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Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube - 6 Varieties of Sliquid Personal Lubricant


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Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube - 6 Varieties of Sliquid Personal Lubricant

The Essentials Collection from Sliquid Naturals.

Sliquid Lube Cubes are carefully crafted selections of our most popular lubricants. The Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube comes with 12 individual 5ml pillow packs, so you can try out a range of Sliquid products before choosing a larger bottle.

  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals H2O Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Sassy Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Silk Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Sea Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Satin Pillows
  • 2 x Sliquid Naturals Silver Pillows


Body Safe:
Paraben Free, Glycerin Free

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    Great tester. And so portable!

    Review by Illuminatrix (San Diego, CA)

    Texture and material construction: The box was smaller than I expected. It really is a cube not much larger than a packaged condom on each side. Inside, each of the lube samples comes in a small packet, again, close to the size of a packaged condom. All Sliquid lubes are glycerin and paraben free, and body-safe, but there are six different textures included in this 12-pack. Silk is a slippery, soft, relatively long-lasting hybrid lube (my favorite), Silver is a pure silicone – thinnish, but very slippery and lasts forever. The differences between H2O and Sea were too subtle for me, though both seemed like good, slippery, water-based lubes. Satin felt very much like my natural lubrication, but was otherwise unimpressive, and Sassy got gummy pretty quickly, though it was nice and thick to start out. Review Details: This is the first Sliquid product that I bought, and I cannot sing its praises highly enough. Yes, it is overpriced for the amount of lube that you get, but it is a fantastic way to find out which lubes you like. I found out which ones I love and which I can do without and didn't have to pay for a whole bottle to do so. They also fit nicely in a side pocket of my purse, though I do worry a bit about them being punctured by a pen since the packets are not heavily reinforced. I don't know if I would buy this again, since I know what I like now (maybe if I was planning a trip?) but I would absolutely recommend it as a purchase.

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