Its inside is made of elastomer which gives it an ultra-soft touch. It has an astonishing complex inside shape. Every centimeter of it has a particular function. Its flexible casing with buttons allows a total control of the stimuli.

The Flip Hole stands 7 inches tall, and with its cool good looks and non-realistic opening it really doesn't look like a sex toy! You can insert up to 6.5 inches of the shaft into the Flip Hole. The diameter of the sleeve is 3 inches - and as the tube and sleeve are both flexible, it can accommodate a shaft width of at least 2 inches. This is a non-vibrating sex toy, but with sensations like that, we don't think you'll mind!

Guest Blogger - Sexologist Vixenne via a friend

"My cock is circumcised so the head isn’t super sensitive, but I still got a lot of pleasure from the Flip Hole. It was better than anything I’ve felt before, and my orgasms reflected that. As far as physical feelings, the Flip Hole black gets a 10."


TPE, Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Porous
Care & Cleaning:
Wash FLIP HOLE under running water. You may use soap, but refrain from using anything too acidic or alkaline - this may cause the degradation of the internal soft material. Place FLIP HOLE on the Slide Cap to dry after washing.
6.75" long, 3" wide

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1 Review

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    A great toy, but be careful about size.

    Posted by He@ArousedDuo (NOBLESVILLE, IN)

    Texture and material construction: The exterior of the Flip Hole is made of a smooth, relatively hard plastic while the interior is made of Tenga’s usual rubber-silicone-jelly-spongy material. To my untrained nose there was no smell to the toy, and it cleans very easily which, as I am sure you can appreciate, is a real plus for a toy like this. Review Details: Tenga, the company that makes the Flip Hole, is a Japanese company that takes the concept of male masturbation sleeves very seriously and to a whole new level. They have an entire stable full of sleeves with different functions and textures, and designs. These folks even have an app that mimics their masturbator toy like a virtual “shake weight” for your phone. The first thing to appreciate about Tenga is that all of the Tenga sleeves that that I have experienced, the Flip Hole included, are excellent and very well thought out. For the Flip Hole Black, the interior of the toy has strategically placed ridges and protrusions, varying diameters, and other design details that combine, at least for me, to stunning effect. For me, if I want to draw things out I can’t just saw away like I would with other sleeves. In fact, if you have a helper manning the Flip Hole, like I do with my wife sometimes, unless they are very attentive the time between introducing yourself to the Flip Hole and the conclusion of your visit can be very brief. Tenga’s sleeve material is highly yielding and firm at the same time and with the right amount of lube (absolutely required), it really delivers. The Flip hole has three button-like things on its side that are supposed to allow you to vary the intensity / tightness of the sleeve at three different points of insertion. My experience was that while these did indeed vary the pressure of the sleeve, it was not that great of an effect. Once you have had an orgasm, you can experience what the “flip” in “Flip Hole” is all about. As designed, the toy hinges open at the top (away from the opening for your cock), which makes cleaning it a breeze. The hinged sides are kept closed by a long plastic piece with thin “ears” that slide down the outside of the toy, locking the hinged sections together. If you look at the pictures and video in the description above you will see what I mean. This same piece of plastic is used to cover the opening when the toy is stored, and it is supposed to hold the hinged parts open to let them dry after washing (again, see pictures and video). This drying stand trick never worked for me no matter how much I tried to balance it. Perhaps you will have better luck. SO then, if it’s all so good, why did I give it only 4 stars? That has to do, indirectly, with the fact that Tenga is a Japanese company and directly with my ignorance. No, it’s not because I am a Nipponese bigot, it has to do with the overall proportions of the toy. Logically, being a Japanese company, Tenga designs its products for Japanese people. As a 6’5” tall American I have larger physical features than the average Japanese man. Basically, the toy was a bit too small for me. It is still a great toy, but the inner sleeve bulges a bit alarmingly which makes me worry about its longevity. Of course I could have avoided this if I had simply looked on the Tenga web site where they have a Flash-based sizing guide which tells you which toys are the best fit for your particular penis.