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Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Case - Black

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Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Case - Black

Keep your luxury bedroom accessories from prying eyes with this inconspicuous case. Modeled after the classic Dopp Kit, the Tallulah Toy Case keeps your pleasure objects and personal items secret, safe and secure. Crafted from lush, durable microsuede, the case is lined with ballistic nylon and features a faux leather trim while closing with a handsome, interlocking brass zipper and keyed lock.

It's also large enough (13" x 7" x 7") to accommodate almost anything you throw in it. Sit the Tallulah atop a wardrobe or bedside table and feel confident knowing no one's getting into this pleasure chest - until you want them to that is.

13" x 7" x 7"

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2 Reviews

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    Great Bag, Useless Lock

    Review by Anonymous

    Great quality bag that keeps stuff clean and protected. Don't trust the lock though. If you actually want to keep your stuff protected from nosy roommates, get a good lock. My girlfriend picked the lock in less than a minute with just a bobby pin, and she has no lockpicking experience whatsoever. At least I don't have to worry about losing the key lmao

  • 4
    A Good, Flexable Bag for Storing Your Toys

    Review by Anonymous

    Let me be honest, I have a big collection of toys. I like privacy and keeping things somewhat organized, so I had purchased a Joyboxx Storage System from Shevibe to help store my toys. Although it was a good purchase it just wasn't enough to store everything in my collection. So I decided to purchase something else to store the rest of my toys. I decided to chose the Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Case to try out. It is about a foot and an inch long and 7 inches high for reference., and comes with a small lock and two keys. It is made out of a microsuede material and is flexible. You can bend the empty bag in half if you wanted to, just to give an idea of the flexibility of the case. I was able to store quite a bit of stuff in it, the rest of my collection in fact. To give you an idea of how much you can put in it, I'll list what I was able to put in it. I was able to store a bunch of lubricant that I kept in a small drawstring bag for extra protection, just in case something leaks. Inside the bag was Pepee Original Lotion (435ml), Pepee Cool Mint Refresh (360 ml), Tenga Play Gel Ice Cool (160 ml), Sliquid Satin (8.5 oz), Sliquid Organics Sensation (4.2 oz), Sliquid Sizzle (4.2 oz), and Please Cream (2 oz). I was also able to keep a Vibratex Mystic Wand, Tantus Silk Medium, Tantus Curve, and Blush Real Nude Ergo Mini inside. These were all in small seperate bags except for the Tantus dildos which I kept in a bag together. Now the only real downsides in my opinion is maybe if someone tried really hard the material could possibly be cut through, but I doubt many people would have a problem like that. And if you have an animal with white fur it might get stuck on the bag. Otherwise it's a pretty good storage bag, maybe a little pricey, but it works well.

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