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SpareParts Pete Trunks Packing Underwear

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SpareParts Pete Trunks Packing Underwear

SpareParts Pete Trunks Are short, square cut boxer briefs. Trunks are much like what would be referred to as "boy shorts", with the addition of open fly access.

  • Created exclusively for soft packing.
  • Works with a wide variety of packer brands, sizes and shapes
  • Option to have the back of the packer directly against skin for full contact, or to cover it
  • Gives even a small packer the realistic bulge appearance of a flaccid penis
  • Secure fit, allows you to move freely, with zero fear that packer will shift, dislodge, or fall out.
  • Use STP (Stand To Pee) packers naturally, and with complete confidence
  • Seamless side and seat areas, for a smooth look under clothes
  • Additional elastic strap inside, for extra security
  • Quickly pull UnderWear up, and down and have packer stay securely in place.
  • Light weight, breathable and pulls moisture away from your body, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable all day
  • Open fly front design, great for easy access.
  • Take wide steps, use the restroom, or perform rigorous activities
  • Looks like high-end, sexy designer underwear.

Pete Size Chart

Pete Size Chart

SpareParts HardWear knows that everyone is different and that you have different underwear needs, for different occasions. That's why they created four unique and stylish, Pete UnderWear designs to fill those needs.

Pete was designed as a pure packing UnderWear to be used exclusively for soft packing. Not only does Pete feature options for packing versatility, he also upholds all that you have grown to expect from SpareParts HardWear in comfort, the highest quality materials,workmanship, and innovative design.

In designing Pete it was important to be sensitive to current needs, concerns and ways he would be worn. SpareParts wanted to make sure Pete would be easy to use, blend in naturally in different environments, provide confidence, and add to your overall experience.

Unlike current packing devices or aids on the market, what makes Pete so special, is that he gives you the option to have your packer right up against your skin and he is high-end and looks like sexy designer underwear, but he is so much more!

Here's why we think you will fall in love with Pete
As with all SpareParts HardWear products, Pete is fully hand or machine washable, making him hygienic and easy to care for.

Pete is made of a light weight Nylon, Spandex, Jersey material. The Nylon Spandex component helps Pete breathe and to pull moisture away from your body to keep you cool and dry. The Jersey component enables Pete to hug and hold, and be comfy soft against your skin.

Pete's open fly front provides easy access and enables you to use an STP (Stand To Pee) packer naturally and with complete confidence.

Pete doesn't want to be just a friend; he wants to be your BFFAF (best friend forever and forever). You never have to wonder. Pete's always got your back, your front, and everything in between. Whether you are taking wide steps, using the restroom, or performing rigorous activities, Pete's secure fit allows you to move freely, with zero fear that your packer will shift, dislodge or worse fall to the floor.

Pete is agile and easy going; you can pull down and just as quickly pull up on your UnderWear knowing that your packer will stay securely in place, exactly where you want it. Pete helps your image. Under clothing, his contoured pouch gives even a small packer the realistic bulge appearance of a flaccid penis. He is a great companion, and comfortable to wear all day.

What all Pete UnderWear have in common
All Pete UnderWear are sexy, with solid black, soft and sturdy elastic waistbands, tagless labels, and seamless side and seat areas for a smooth look under clothes.

He's open minded and unbiased to different packer brands, shapes and sizes. With Pete's stretchable hole opening, you can use the soft packer that fits you.

Pete has dimensions and layers of personality. He features a multi-panel design where the shaft of the packer slides through the hole to the front of the pouch. Once the shaft is through, you have the ability to place it in the position you desire.

The base of the packer is secured in a separate rear panel and an additional elastic strap is provided that can be easily snapped over the back of the packer for extra security.

Pete has connections, and he uses them to remove all the barriers, taking you from six degrees of separation from your packer, to a direct connection. All Pete UnderWear give you the option to have the ultimate feeling of having your packer directly against your skin for full contact, or to cover it with a thin cover.

With Pete, even with the packer covered, you're still fully experiencing a natural connection with the packer against your body. The material design helps to keep the packer dry and clean.

Due to health concerns, all sales of SpareParts intimate apparel are final. Be sure to order the correct size and color of any intimate apparel items you purchase. If you have any concerns over the sizing of your harness, please email before you place your order so that we can assist in getting you sized properly. We will not accept a return of this item due to incorrect sizing. All SpareParts products are thoroughly checked for defects in workmanship.

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    Great trunks for my junk

    Review by Ry

    Texture and material construction: the material is very comfortable. It is soft, similar to a Speedo. There are 2 flaps on the inside plus a loop of elastic. For my peecock, I do not need to use the elastic, but for any other soft pack the loop is useful for securing the pack in place. There is also a flap on the front. There is a hole between all of these flaps. A plastic bag is provided to help ease the shaft through the small hole. I find the need for a bag obnoxious. I tend not to use it however I worry it could cause wear and tear for my packers. There is a place for the shaft in the lower left corner. You cannot pack to the right. Review Details: I am happy with these for the most part. I find my bulge looks a bit larger then I’m used to (especially my peecock). They do work well for STP packing. The spoon system can be tucked into the inside flaps or elastic loop. It’s nice to have the option of allowing your packer to have contact with your body. It is really nice to see a product like this. Glad to see things evolving into actual articles of clothing! I think it’s awesome this site provides 3 pack options. It would be great to see a variety pack. I would like to try the brief style.

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