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Joyboxx Storage System Includes Playtray and Combo Lock - Black

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Joyboxx Storage System Includes Playtray and Combo Lock - Black

JB-BP8802 - OPT
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Joyboxx Storage System Includes Playtray and Combo Lock - Black

Joyboxx™ - the world’s only hygienic adult toy storage system. Discreet ventilation allows moisture to evaporate if you don't have time to clean or dry your toys right away. The additional antibacterial additive in the food-grade, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free plastic that helps prevent bacteria growth.

Please note: this is not a dishwasher box or "self-cleaning" (you still have to remove body fluids and lubricants) but it is a solution for the real way people use their adult pleasure products.

  • Patent Pending
  • Hygienic
  • Antimicrobial
  • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free
  • Discreet, unisex design
  • Hidden Ventilation
  • Lockable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • USB Hidden Charging Hole
  • Easy Access Top Compartment
  • Includes Playtray
12.6" x 5.5" x 5"
Food Grade Plastic

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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Kj

    I can fit 5-6 toys plus lube and lotions nicely, it’s very roomy and the play tray has been super helpful. The combo lock seems really sturdy.

  • 5
    Boxes and Locks!

    Posted by Whitney

    Two of my favorite things are boxes and locks. This has both! About the lock: It doesn’t look exactly like any of the pictures. It’s just plain black and it does not work as expected. I still love it, but I do not use it to lock anything up. I have no idea what combination will open it because it just changes on its own. I enjoy playing with it. Other people may not. However, nothing says “Don’t look in this box!!” like a lock, so I don’t mind not being able to use it on the box. About the box: It is just sitting out in the open, drawing no one’s attention. It looks like it’s where I store art materials or something. Maybe makeup? Who knows? I cannot tell if there is any bacteria growing in there, aside from the fact that it smells clean and looks clean and, without a microscope, that’s the best I can do. There really isn’t much ventilation going on, just a small cut out on the back. The same hole you would use to charge through. I have not done that. I take a toy out and place it on the handy dandy play tray to charge it. That thing is really quite nice. It unfortunately doesn’t fit in the box with the toys, but I did put several in there. There was only one I couldn’t fit, but I don’t use that one anyway, so not a problem. I use the top compartment for charging cables and an instruction manual or two. Here’s what I easily fit into the box: 3 ubberime dildos, satisfyer pro 2, fun factory stronic g and sundaze, we-vibe tango x and touch x, njoy pure wand, and a four ounce bottle of toy cleaner. (I apologize if I misspelled any of the toy names or brand names.) My only real issue is that I wish the box had a handle or something. It’s heavy (for me) and I need both hands to move it and it’s a bit awkward. But, other than that, it’s nice and I like it!

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Anonymous

    It stores, it locks, what more could you ask?

  • 5
    Great for small collection

    Posted by Angie

    I have been looking for a good storage box when I came across this one. I already have the "Locking Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Case" which is too bulky. This toy box is just as shown on the picture and perfect for storaing a small collection of toys. The lock is easy to use with simple directions. Currently I am able to store my We Vibe Tango X, We Vibe Melt, We Vibe Rave, Fun Factory Stronic Real, Womanizer Premium, Maude Vibe, Lora Di Carlo Baci, Lelo Sona 2 Cruise, and Crave Vesper all of which are in their own drawstring bags as well. I was unable to fit the Mystervibe Crescendo, Lelo Ora 3, and Lora Di Carlo Filare. I will have to keep those in my liberator case for now though I may get another Joyboxx in the future. There is also a small compartment at the top of this box that does not lock and can be used to store small packets of lube, directions, or a small bullet vibe.

  • 4
    A Nice Little Storage Box

    Posted by Anonymous

    This is a nice little box that is good for storing a few toys in. It's made out of a pretty thick and durable plastic. There's a little storage compartment on the top that is good for keeping condoms or small packets/bottles of lube in. Keep in mind though the top compartment doesn't have a lock so it can be easily opened. The container itself is a little more than a foot in length. If you have a handful of toys this is a great way to store them, but if you have a large collection don't expect to be able to store them all. Right now, with the Playtray removed, I am able to store a Blush Nude Impressions 01, Dorcel So-Phospho Dildo, Iroha Rin Akane, Blush Gaia Vibrator, and a Fairy Mini Wand in the box with a little room left over for maybe one or two vibrators about the size of a WeVibe Tango. Speaking of the Tango, the box comes with a little charging hole so you can run a cable through and charge toys inside which is a nice touch. One of the issues I have is the lock that comes with the box isn't the easiest to use. It's kind of difficult to line up the numbers and although it comes with instructions i find the lock a bit hard to use so you might want to get your own lock. Despite this, all in all it's a nice little box. Maybe a bit pricey at $35 but it gets the job done and I'm happy with the purchase.

