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Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag Large - Black

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Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag Large - Black

Large - 7" x 12" Black

The most unique storage solution created to safely store all of your sexual health items and romantic pleasure gear.

The Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag is infused with the invisible technology of BIOSHIELD® 75, a revolutionary surface protectant that inhibits the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria. Its exclusive, patented, EPA-approved coating acts like a weapon inside the Sugar Sak, safely protecting its precious contents.

Sugar Sak and the benefits of BioShield® 75

Sugar Sak Innovations teamed up with BIOSHIELD® 75 in creating the only product that will safely store toys and keep them free from adverse microbes such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi.
BioShield 75 is a state-of-the-art, laboratory-tested technology. It is water-based, patented, registered with the EPA, and approved by the USDA. It prevents the growth of an amazingly wide array of microbes without the use of undesired toxins. The Sugar Sak and BioShield 75 is a totally new approach to providing long lasting antimicrobial protection for your customers.


BIOSHIELD® 75 is unique. It creates a stong bond with a multitude of surfaces, porous and non-porous, forming a highly durable protective coating. Its molecules form a microscopic field of “spikes” that puncture microbes without the use of poisons. Since BioShield 75's methodology is mechanical instead of toxious, it does not create "superbugs" which build up a resistance to treatment (much like antibiotics can).

BioShield is applied liberally to the Sugar Sak thus providing maximum protection.

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect Size

    Posted by Aster W.

    Great for bedside storage. Love the material, keeps my toys safe and lint free. I've been able to store 3 larger toys with no problem.

  • 5
    Perfect Storage Bag

    Posted by Emma N.

    This bag is perfect for storing any sizeable toy that you want to protect and/or keep hidden. The texture is nice and silky, and it's just a great way to help organize your collection of toys. Might buy another one in the future!

  • 5
    Awesome storage solution

    Posted by Jennifer (California)

    These bags are fantastic. They make it super easy to sort my toys and keep them clean and lint free. When I invest in a new toy, I want a nice place to put it and too many toys come with questionable bags or none at all. I use black for vaginal toys and pink for anal. I've had three for about two years now and they all still look brand new. You can fit quite a few toys in it, although I personally don't like having too many in the bag so I can find stuff easily. The only improvement, for me, would be a smaller size for a couple of toys that I'd like to keep in a bag by themselves.

  • 4
    Organizational Life Saver

    Posted by Siobhan (Pittsburgh, PA)

    Texture and material construction: Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bags are spacious drawstring bags with an antibacterial lining to prevent bacterial proliferation on your toys. The bags are one solid color on the outside (pink, black, or red) and have a snow leopard animal print on the inside. The material used for the outside of the bag is smooth and satiny, while the inside material is smooth but not as glossy. The strings used to draw the bags closed are made of a thin piece of what looks like fabric ribbon. The stitching on this bag isn’t great. It isn’t obvious from at the outside but if you look at the stitches from the inside they definitely look as though they would come loose easily if you treated the bag too roughly. Also, in a few of my bags the ends of the thread hadn’t been cut off after the bag was stitched. The bags themselves are quite spacious and do a good job of keeping your toys from becoming too linty. I can’t really speak to its efficacy in preventing bacterial growth but the material used is EPA approved. The bag has no smell, which I thought might be a problem because of the antibacterial lining but wasn't. Overall the construction of the toy isn’t the best but for the price I think it’s worth it. Review Details: My Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bags have been an organizational life saver. I’m kind of a neat freak when it comes to my toys. I think everything should be orderly and protected. I have a pretty extensive, and still growing, toy collection and the idea of just throwing them in a drawer makes me shutter. Now, I could have used Ziploc bags to store and protect my toys but those aren’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing. The Sugar Saks are pretty and they hold a lot. I have three of the extra-large Saks in the pink. I really wish I could have gotten the extra-large in black but the pink is attractive enough that I’m not too displeased. Also, I’m not a fan of animal print but it’s on the inside so it’s not a major concern. To be honest, these bags hold so much that I don’t really need as many as I bought. But as I said, I like to organize and also I didn’t want to bags to feel too cramped. One of the extra-large bags can comfortably hold my Tantus Cush, Adam, Flurry, Echo and one of my larger glass dildos. I think that’s pretty impressive considering those are not particularly small or thin toys. Furthermore, the extra-large bag is long enough that, if I put it on an angle, it can fit my Tantus Goddess handle, which is my longest toy at round 10 inches. Now, as I said previously, the construction of these bags are not the greatest. On the outside it looks ok but if you look on the inside of the bag you can tell the stitches are loose. Also, the draw string isn’t made of the best material ever. However, it’s a really inexpensive bag. You can only really expect so much. Also, I’m not using it for travel or anything, and this isn’t the main means of storage for my toys. I’m using these bags to organize my toy box (I literally have a box…well several) so the likelihood that I’m going to being using this so roughly that I’ll strip the stitching is minimal. As for the antibacterial properties, there is really no way to tell if it is effectively preventing bacterial growth, so I’m just trusting that it is. To tell you the truth, the antibacterial properties of the bags weren’t really a huge consideration when I bought this. I always wash my toys before and after use, so I would have gotten this bag even if it didn’t have that. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase. I’ve been able to separate my dildos, from my vibrators, from my bondage stuff, and now my toy box looks amazing. Everything has its place and I’m now an extremely happy girl. I definitely would recommend it you want something pretty to use as an organizational tool.

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