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Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount - Velvish Black

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Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount - Velvish Black

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Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount - Velvish Black

Cast a spell with your Magic Wand Vibrator.

The Axis-Magic Wand takes the versatility of our Axis Positioning Shape and adds a supportive mount for your Magic Wand. Simply pull the Wand’s head out one end and the cord out the other for hands-free stimulation. There is even a window to see and access the controls.

Use it with a partner for a whole new level of stimulation during sex or solo for amazing self-pleasure. This Shape works ideally laying down to let your hips curve over the toy or standing at the side of the bed and leaning over to get intense access. With or without the Magic Wand, you will have deeper penetration and angles for increased stimulation all while being comfortable.

  • Triangular mount for the Magic Wand
  • Great for masturbation or couple’s play
  • The tapered contour holds the Hitachi Magic Wand while you straddle it or supports you while in doggy or off the bed
  • With or without the toy, allows for deeper penetration and increased sensation during sex
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior
  • Magic Wand Vibrator sold separately
  • Dimensions: L-20" x W-20" tapers down to 10" x H-7"
  • Fabrics: Microfiber cover zips-off for machine washing. Underneath a soft polyester water resistant liner.
  • Special Design: Will accommodate the Magic Wand - vinyl window to view switch, exit port for cord.
  • Inner core: Contoured furniture grade polyurethane foam - comfortable yet supportive
  • Weight: 7 pounds

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  • Liberator products ship within the contiguous U.S. only.
20" x 20" x 7"
Fabric Details:
Velvish - Plush Faux-Velvet - 100% Polyester
Machine-washable microfiber
Fully supportive polyurethane
Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box.

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    More than just a way to hold your vibrator

    Posted by Genevieve (Herndon, VA)

    Texture and material construction: It's a firm foam wedge, with a velvety outer cover and a smooth nylon inner cover. Review Details: The Axis holds the Magic Wand effectively, and doesn't squish, even under my and my husband's combined weight. I was impressed to discover the second cover underneath the outer one, since that offers so much more protection to the foam. And the machine-washable-ness of the cover is very convenient. Storing it is an issue, but we've recently realized that it's easy enough to conceal beneath the many decorative pillows we have on our bed--its conspicuousness is no match for a couple of Euro shams and a body pillow! For solo use (with the Magic Wand in place), I've found two ways I like to use it. The first is lying on my back and using my legs and feet to keep the wand in place. This frees up my hands and is pretty nice. The second is to place the Axis on the bed with the smaller end facing toward my feet and lean over it, in a kind of upward dog position (if you're not familiar with yoga, think of a seal, with shoulders high and feet/legs lower), with my clitoris positioned over the head of the wand. This tires out my shoulders, but it sure is fun! With my husband, the Axis is helpful for me to lean over during doggie-style sex. Though the pillow is oriented in the same position for this as the seal pose mentioned above, I can't use the vibrator - if I push my pelvis forward enough to get my clit on the vibrator, my vagina is at an angle that won't allow for intercourse. I still like the Axis for this, though. It really is supportive and comfortable, just not stimulating.