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SpareParts Theo Harness - Classic Black

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SpareParts Theo Harness - Classic Black

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SpareParts Theo Harness - Classic Black

Created to indulge the fashion conscious, the Theo™Harness is a gorgeous and attractive thong style strap on harness. Strong, sexy yet delicate and sensual, the Theo™Harness from Spareparts Hardwear is beautifully hand crafted using luxurious and sensual materials. The Theo™ is one you will want to show off!

Strong, sexy, yet delicate and sensual, the Theo™ Harness is beautifully hand crafted using luxurious and sensual materials. The unique elastic O-ring is stretchable making it suitable for a variety of different dildos and attachments which also works with single and double dildos, so every use can be a new experience.

The simplicity of the O-ring means it’s easy to switch dildos, even during play; you slide the toy of choice through the O-ring and slide out when you’re done. As the O-ring is also made from the same stretchy material, the single strap style of the Theo™ Harness gives you total control over your dildo, keeping it stable; and when you’re done, the O-ring pops back into its original shape.

The Theo™ Harness has two internal mini vibe pockets one above and one below the O-ring. This improved design allows for extra vibration stimulation for both the wearer and the receiver. The mini vibes (not included) can be easily inserted into the pockets from the inside of the pouch and as they sit in front of the toy, they are not directly against you and your partner’s skin creating an additional pleasurable and sensual sensation. The mini vibes can also be turned on or off through the fabric, so play never needs to be interrupted.

The Theo™ Harness has comfortable and adjustable thong strap and belt. The belt is secured with Velcro and has a unique second elastic pull feature which locks your product in place. The Theo™ Harness is brilliant for increased intimacy and the lightweight and breathable fabric means it can be worn for extended periods of time.

  • Size A fits waists 20-50 inches around.
  • Size B fits waists 35-65 inches around.

Theo Size Chart

Theo Size Chart

The Theo Harness from SpareParts HardWear sets the standard for beauty, comfort, versatility, and style. Crafted from multiple layers in your choice of luxurious obsidian-black Nylon or rose pink Poly-Spandex, these luxurious harnesses are lined with soft, sensual mesh to provide breath-ability for pleasurable all-day wear.

Created with flexibility in mind, our patented design delivers features found exclusively on the Theo line of harnesses. These incredible harnesses also adapt easily to virtually any body size or shape, allowing for maximum pleasure for both you and your partner.

Enjoy packing? The Theo is the best harness available for packing enthusiasts! Want to play in the water? No problem! The Theo is ideal for the shower, bathtub, spa, or wherever your imagination takes you.*

Best of all, the unique, stretchable elastic o-ring fits a wide variety of toys, including doubles, and is strong and adaptable enough hold both small and large attachments. Reverse the Theo Harness to hide the label if desired.

Each one comes complete with an attractive satin pouch and the unbeatable SpareParts HardWear quality guarantee.

When you're done playing, your Theo Harness can be hand or machine washed and is sanitary and fully hygienic for greater health.

Due to health concerns, all sales of SpareParts intimate apparel are final. Be sure to order the correct size and color of any intimate apparel items you purchase. If you have any concerns over the sizing of your harness, please email before you place your order so that we can assist in getting you sized properly. We will not accept a return of this item due to incorrect sizing. All SpareParts products are thoroughly checked for defects in workmanship.


Which size Theo™ is for you?
Start with measuring for the perfect fit. For Theo™ you will need to consider Belt measurements (hips), groin measurements to determine which Theo™ will produce the best fit for you, or your partner.

Follow these simple steps to determine which Theo™ product will fit you perfectly! To determine if you or your partner is a size A or B, you will need to consider both the Belt and thong strap measurements.


Step one
To measure which size is best for the wearer; first consider where you will be wearing it whether it’s on your waist (high ride) or on your hips (low ride). If you prefer to wear your harness high, instead of low (please be aware many wearers like to wear their harness low as they want it to sit on their clitoris so it allows for stimulation where ever possible); measure around your waist instead of your hips.

