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Kinklab Power Tripper

Share the spark with the ElectroErotic® Power Tripper™ from KinkLab® - the electro sex toy that actually makes sparks fly from your fingertips!

Become a human electrode and watch how sparks will literally fly between you and your partner with KinkLab's Electro Erotic Power Tripper - an exciting accessory for the Neon Wand that electrifies your entire body! When the Power Tripper is worn next to your bare skin, gentle but incredibly stimulating electricity flows between you and your partner. Imagine caressing, kissing, touching, tickling, teasing, and tormenting your partner as they tingle every time any part of your body comes in contact with any part of theirs!

Before your first use of the Power Tripper, it is critical to read all of the operating instructions and important health and safety precautions to ensure you and your partner's safety and fun. Please note that even if you have played with similar devices in the past, the Power Tripper will surprise and delight you with responses unmatched by designs that came before it, and that this precision requires proper handling. The Power Tripper is to be used only with the Neon Wand or other products tuned for this device that are manufactured by KinkLab or other Stockroom, Inc. brands. Other brands of solid state generators such as violet wands that simulate a Tesla Coil or electric ray wands have been known to create feedback in the handset which can be very uncomfortable for the user.

The Neon Wand and other similar devices manufactured by KinkLab are manufactured using innovative techniques which prevent this from happening. Read and follow all directions for desired results. You and anyone you are playing with should remove all metal worn next to the skin. This includes jewelry, piercings, watches, and clothing containing snaps, zippers, or other metal hardware. Do not use the Power Tripper if you or anyone you are playing with is pregnant or has any heart conditions, including a pacemaker.

Technical Specs:

  • Cord Length: 44.74" (113.66 cm)
  • Contact Plate Length: 3.25" (8.25 cm)
  • Power: 10W
  • Contact Plate Width: 2" (5 cm)
  • This item requires a power source: KinkLab® Neon Wand™
  • For Use With The KinkLab® Neon Wand Only

Guest Blogger - Life On The Swingset

"It’s possible that I’ve used the KinkLab Power Tripper add-on for the spectacular Neon Wand product in a way that (while I’d never say nobody) few ever have before. But I should back up. About a year ago, during a long evening of great food, great conversation, and great wine, I was introduced to the Neon Wand. This device is the less powerful younger cousin of the Violet Wand; a device that flings electricity through glass attachments and zaps whomever is on the other end with an adjustable level of juice.

Yes, this is a toy for electricity play."


Guest Blogger - Kira's Kink

"When my husband used the tripper on me we both had a lot of fun. Of course, he went right for my ticklish spots to be an ass! Once he moved away from those it was really awesome to feel the electricity without the glass attachments that come with the wand.

He let me use this on him for the sake of writing an accurate review. How sweet! On the other end there's a bit of a downfall. When the electricity goes from one person to the other there is no visual like you see on the packaging or like you get with the Wand attachments. The wearer of the Power Tripper also can't feel the electricity when it flows through. It's pretty hard to tell if you're close enough to the skin to get the shock. I ended up going based on his reactions as I was working blind with the actual Tripper. I would love if you could feel this at least a little in your fingers or see the electricity to know you're doing it correctly. The only time you'll feel it is if you touch the person's skin and it grounds the electricity. This sends a quick shock to both people.

My final say is that it's much more fun to have it used on you than being the person using it. My husband might disagree as he likes to watch me squirm. Since I don't really get off on watching him worm around, I would have preferred to feel or see something while I was using it. On the receiving end I like this a lot more than the attachments that come with the Wand."

Metal, Copper, Vinyl
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean attachments with alcohol or sanitary wipes.
Cord Length: 44.75 inches (113.66 cm), Contact Plate Length: 3.25 inches (8.25 cm), Contact Plate Width: 2 inches (5 cm)

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