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Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag Extra Large - Pink

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Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag Extra Large - Pink

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Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag Extra Large - Pink

Extra Large - 9.5" x 12" Pink

The most unique storage solution created to safely store all of your sexual health items and romantic pleasure gear.

The Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag is infused with the invisible technology of BIOSHIELD® 75, a revolutionary surface protectant that inhibits the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria. Its exclusive, patented, EPA-approved coating acts like a weapon inside the Sugar Sak, safely protecting its precious contents.

Sugar Sak and the benefits of BioShield® 75

Sugar Sak Innovations teamed up with BIOSHIELD® 75 in creating the only product that will safely store toys and keep them free from adverse microbes such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi.
BioShield 75 is a state-of-the-art, laboratory-tested technology. It is water-based, patented, registered with the EPA, and approved by the USDA. It prevents the growth of an amazingly wide array of microbes without the use of undesired toxins. The Sugar Sak and BioShield 75 is a totally new approach to providing long lasting antimicrobial protection for your customers.


BIOSHIELD® 75 is unique. It creates a stong bond with a multitude of surfaces, porous and non-porous, forming a highly durable protective coating. Its molecules form a microscopic field of “spikes” that puncture microbes without the use of poisons. Since BioShield 75's methodology is mechanical instead of toxious, it does not create "superbugs" which build up a resistance to treatment (much like antibiotics can).

BioShield is applied liberally to the Sugar Sak thus providing maximum protection.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Beautifully made storage, perfect size for large toys

    Posted by Flamingo

    I have found it really difficult to find storage bags for a couple of 10 inch dildos I own. They are literally my favourite toys that I really love and I wanted to have something nice to keep them in rather than the pillow cases I was using! These extra large bags are absolutely perfect and are plenty long enough to accommodate the dildos and wide enough to fit in the balls without any fuss (other storage bags are often long enough for an 8 inch toy for example but it's a real struggle to get the base in if your toy has balls!). I though the bags were a little expensive, but when I received them it is clear that they are very high quality. The outer material is very thick and luxurious and even though I'm not a big fan of pink, I actually quite like the vividness and shine. Onto the lining - the other reasons that I was willing to spend this much money on the bags is that my toys are made of TPE, and I'm aware of the issues of porosity and the potential for bacteria and mould to grow on them. I cannot comment on how effective the lining material is at inhibiting growth of nasties as I have only just started using the bags, but I hope it'll help to keep the toys safe for longer (I'll add another review in 6 months time). I would love to buy more of these bags, but I find that the cost of shipping to the UK and potential customs charges starts to make things very expensive - I really wish that SheVibe had distribution in the UK!

  • 4
    Unique Storage Option

    Posted by Saffron Burke (Des Moines, IA)

    Texture and material construction: Sugar Saks are a unique storage option for your sex toys. There are two size options - the hot pink X-Large, and the Large in pink, red, or black. Each bag has a black satin ribbon as a drawstring, keeping each bag closed rather effectively. I have never felt a need to tie the strings on a Sugar Sak, as they keep my toys in place rather well when just pulled tight. The inside of each bag is a leopard print coated in Bioshield 75, which is said to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, mildew, and viruses. Additionally, the lining doesn’t seem to attract lint, hair, or any other debris, which means not having to pick anything off of your toys before using them. I’d prefer a solid lining, as I’ve never been fond of leopard print, but that seems to be the image that they’re going with. Review Details: I have three of the extra-large Sugar Sak, and while the first one, which I purchased many years ago, has an internal pocket, later ones that I’ve bought don’t have the pocket (boo! I like the pocket!) but they have the “upgrade” of having pretty black beads on the drawstrings - honestly, I’d rather have the pocket. The other two pink Saks that I have house my Hitachi and my Shibari. The portion of the XL Sak that forms the storage area, below the drawstring, is 11in (28cm) long, and 9in (23cm) wide. This is just enough space to store a Hitachi or other equal-sized wand, if placed diagonally in the bag, or up to about 3-4 larger dildos. I have three of the Large Sugar Saks, and these are more than sufficient for most vibes and dildos. This measures 11.5 in (29.5cm) from the drawstring to the bottom of the bag, and 7in (18cm) wide, and will fit longer dildos or vibrators, toys with short handles, or a wand somewhat smaller than a Hitachi. One complaint that I’ve noticed that many people have with these bags is that the fabric tends to cling to jelly or silicone toys, and people say that it’s impossible to get their dildo into the bag to store it, so it’s a waste of money. Yes, it’s a grabby material, and it’s going to cling to other grabby materials. However, people who say that this makes the bag impossible to use are giving up a little too soon. I put them onto my silicone dildos like a condom, well, actually, more like a stocking - gather the bag up in my hands like a stocking before putting it on, position the head in the bottom of the bag, roll it down the shaft, and close. While it's possible to store multiple toys in each bag, I prefer to have each toy in its own individual bag. If you do choose to store toys together, make sure that their materials are compatible before doing so.

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