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She-ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Silicone Dilator Set by CalExotics

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She-ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Silicone Dilator Set by CalExotics

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She-ology™ 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Silicone Dilator Set by CalExotics

Revitalize and strengthen vaginal muscles with the contoured She-ology™ 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set. The uniquely designed 5-piece dilator kits are ergonomically curved and gradually sized to allow for gentle dilation. The premium silicone probes have a curved base for gentle insertion and stimulation, pair with a mini bullet (dilators 4 & 5) for intensified sensation!

The graduated set has been created to rejuvenate vaginal muscles and reduce insertion discomfort with every use. Use the small dilator to begin and as you gentle exerciser and increase the elasticity of muscles, advance to the larger probes. The hypoallergenic premium silicone is body safe, unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots, happy and healthy.

  • May restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort
  • 5-piece Silicone dilator set for gradual dilation
  • Unique, wearable design for comfort and easy mobility
  • Ergonomically curved for ease of use
  • Dilators may accommodate a stimulator if desired (not included)
  • Dilator guide from Dr. Sherry included
  • 1 Year Warranty

She-ology™ 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set - Measurements


2.67" x .05" / 6.78 cm x 1.35 cm (dilator 1)
2.96" x .074" / 7.52 cm x 1.88 cm (dilator 2)
3.02" x .085" / 7.67 cm x 2.16 cm (dilator 3)
3.12" x 0.97" / 7.92 cm x 2.46 cm (dilator 4)
3.33" x 1.18" / 8.46 cm x 3 cm (dilator 5)

She-ology™ 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set - Features

Getting Started with Vaginal Dilators
Find a time and a quiet place where you can be comfortable, either alone or with your partner. The most natural position for insertion is with one leg placed on top of the toilet seat or lying on your back with your legs in a “frog-leg” position. Relax your pelvic floor muscles, take some deep breaths, and gently insert the dilator.

Inserting the Vaginal Dilator
Start with the smallest size dilator in your kit. Insert a well-lubricated dilator into the vagina until the base is flush with the vaginal opening. A water-based lubricant is recommended. Wearing a pair of snug-fitting underwear will help keep the dilator in place, especially in the upright position.

Increasing Your Dilator Size
The goal of using a vaginal dilator is to increase the size of the dilator slowly and comfortably to retrain, expand, and gently stretch the entrance and canal of the vagina for additional comfort and pleasure. When you can insert one size of a dilator completely without any discomfort, then you should start using the next size up. The goal is to insert the largest size dilator without any discomfort.

Enhance dilation by inserting a vibrating bullet into the base of your dilator. This added stimulation and sensation may help relax your muscles when increasing dilator sizes.

When to Practice with Vaginal Dilators
It is recommended to use a dilator 2 to 4 times per week for 5 to 30 minutes as needed and depending on your comfort level.

Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with soap and water using a lint-free cloth. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
2.67" x .05" / 6.78 cm x 1.35 cm (dilator 1), 2.96" x .074" / 7.52 cm x 1.88 cm (dilator 2), 3.02" x .085" / 7.67 cm x 2.16 cm (dilator 3), 3.12" x 0.97" / 7.92 cm x 2.46 cm (dilator 4), 3.33" x 1.18" / 8.46 cm x 3 cm (dilator 5)

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2 Reviews

  • 4
    Recommended - With One Caveat

    Posted by Experienced

    These dilators are silky smooth to the touch, with high-quality materials. Personally, I didn't use the smaller dilator, but the smallest dilators are a little pointy. The larger dilators are wonderful, and I highly recommend them. I was able to reach the larger size without pain, and the dilators helped me return to experiencing painless vaginal penetration. I definitely recommend these dilators if you are having any difficulties with vaginal penetration. The one caveat I have is that, although they feel good and worked well, they caused a vaginal tear (discovered by my doctor). I'm not sure why this happened, but it might be the curve or the pointiness of the thinner dilators.

  • 5
    Worked Great!

    Posted by Kie

    The silicone is silky-smooth and slides right in. The curved shape allows it to be inserted more easily that a straight dilator. With it fully inserted, the base lies flush against the labia and you can pull on your underwear and walk around with it in. And the silicone transfers vibrations well, so I'm seriously considering getting a bullet vibe to go with the larger sizes. But you wanted to know if they worked as dilators. The answer to that is YES. I started with the 2 and worked my way up to the 5. At the beginning, I couldn't insert my g-spot toy. After using the dilators daily for a few weeks, now I can insert it without pain. These get my recommendation.