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Sex & Mischief Satin Black Blindfold by Sportsheets


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Sex & Mischief Satin Black Blindfold by Sportsheets

Blindfold your lover with the Sex & Mischief Satin Black Blindfold. This silky, soft, eye covering is the perfect way to conceal sexy, exciting secrets and fantasies as you prepare and act out a night of teasing and pleasure. Your partner will have no idea what's in store! The elastic band fits comfortably around his or her head, and the mask is cut for total coverage. No peeking!

  • A luxurious double-layered satin blindfold with trim and thin dual-elastic strap for a comfortable fit.
  • Includes: 1 satin black blindfold with dual-elastic strap
  • Materials: Black elastic, polyester fabric, polyester binding, polyester batten


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5 Reviews

  • 5
    It works

    Posted by Anonymous

    No complaints. It works as advertised.

  • 5
    Nap for cheap

    Posted by Anonymous

    I actually bought this as an eye mask to nap in. Its hella cheap so I couldn't pass it up. It didn't pull my hair, it didn't fall off, nor cut circulation to my face or turn in strange manner while sleeping. Its easy to wash. The reason I bought it because sometimes I just want to cover my eyes to take nap but couldn't find an eye mask in person for less than $20. At under $10 I thought what do I have to lose? It doesn't fully block out light but you don't have it glaring in your eyes. Its very soft. I would say if you feel kind of scared to have your eyes fully covered you might actually enjoy this for your kink play but I'm just trying to nap lol.

  • 4
    not bad for price

    Posted by Anonymous

    For the price, it's ok. The straps are a little long for my head, leaving it loose, creating a gap at the bottom. If you have a small head, maybe go for one that is adjustable.

  • 5
    Great Value

    Posted by P's Princess (South, SC)

    Texture and material construction: It is made of polyester with elastic straps. The material is very smooth and the light padding and comfortable straps make it a joy to wear. Review Details: The mask is easy to care for and comfortable to wear. It has double elastic straps to keep it securely in place. It is not adjustable but it should fit most people well as the elastic stretches from 9.75” to 16”. It is well made and the elastic is well secured. It can be used for sleeping, sensory play and BDSM. It is washable in a delicate cycle in the washing machine. It is light filtering not light blocking. The mask comes in several colors and patterns. The darker colored masks provide more light blocking than the lighter colored masks. The material is satiny smooth against your skin. It is lightly padded. For the price you cannot go wrong. The low price and choice of colors means you can get a mask to match each outfit. It is a great basic mask.

  • 3
    It works!

    Posted by foodbip

    Texture and material construction: This blindfold is satiny smooth, lightweight, and lightly padded. It's put on using an elastic band so it should fit most people. It's nice that there's the option to pick which color you want to purchase, so I went with the black because I figured it would be better at blocking out light. Review Details: All said and done it's a blindfold. If you're looking for something to use for sensory play, (I picked this up while buying a toy for the next time I tie down my partner), it gets the job done. It's nothing spectacular but it's good and it's comfortable (and easier to use than tying scarves). My partner certainly enjoyed this adding a "helpless" mindset to our play as did I, so if you're interested in giving sensory play a try this is an inexpensive accessory to get both of your toes a little wet.

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