ZALO Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager - Fairy Pink

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ZALO Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager - Fairy Pink

Pamper yourself with the ZALO Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager, a self-heating, flexible wand style massager. Features 8 vibration modes (7 basic modes, 1 mix mode), and a heating function.

Measurements: 8.9" total length, 1.5" wide at the handle, 1.7" wide (round head)

Weight: 4.4 oz (vibrator)

Premium Body-Safe Silicone
Dow Corning food-grade silicone meeting with FDA requirements. Exclusive Softek™ surface coating.

Confidence is designed to safely preheat before use. Rapid heating to body temperature in 2 minutes.

Flexible Head
360-degree free bend.

Exquisite Detailing
Embossed gold design in handle, embellished with Swarovski crystal.

Powerful, Quiet Vibrations
Superior in design, ultra-high power, low noise operation.

USB Rechargeable
Built-in Lithium-ion battery with capacity of 530 mAh which can be fully-charged in only 1 hour and provides about 2-4 hours of operation.

Splash Proof
This product is protected against splashes only, do not immerse in water.

Technical Specs

  • Material: Dow Corning food-grade silicone, SWAROVSKI crystal, ABS Plastic
  • Max Noise Level: <40dB
  • Stimulation modes: 8 vibration modes (7 basic modes, 1 mix mode), heating function

Battery and Power

  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery, 530 mAh.
  • One-hour quick USB charging for 2-4 hours of pleasure.


  • Confidence Vibrator
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Manual

ZALO Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager - Glamour

A word on USB charging: Many pleasure items manufactured today (including this one) are charged utilizing USB technology. In short, if you don't have an AC adapter, you'll need to plug this pleasure toy into a USB port on your computer (Mac or PC) to charge it. To make life a bit easier is offering a USB to AC Power Charging Adapter as an alternative charging method. With this adapter you'll be able to plug this pleasure toy into any standard home outlet. Select the option above to add a USB to AC Charging Adapter to your order.

Guest Blogger - Miss Ruby Reviews

"The Zalo Confidence Wand gives me a lot of feels. It looks like it belongs in an anime warrior princess’ treasure trove. It’s cutesy, fun, and gentle-yet-striking. Small for a wand (under 1 foot long), it’s fairly dainty, with a slim body, a bulbous, spherical stimulation head, and a shiny ABS plastic gold handle. And that lovely powder, pastel pink – very feminine. If you hate pink, you also have the option of violet.

If you look closely, you’ll see a little heart in the circular handle. This heart is the control lever, which made me smile. Zalo is definitely taking wands in a new direction with this design, and I’m loving it.

The Zalo Confidence Pre-Heating Wand will appeal to a lot of people.

With its moderate strength and solid rumble, this will likely get many a fair clitorises to orgasm (as it has mine). The vibrations feel deep and satisfying, radiating throughout the vulva. I’ve turned to this wand when I’m feeling sensitive, haven’t orgasmed in a while, and I want some soothing rumbling pleasure.

If you’re a power queen and looking for a dead-serious, get-me-off-right-now-no-nonsense-allowed kind of wand, look elsewhere (highly recommend the Doxy Wand or the Magic Wand). But if you want a wand that will enthrall you with its princessy atmosphere, and you don’t have a clitoris of iron, then consider this one."


Guest Blogger - Betty Butch

"Sleek pastel pink silicone (or purple), a gold plastic base, and a sparkling Swarovski crystal on the heart-shaped control lever… The Zalo Confidence Wand takes the concept of a wand vibrator and infuses it with a cutesy, witchy allure. Like the rest of the Sweet Magic line, it’s a sex toy that wouldn’t look amiss in a magical girl anime, assuming that the heroine was an adult and the villains were consenting to a very different kind of battle.

In addition to a spunky aesthetic, the Confidence Wand boasts a delightful array of features. It’s rechargeable, meaning vanquishing evil won’t require batteries. It has 8 vibration settings (2 steady speeds and 6 patterns) and a heating mode. It purports to be quiet and flexible. And it comes with a storage bag – though the packaging it’s in is well-worth keeping!

The most jarring thing about the Zalo Confidence Wand’s dearth of steady speeds is that the varied strengths used in its six patterned settings include more than just two speeds. The ability to have varying steady speeds was there – they just relegated it to round out the patterns. Boo! BOOO!

The Confidence Wand has two rapid pulse settings: the bzzt-bzzt-bzzt, and a bzbzbzbz. If you’ve ever had a vibrator with patterns, you know what I mean. It also has two ramp-up settings (one quick and pulsing, the other slow and with a pause), and two weird ones with varied speeds.

Because of the Zalo Confidence’s flexibility and head shape, I can’t get the targeted pressure on the side of my clit like I prefer… but a wand isn’t meant for that. It’s meant to provide broadly-distributed massaging, and the Confidence Wand definitely achieves this.

The Confidence Wand Style Massager doesn’t have enough power or vibration speed variety to wow power royalty (or me), but its rumbliness, flexibility, and heating feature set it apart from other mild-mannered toys. It’s cute as fuck, and feels both fun and luxurious in my hand due to its adorable design and pleasingly silken silicone finish. It’s quiet, comes with a storage bag, and rechargeable. If it were waterproof and had a wider, stronger range of steady vibration settings, it would be practically perfect.

This toy will work best for folks who find themselves cringing away from the intimidating strength of traditional wands, who still want a vibrator with a broad head (for its size), flexible neck, and comfortable handle. You just have to be willing to skip out on me time in the tub."


Dow Corning Food-Grade Silicone, SWAROVSKI Crystal, ABS Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Gently clean with warm water and PH neutral soap or a toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
Power Source:
USB Rechargeable
Volume - Buzz:
Volume Meter 1 out of 4
Strength - Intensity:
Power Meter 3 out of 4
8.9" total length, 1.5" wide at the handle, 1.7" wide (round head)

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