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Silicone Big Man's Spreader by CalExotics

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Silicone Big Man's Spreader by CalExotics

Silicone Big Man's Spreader™ - Designed for the erection aficionado, this four-point erection system creates support at its finest. Stretchy and durable silicone means comfort that lasts. Four rings of pleasure wrap around you in pleasurable constriction to create sensations that you won’t soon forget.

Made from durable, stretchy silicone, this enhancement system is incredibly comfortable and built to last. The largest ring slides around the base of your manhood, while the next ring grasps your shaft. The dual testicle rings wrap individually around each, to slightly constrict and separate. Held securely where it counts, your erection is sure to last longer than ever. As the pressure builds, so will the pleasure. Get ready to explode like never before.

Wave after magnificent wave of orgasmic pleasure await you with this Full Erection Spreader™. Comfort, stamina, and performance come together in one complete package. Enjoy all that your erection has to offer with this precision crafted ring.

  • 1.5" / 3.75 cm (shaft ring)
  • 1.25" / 3.25 cm (each spreader ring)
  • 2" / 5 cm (base ring)
  • Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This ring is designed to get you hard and keep you there!
  • As simple to dissemble as it is easy to use, you'll find cleaning a snap.
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with soap and water. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Use only water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
1.5" / 3.75 cm (shaft ring), 1.25" / 3.25 cm (each spreader ring), 2" / 5 cm (base ring)

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    Turns Your Package Into Superhero Status

    Posted by Cartoonhead on Oct 5th 2019

    This little device is amazing. It's a real confidence booster and makes you feel larger than you are. It keeps you that way for the duration you need, and even a little bit beyond. Best used by men with larger testicles that hang a little (hence the "Big Man"). If you have a tight sack, use their Maximizer Enhancer product instead (three rings in a row). Great for older men too. The material is perfect, not too stiff like many separate rings are, but strong enough to last for years. It's also the soft, dry type silicone, easy to wash and keep clean, and best of all it stores dry. Best practice includes shaving the testicles and area around the base of the shaft, or hairs will tend to pull. Does not work well when you are flaccid, make sure you're at least a little bit hard. Fully erect works too, but a moderate erection is actually better. When putting it on, a water-based lube is optional, but it certainly helps. To use, slip your whole package through the largest ring. The material is quite stretchy, so use both hands, open it up, and bring pull it around everything until it's at the base. Adjust and position with the other three rings hanging down between your thighs. Now pull the center ring up and slide it over your tip, then down to the base of the shaft. The connecting material will automatically settle between and separate the testes. Now the careful part! One at a time, with two hands, pull open each side ring larger than the testical and slip it over until you reach its base. Release slowly! Trust me, you don't want to slip or let go. Lube helps slip the ring past it, but also makes it slippery for your grip. The first time used, you may be shaky. Use a mirror if needed and just go slow. I'd advise going to a different room so you don't feel pressured while your lover watches. The side rings are smaller, so once you've got it in place, your testical will really pop out looking large. Do the same with the other side. Most men have one testical larger than the other. I found that working with the larger one first made things easier for the second. With everything in place, tighten things up (pushing the rings closer down to each base, gently tugging the testes completely through if needed). And viola! You are a mighty god! If you aren't already fully erect by the time you're done putting it on and gazing at your fullness, you will be that way soon after. And it will hold too, even after climax. Removal is the reverse of putting it on. Start with carefully slipping off the side rings, then the shaft, then the whole works. Again, lube really helps, and maybe by this time you are already naturally lubed anyway. A great little product that is well worth the price. Because of how the parts work together, it is far superior to a simple cock ring. And your partner is will really enjoy the results. Also works great for enhancing solo moments as well.

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