O-WAND II Waterproof Rechargeable Silicone Personal Massager - Noir


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O-WAND Waterproof Rechargeable Silicone Personal Massager - Noir

The O-WAND® redefines intimate massage to deliver the ultimate sensually erotic experience in one sleek and seductive package.

This streamlined personal vibrator is molded from highest-grade, fully waterproof, body safe black silicone, making it perfect for the bath or shower. This non-porous silicone ensures that the seductive electric massager can be completely cleaned for absolute satisfaction time and time again.

With seven adjustable stimulation modes and four vibration intensity settings the O-WAND® will transport your pleasure to new heights, delivering up to an hour of endless exquisite pleasure with each charge.

Equipped with an automatic power off sensor, travel lock and international adaptors, the seasoned traveler will appreciate the lightweight versatility and enhanced safety features of this ultimate travel companion.

The O-WAND® comes with one additional attachment, The O-Burst, standard, offering supplementary texture for enhanced play.


  • O-WAND®
  • USB Charger
  • O-Burst Attachment
  • International Travel Adaptors
  • Storage Pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty replacement will be handled directly through the manufacturer. Please click on More Info tab. Please note that the newer O-Wands no longer come with a warranty card, however, you will need to provide proof of purchase.
  • Product must be registered within the first 30 days of purchase.

A word on USB charging: Many pleasure items manufactured today (including this one) are charged utilizing USB technology. In short, if you don't have an AC adapter, you'll need to plug this pleasure toy into a USB port on your computer (Mac or PC) to charge it. To make life a bit easier SheVibe.com is offering a USB to AC Power Charging Adapter as an alternative charging method. With this adapter you'll be able to plug this pleasure toy into any standard home outlet. Select the option above to add a USB to AC Charging Adapter to your order.

Guest Blogger - Discerning Specialist

"To address orgasm quality in general I can confirm that the O-Wand gives me orgasms that last longer and feel more intense. The range of settings let me to enjoy the buildup without getting numb, and the egg shaped head lets me direct the vibrations more precisely so it never becomes too much. The flexible neck lets me press down to get a deeper vibration (which I love), and this adjustability means I can leave the head in contact with my clit longer as I cum.

It’s not like my other vibrators are giving me sub-par orgasms or something, I but the ones I get from the O-Wand are similar to the orgasms I get from the Eroscillator as opposed to the orgasms I get from the Lelo or other wands that sometimes beat my clit into submission. I would credit this to the smoothness of the motor and the egg shaped head.

Overall, I find that the O-Wand lives up to it’s high end luxury look and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s definitely the top-dog in my current vibrator collection, and I immensely enjoy the smooth delivery of vibrations as well as the egg shaped head that gives me more control over where the vibrations are focused. It gives me more control over my orgasms by letting me take my time ramping up without getting numb and then when I cum I’m able to extend my orgasm longer than I can with my other vibrators."


Silicone, ABS Plastic
Body Safe:
Phthalate-free - Non-porous
Care & Cleaning:
Clean with a wet cloth and mild soap. Feel free to rinse. Waterproof to 3.5 feet. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information:
Power Source:
USB Rechargeable
Volume - Buzz:
Volume Meter 3 out of 4
Strength - Intensity:
Power Meter 4 out of 4
Total length of wand: 13 inches, wand head is 2.5 inches wide, approximately 3.5 inches long.

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    OMG!!! Worth every penny!!!

    Review by Anonymous

    If you haven't heard about this toy before, let me try to briefly describe the overwhelmingly high praise it has received from countless people (deserving so). This is an intense vibrating wand that has 4 settings which are intense and aggressively work to stimulate any area being touched. After my first use with this I believe I was shaking, unable to control my muscles for several minutes. Some people have voiced trouble reaching climax, but after using O-WAND I have seen even the most tightened up people relax. I highly recommend this to people who want a little more pleasure and fun in their lives. The cons for the wand are minor, in my opinion. It isn't a small wand, which is attributed to the powerful motor. While the size of the wand is big, it feels manageable and works well also a bonus it's waterproof and rechargeable. Best investment made in a long time!

  • 4
    Good toy but I broke it.

    Review by Anonymous

    I really like this toy. It is waterproof, pretty, silicone, powerful, and not loud for a wand. Everything about it is classy. Problem: Apparently the neck is not as strong as I thought it would be. A few months after I got it I was roughly pressing it into my girl and I pressed too hard and broke the neck. Solution: I had registered with the manufacturer when I bought it. So I contacted them and provided a video of the broken toy. I received a new one 2 days later.

  • 5
    O-WAND puts the O in OMG !!

    Review by Trusted Customer

    I have owned many 'wand massagers' over the years but I can honestly say this is the best one yet ! I love the fact it's fully waterproof , it's extremely powerful and love the attatchment that comes with it .

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