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Pleasure Works Pop Top Wand Attachment - Nubby Purple


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Pleasure Works Pop Top Wand Attachment - Nubby Purple

The 100% silicone Nubby Pop Top Wand Attachment adds altered texture and extra stimulation to the clitoris, vulva and all of your favorite sensitive areas to the use of most wand vibrators. This easy-on, easy-off attachment can diffuse or focus vibrations to customize your pleasure. It’s also the easiest-way to help keep your wand-style massager clean!

  • Fits easily and snugly over most popular wand vibrators!
  • Does not require removal of the actual head of the Magic Wand
  • Easy to clean silicone will help prolong the life of your customer’s favorite vibe!

We love the snug, secure fit and nubby, non-porous surface with jewel-tone color. Works with any full size wand massager.

Note: though this product is waterproof, this only applies to cleaning the Pop Top and the Pop Top itself. Never use your wand style vibrator anywhere near water.

Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Thoroughly clean before and after each use with antibacterial soap or use a trusted toy cleaner. May also be boiled for 2 minutes, or placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. We recommend water-based lubricant.
2.75" x 2.9"

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    An Essential Addition to Wands

    Review by Purple Elysium (Winnipeg )

    Texture and material construction: The Pop Top will fit on any wand vibrator roughly the same shape as the Magic Wand (Original or Rechargeable) and is made of 100% silicone. Nubby is made with a soft, matte finish that does produce some drag, so water-based lubes would be recommended, because clitoral drag can be downright uncomfortable and silicone lubes would likely damage the silicone material. Nubby is very flexible and able to be turned inside out, making wrestling it over the wand that much easier, but it's thick enough that I'm not concerned about tearing it. Like its name, Nubby is covered in little pliable nubbins of silicone that are secure and not in any danger of falling off. Review Details: I'm not a huge fan of my Magic Wand Original. Its vibrations are too broad and buzzy and all-consuming to really let me enjoy other things, like penetration, with it. Attachments can give the wand's vibrations a new feel to them and I was thrilled that the small nubbins acted like individual pinpoint vibrators, like the very tips of super-powerful other vibes. The vibrations are still buzzy, but the nubs allow them to reach places where the flat head of the Magic Wand wasn't able to before. As someone who requires pinpoint vibes to get off in a way she enjoys, this is pretty much an essential part of Hitachi-ing. The vibrations are still coming out of the top of the attachment, but are instead focused primarily into the little nubbins. Since you are covering the toy with a slab of 1 c.m. thick silicone, you will get a little reduction in power and intensity, but this is the Magic Wand. Most would be satisfied with the resulting power because, really, it isn't dulled all that much and most people will easily say that the Magic Wand is the most powerful vibrator they own. Its silicone-ness is also a huge bonus, as I do use the Magic Wand Original, which has a porous, vinyl head, which is sort of gross and can harbour and breed germs and bacteria. But the cap covers the entire head and, afterwards, it can be removed easily and tossed (gently!) in a pot of boiling water to sanitize. Frankly, I think one should come with every purchase of a Magic Wand. Clean, simple, hygienic, and able to turn the buzziest, most traumatically broad vibrator into something that gives pin-point where and when I need it, Nubby is easily superior to the Magic Wand's original head and should definitely be considered by every wand owner.

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