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Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Stimulator


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Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Stimulator

Every Aneros Progasm Ice is a one-of-a-kind. The production process creates a unique air bubble, making each one unlike any other. The sleek design provides an intense prostate massage backed by our patented hands-free design.

Even Better Than Glass - Despite its appearance, the Ice is not made of glass. Rather, it is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic which is rapidly being used as a replacement for glass. The production of this plastic also emits less gases than other types, making the manufacturing process better for the environment.

  • Largest Aneros model
  • Bubbles make each one unique
  • Round perineum tab design
  • Has size, but is very mobile
  • For advanced and experienced users
  • Tip Width: 1.25"
  • Mid-Ridge Width: 1.30"
  • Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"

Measurements Verified
The measurements of this item have been independently verified and may differ from what the manufacturer states.

Aneros products are hands-free, internationally patented devices specifically designed for prostate stimulation. Using no batteries or electronically induced vibrations, our products transform the body's own energy into amazing sensations. The mechanism is simple, but extremely effective.

With our products, you can achieve strong, continuous full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. These orgasms are so earth-shattering that they deserve a special nickname - The Super Orgasm, or as our enthusiasts prefer, The "Super-O." A Super-O is entirely different from a traditional penile orgasm - it is characterized by pleasure starting from the lower abdomen that will awash the entire body in a state of bliss.

A person does not ejaculate during a Super-O. This means there is no "recharging" or "time out" period needed. Through practice, you can have these orgasms, one after the other during sessions lasting for an hour or more at a time. Even short sessions can feel long as our customers have reported that during Super-O sessions their "beds shake uncontrollably" and they "lose all track and sense of time." Aneros products can also be used during traditional sexual encounters. During oral sex and traditional intercourse, when a person uses our products you will be harder, last longer, and have better control. The prostate will empty more fully during ejaculation, which means a more intense and satisfying orgasm. This increased sexual performance is a great secondary benefit for the partner as well. Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy with your partner.

ABS Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. Use with water, silicone or oil based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
4.5 inches long, 1.30 inch wide
Approximate Length - Insertable:
4.5 inches
Approximate Width - Widest Point:
1.25 inches
Size Reference:


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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Josh

    This thing feels great, especially after I’ve warmed up a bit. Highly recommend as a step up from the entry level models.

  • 5
    Feels great

    Posted by Steve

    I began using it when I was just getting started with anal play. This was the first toy I've had that focused on on my prostate. Though I've moved up to bigger and more challenging toys, I still go back to this one for a nice passive prostate massage.

  • 5
    Aneros Progasm Ice Ice oh baby!

    Posted by Kraven

    The Progasm Ice is another excellent device by Aneros. Originally designed for hands free prostate massage, this medical device caught on quick due to the orgasmic and pleasurable side effects. The device is hands free and is used by contracting, relaxing, and extending the pelvic floor. The smooth texture of the Progasm model is very similar to metal or glass toys, and the larger relative size of the Progasm gives the user a fuller sensation when compared to their smaller model. With the larger size, the Progasm isn't as mobile when manipulating it with your pelvic floor, but it does offer far more constant pressure. If you prefer more tapping sensations over pressure, the smaller Aneros massagers may be a better option for you. Like all other Aneros massagers, when fully inserted the medically engineered shape allows the device to lock into place. The locking sensation of the Prograsm model is sublime, and it was a little shocking the first time I inserted it. Once fully lubed and yearning, the super smooth Progasm slid in and pinned my prostate to the front of my abdomen, making my eyes roll and my pre-cum pour. The instant prostate pressure was rude and I liked it. When using the Progasm as a toy, it feels great as a stationary plug, and when used in a penetrating way like a dildo. The Progasm is one of my top picks when I'm not in the mood for max girth, but still need to satisfy my desires for prostate pressure. A unique device and a must own if you like collecting a myriad of booty sensations.

  • 4
    A Super-O Dream Come True

    Posted by AC

    I was curious when I first heard about this. After giving it a try, I can tell you it changed everything for me. The device is larger than some of the other Aneros models, which makes it better for users who are more experienced in prostate play. The sleek design provides an intense prostate massage that's incredibly pleasurable. The hands-free design ensures you can enjoy the experience without having to hold the device. The one-of-a-kind Air bubble design ensures each device is unique in its own way. I was able to achieve the Super-O. This is a special nickname for continuous full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. The Super-O is incredibly intense and characterised by pleasure starting from the lower abdomen that awash the entire body in a state of bliss. The only con is that it definitely takes some practice to achieve the Super-O, so be patient.

  • 5

    Posted by Tt

    Awesome toy. I find it difficult to get anywhere using it the way Aneros prescribes, but I have a great time using it as a regular dildo