  • 5
    Great storage!

    Posted by Anonymous

    This case works great for storage. It's large enough that it can hold everything I want it to (condoms and other barriers, a lube sample packets, two lubes, a toy cleaner, a towel, and currently about four toys in addition to its "playtray") with plenty of room for more when I choose to add to what I already have. There isn't structure for separation/organization in the box aside from the tray, if you have it in the docking thing in the middle, but given the shape and the size of what goes in the box I don't think it would add much. I love the little easy-access compartment in the top! I like the simple, subtle look and sturdy feel. I don't currently have the combination lock on it, because I don't think it's needed for my current living situation. However, I do keep my toys (and now Joyboxx) in a drawer where I keep some other things. This keeps the toys nicely separate and, in the case that someone is in my room with me if I am getting something from the drawer for non-sexy purposes, private. Other kinds of storage I checked out also would have done this, but I think the Joyboxx won for me because of the ease of cleaning combined with the amount of space they have. The other options are probably also great, but I am very satisfied with what I got!

  • 5
    My new essential!

    Posted by Norah C. (Los Angeles, CA)

    Texture and material construction: The Joyboxx is made of matte plastic, so it dries quickly and visibly (a nice touch). It's dishwasher-safe, and I've washed it by hand with dish soap and a plain scrubber a few times. It's simple -- no wonky, hard-to-get-to spots. There's a little 'crick' sound when pushing the lid wide, which makes me worry that pushing the lid back too far will break it, but no: It's built to open flat, the lid parallel to the ground. This box is well-made and well-designed. Review Details: I keep nodding sagely as I put things away in the Joyboxx, as though I can take any kind of credit for the thought that's gone into this toy storage. I'm very pleased with myself, even though all I did was buy it. It's satisfying because it makes sense and it works. The Joyboxx knows that the surface of your bedside table is probably not pristine enough to accommodate a clean toy directly, nor gross enough to put a dirty toy on directly, so it comes with a raised, ventilated, easy-to-clean Playtray. It knows that after you use your toys, you might want to fall asleep and leave the cleanup for later, so the box itself is ventilated and antibacterial. It knows that if you leave your vibrator out to charger or your silicone dildo out to dry after washing, they could attract ~1.3 entire dogs' worth of hair, so it makes sure items can dry and charge from inside the closed box. I could go on (it even knows that you might not want a huge logo front and center!), but basically, it's perfect. Initially I wished it were bigger (I'd read the measurements and looked at photos and videos but couldn't really grasp it), but I take that back. The Echo Handle and Plunger Paddle are too long for it, which is to be expected, and if you have a large collection, it may not hold everything. It'll probably hold your go-to items, though, and do so better than other options I've seen. Right now it's holding the Tango, Glow, and Dusk (and Tango charger), the Mona 2 with charger, four of Tantus's Little Secret vibe sleeves, their Beginner Ball Gag, ProTouch, Perfect Plug, and Super-Soft C-Ring, a 4-oz. Sliquid bottle, several lube sample packets, a roll of bondage tape, and a pack of Pjur Med wipes. Plus the Playtray. Speaking of which, if the Joyboxx itself doesn't seem right for you, check out the Playtray on its own to resolve the "Where do I put this when it was just in my body or is just about to be?" issue. The hole in the back to accommodate charging cords fits the Mona 2 cable and the micro-USB cable that the Tango uses, but not the magnetic bit that the Tango cable plugs into; just run the cable through the hole and, inside the box, plug it into the magnetic adapter. As for colors, the black Joyboxx has a purple slider to close it, and the purple one has a black slider. (The manufacturer's site currently offers a limited-edition, solid-black version, for the seriously color-averse. If this intrigues you, ask SheVibe if they can carry it!) All in all, this solves so many problems so elegantly that it's became an absolute essential for me, right up there with the Fascinator Throe and a good lube. I would definitely buy this again.