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Trans-Masc Pump by New York Toy Collective

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Trans-Masc Pump by New York Toy Collective

Designed for queer, trans masculine, and non binary bodies, this Trans-Masc Pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. The NYTC pump features a custom, translucent cylinder that is shockingly comfortable due to its wide flanged base. The easy to use design ensures that everyone can achieve instant and comfortable growth. This kit includes 1 cylinder, and one pump with a release valve.

Interior dimensions of the cylinder: 3″ long, 1.25″ diameter

ABS Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Wash with soap and warm water.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Dysphoria begone!

    Posted by Judas C.

    I've had this pump for several months now and I absolutely love using it! It's really helped me feel gender euphoria and provided me new opportunities to use my anatomy in more gender affirming ways.

  • 4
    Good but large!

    Posted by Keats

    This pump is easy to use and does what it claims to. It's quiet, the release is easy, and getting enough suction is very simple. I am never at any point worried about my safety, and I can leave it on without babysitting it too much if I lay still. It's wide enough that, if you've not had huge amounts of bottom growth, it can be hard to avoid catching other parts of your external anatomy in it. Also, because of its width, it's not very comfortable for me because it catches the bone a lot when the suction is on. So, I would say, if you're considering this pump, measure yourself and see how wide your diameter is. I'm about half an inch at maximum growth, and I would say that's too narrow for this to be optimal for me. If you're narrower it will probably not be better for you. I definitely would not recommend it if you've not had any T-induced bottom growth. All that said, even if you're too small, it DOES work as described -- it'll latch on and suction you just as it promises to (do make sure to use lube as the instructions say). If you want a pump that's not aimed at cis women and don't mind a bit of jarring or sucking of other bits, this will fit the bill.

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