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Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Position Master

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Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Position Master

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Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Position Master

Take your Fetish Fantasy to the next level by challenging your physical limits with the Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Position Master! Simply place the harness over your shoulders and snap the adjustable strap just below your chest. The sturdy thigh cuffs clip right to the harness, positioning your legs at the perfect angle for a hard pounding while holding your legs firmly in place so they don't tire when things are heating up. The harness also provides a sturdy grip so your partner can hold on for a wild ride, and features wrist cuffs to ensure that you won't escape anytime soon. All cuffs are easily adjustable to fit most sizes with Velcro straps, and the chest harness adjusts with a simple tug. Now assume the position and be the master of your next encounter!


  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Harness
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Wrist and Thigh Cuffs
Fully adjustable
Straps: Nylon, Clasps: Metal, Buckles: Plastic
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2 Reviews

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    It's Fine, Not Great

    Posted by Michelle L.

    As another reviewer said, this smells horrible right out of the box. I hand washed it, and it was mostly better, but not completely odorless. The Velcro on the cuffs is really good. There are two strips of Velcro, one goes over the other. This prevents the cuffs accidentally coming open, but also allows for easy release when wanted. If you are plus sized in anyway, the harness will be uncomfortable after a short time. If you are a bit larger than plus sized, don't bother buying this. There is no way to adjust the size of the harness. For the price, it's fine.

  • 4
    Excellent but Check Sizing

    Posted by P's Princess (SC)

    Texture and material construction: Made of strong webbed nylon. The thigh and wrist cuffs have neoprene padding and double Velcro closures. Metal d-rings and closures secure the cuffs to the harness. The harness closes with a plastic snap closure. Review Details: The quality is very good and much better than I expected for the price point. We purchased this more for the ability to keep the thighs elevated during missionary positions. We chose this harness because it does not put pressure on your neck but instead diffuses it between the shoulders and ribs. For this purpose it works well. Using the wrist cuffs in the back I found to be uncomfortable but for some that may be the whole point. The double Velcro closures on the leg and wrist cuffs keep them secure and the neoprene padding keeps you comfortable. It is well put together and there are no loose threads. The strong construction will withstand even tough play sessions. The metal rings and clips are well secured to the harness and will keep you secured. These will also allow you to switch out the thigh or wrist cuffs if you want to use your own cuffs. Conversely, you can use these cuffs for other products like the under bed restraint system or tethers. Measurements are as follows: Leg Cuffs adjust from 20.5”- 22”; Wrist Cuffs adjust from 6.5”-8”. If you adjust the cuffs beyond these limits the nubby side of the Velcro will be touching your leg/wrist possibly leading to discomfort. The distance from the Leg Cuff to the Harness is 5” and the distance from the wrist cuff to the harness is 3.5”. The wrist cuffs can be secured to either the front or back d-rings. The shoulder straps are made of thick webbing but there is no padding. The shoulder straps are 22” and they are not adjustable. The strap that goes around your ribs is adjustable from 35” – 39.5”. It closes with a plastic snap and has a plastic adjuster. The main drawback I see is that there is not much adjustability. There is no adjustability in the straps or the length from the cuffs to the harness. The cuffs have some adjustability but not a wide range. As with most neoprene products, you will get a strong chemical smell at first that dissipates with time. If you get any fluids on the components, you can hand wash and hang dry. Be sure that it is thoroughly dried before putting it into storage. This is a great product if it will fit your measurements. BBW/BBM may find the measurements too small for them and petite individuals may find them too large. I took off one star for the limited adjustability but otherwise these are great. They comfortably hold you where you are put without putting strain on your neck.