Step two
Wrap the measuring tape around your hips (or waist if applicable), where you would wear your belt. Take the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself. You should add a few (3-4) inches to this measurement for size fluctuation and room for sizing adjustment. Take the measurement and see size chart above for Belt and determine which belt would be best. (You should be able to select a size that is reflective of your belt size. So for example: if you wear a size 32 belt, and it has a good fit with a couple holes for adjustment, you should select the Joque that best fits 32 inches).


Step one
To measure which size is best for the wearer; first figure out where you will be wearing it on your hips (or waist if applicable). The best way to do this is to put on a regular belt, as this will help you to have a place to start and finish measurement on the next step.

Step two
Next you should take your tape measure and start by taking the end of it and holding it in the center of the belt (in line with your belly button). Slide the measuring tape between your legs. You want to stretch the measuring tape straight and taught to the center of the back of the belt (around
where your tail bone is).

Take the measurement, and then subtract 7 inches, this should give you the length of leg strap you need for the harness to fit securely but still be comfortable.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    A Premier Harness for all to enjoy.

    Posted by remaj10 (Jacksonville, FL)

    Texture and material construction: The SpareParts Theo is a wonderful harness for those who want the durability of leather but with the softness of nylon. The harness is a composition of Nylon and Spandex with brass snaps and a mesh lining. The Velcro waist straps are strong to keep the harnesses right where you want it but soft so they are not irritating to the skin. The O-ring is warped in the soft fabric but strong and stretchy enough to support the thickest and heaviest dildos. In all, the workmanship in this product makes it worth its weight in gold. The brass snaps have wonderful ivory white color to them and are stitched securely into the fabric. The best part of the whole package is that it can be tossed into the laundry with the rest of your clothes. Review Details: My girlfriend bought this harness because we wanted to get into pegging. At first we were skeptical at spending big money on our first harness. We took the leap and have been so happy ever since. My lady loves that the Theo is completely adjustable around the waist and between the legs since we wanted it to last and be usable when we got pregnant. We have used two dildos in the harness and both were held very securely in place by the o-ring. My girlfriend loves that the harness makes all her dildos feel like a natural extension to her body. Once you find your fit to your body the harness is always ready to go whenever you need it. Just throw on the Theo and away you go. If anyone needs a quality harness this product is all you need. The SpareParts Theo Harness is for all couples gay or straight.

  • 5
    The next best thing to real!

    Posted by harpergrey (Edmonton, AB Canada)

    Texture and material construction: The material is excellent. Because this is the same fabric used in making swimsuits, the harness fits comfortably and doesn't dig or hang loose in awkward places. It's more adjustable than any other harness I've tried, and hands down the most comfortable. It's also machine-washable, making it easy to clean. The Theo is very well-made: despite using it on a fairly frequent basis over the past year, I've had no problems with the stitching coming loose. The o-ring has flexed to fit every dildo we've used with it, including the hefty 2" girth of Vixen's Outlaw. The color ran a bit at first and stained one of our lighter-colored dildos, so I would recommend washing it a couple of times before using it. Review Details: SpareParts' harnesses are by far the best on the market. My wife and I each have one, and they've been more than worth the price. Once the Theo is adjusted, it's easy to slip on and off, and it's certainly comfortable enough to wear beneath clothing if you're interested in packing. Sometimes getting up to put on a harness can interrupt the momentum of foreplay, but with the Theo, the interruption is short enough that nothing is lost. And the pouch located behind the o-ring is very convenient for bracing the base of a second dildo against the first so that my wife and I can double. The Theo not only contributes to some wonderful sex, but I feel more sexy when I'm wearing it. I almost want to start packing just so I can wear it more often! Thank you, SpareParts, for creating a truly great harness. And thank you, SheVibe, for carrying it!

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